The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will supervise the power lithium battery to recover all kinds of players into the humps and 600 billion big cakes.


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With the advent of new energy vehicle power storage batteries, the construction of domestic power lithium battery recycling system is imminent. A series of policies such as the "Interim Measures for the Administration of New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling Management", which were issued in the 2018 Technical Department, have indicated that "dynamic lithium battery recycling" is about to enter the standardization management stage, and February 22 this year. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the "New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling Research Report" (hereinafter referred to as "Investigation Report").

Focusing on "Power Battery Recycling", all walks of life have also launched a warm discussion. The 2019 National Council is clearly suggested in the entitled "proposal to speed up the upgrade to build a new energy power lithium battery full lifecycle value chain", the construction, centralized storage, collecting, identifying, collecting, logo, Packaging, transportation, and designated handover, fixed-point disassembly, etc., introduce a series of management methods and regulatory methods.

Unique. In the 2019 Chongqing "Two Sessions", Zheng Tao Xiong, Vice President, Chongqing University of Political Consultative Consultative Engineering, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, is suggested that the problem of recycling and processing of power lithium battery, "At present, the new energy car battery contains mercury, lead, copper , Cadmium, nickel and other metals and toxic sulfuric acid compounds, the recovery and treatment problems cannot be ignored. "Current domestic power lithium battery recycling network is still very uncomfortable, and there are many" front car ".

For example, there is a lot of lack of qualified individual and small workshops in the lead-acid battery recovery industry, resulting in illegal recovery of illegal recycling, directly discharged waste acids cause serious pollution. "In actual operation, the business model recovered by the power lithium battery is not mature. The current power lithium battery recycling is in the primary stage, and the industrial chain manufacturer has profit, leading to slow development of the entire industrial chain.

"my country Tail Tower Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" my country Tower ") a local branch person in charge frank.

"In the long run, the recycling area is also an important part of the new energy automobile industry, because the market size has not yet, this area is currently focused in technical reserves and find more effective solutions. Li Dan, vice president of Shenzhen Bike Power Lithium Battery Co., Ltd.

, Said in an interview with economic observation reporter. Policy prompts the recycling system to speed up the latest data from the "Investigation Report". my country's power storage battery has more than 131GWH, and the industrial scale is at the forefront.

On the supporting type, lithium iron phosphate and ternary batteries respectively account for about 54%, 40%, respectively. In shape, square, cylindrical, soft bag for about 78.7%, 20.

6%, 0.7%. Such a huge power battery has come to the retired period, if you do not properly dispose and maximize the utilization, on the one hand, it will threaten public safety, causing difficult environmental pollution, on the other hand, also for valuable price metal resources.

Waste. "Waste power storage battery can form heavy metal pollution, and other aspects of the electrolyte will also cause fluorofluorocride and even water pollution, pose a threat to the ecological environment and personal health. With the continuous increase in power storage battery, metals such as lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese and rare earths in the battery will also directly cause great waste of resources.

"Investigation Report" pointed out. Therefore, the national policy for the recovery of power storage batteries is significantly accelerated. First in February 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the "Interim Measures for the Administration of New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling", established a production person's responsibility extension system, establishing a power storage battery traceable information system, encouraging the first latter after use after rehabilitation.

In August, "Road Motor Vehicle Production Co., Ltd. and Product Notice" clearly specifies the use of battery products to use battery products to implement traceability management, dynamic lithium battery recycling into the floor implementation stage.

Compared with national policies, the methods developed in various places are more meticulous. For example, Shenzhen proposes a company that sells new energy vehicles, according to the standard special item of 20 yuan / kW, the company recycling funds, which has been submitted to the company, according to the requirements of the power storage battery, according to the audited, 50% of the amount Give subsidies for the company, subsidy funds for power storage batteries. Shenzhen also became the first city to establish a dynamic lithium battery recycling subsidy.

What is worth paying attention is that from the company's recovery situation, in the current recycling power storage battery, based on "Waste power storage battery in the development and production process", and less new energy car retirement battery. At the same time, as personal users have gradually become the consumer entity of new energy vehicles, the recovery of retired batteries will also gradually turn to "personal users". Tang Hongwei, General Manager of Changsha Team Technology Co.

, Ltd. engaged in new energy sharing car operation, believes that with the advancement of national subsidy policies and gradual improvement of charging facilities, the rise in China's new energy automotive market will gradually drive steering from the public domain. Driven by private sector, home new energy passenger car market will enter high-speed rising period.

As for the retired battery, it has been demonstrated in the "Electric Vehicle Power Battery Recycling Technology Policy", that is, "Who is responsible, who is polluting". This also means that the powerful lithium battery production company and automobile production should take responsibility for the recycling of lithium battery. The "Investigation Report" also shows that automobile production companies are constructing a recycling system in a variety of forms.

At present, 45 companies such as Beiqi New Energy and Guangzhou Auto Mitsubishi have established 3204 recycling service outlets. It is important to focus on the region of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, long triangle, Pearl River Delta and central energy vehicles, and is important to 4S shop. Present.

"As the sales service network of the car factory, the 4S shop has its advantages, there is a drawback, most of the 4S shop is built in the urban area, the storage space of the waste battery is limited, essentially except for new cars, showing the sample cars not too many space to store These batteries. Furthermore, the 4S shop often does not reach the fire level in accordance with national standards, and basically does not meet this requirement. "Zhao Xiaoyong, general manager of Beijing Said US Resource Rehabilitation Research Institute Co.

, Ltd., expressed his concern. The players of the industrial chain have admitted to the evening of February 11, Guanghua Technology (002741.

sz) announced that the cooperation agreement with Chery Wanda Guizhou passenger car, and both sides will work on waste battery recovery and circular recycling power lithium battery materials. Cooperation. Before this, Guanghua Technology also signed a similar cooperation agreement with Guangxi Huaao, Nanjing Jinlong and other car companies.

Targeting the domestic power battery recovery system in the construction of this "new cake", including car companies, power lithium batteries, third-party companies and cross-border listed companies and other multi-shares began to lay out. According to the "Research Report", there are two models in the currently constructed power storage battery recycling system. One is to lead the production of sales channels by the manufacturer, the use of sales channels to build a retired battery recycling system, and recycled the retired battery handover comprehensive utilization company handled or And their cooperation uses the residual value of the battery; the other is the third party as the main body, the ladder, the regeneration use of the company and the automotive, battery production company, to build a shared recycling service network, centralized recycling company's new energy vehicle retired battery.

It is reported that when the power battery capacity is attenuated to 80% or less, it is not possible to fully meet the vehicle power demand, but can be used in other fields. However, due to the small amount of power storage battery, the ladder is used in most of the experimental demonstration stage, concentrated in the fields of electricity, energy storage. "By the BAC in 2012, Beiqi Midi Pure Electric New Energy Taxi Recycling Project (New Energy Car in China) shows that new energy batteries reach a certain period of retirement, there are 60% to 80% The residual amount of residual power can realize the first ladder utilization of the whole package.

"Li Dan introduced. In addition, the scope and scene of the ladder is also analyzed by the unwillingness to report reporters to the economic observation report. "At present, the ladder uses important applications for lithium iron phosphate ion batteries.

Communication base station is the best scene used by the dynamic lithium battery ladder, and the power system energy storage is also a ladder to use a large-scale application space. The ladder is also expected to be a preferred for low-speed electric vehicle battery alternatives. "The iron tower of the purchase of lead-acid batteries since 2018, is already" leading sheep "that promotes the use of lithium-ion battery.

The latest data shows that, as of now, my country's Tower has carried out a ladder to use battery preparation applications in 31 provinces and cities, and strengthen business expansion in preparation, energy storage and external power generation applications. In addition, the State Grid also tries to build a 1MWH ladder, using a phosphate ion battery energy storage system demonstration project, which is used to accept renewable energy power generation and frequency modulation. Shenzhen BYD (53.

800, 0.00, 0.00%), China Xuan Quanke (17.

090, 0.00%) and other companies have also developed a ladder that applies to backup, scenery-saving energy storage, some companies and even begin to explore " New business model with rent sale. It is worth mentioning that from ecological design, production control to information sharing, there are still many problems in the field of ladder, such as green selection, standardization and versatility design, easy dismantling structural design, and easy lanes, etc.

There is still different differences in the consistency of power storage batteries; the downstream companies in the industrial chain have not formed mechanisms in key resource sharing of communication protocols, historical data; the ladder use technology still has technical bottlenecks. What is amazing is that the tradder use is still in the exploration stage, and the waste battery regeneration uses the industry has formed a certain scale. "Hubei Greenmei (4.

720, 0.00%), Hunan Bangpu, Guangdong Guanghua, Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt (38.500, 0.

00%), company representative represented by Jiangxi Hapeng, has a large-scale renewable utilization ability. Renewable Utilization The company has been developed by waste electrical electronics, and has the development of non-ferrous metal smelters. "Investigation Report" pointed out.

Specifically, the dismantling, Hubei Greenmei, Hunan Bangpu, etc., has developed an automated dismantling kit, Beijing Saidi has developed electrolyte and diaphragm dismantling recovery process. Regeneration uses wet metallurgy and physical repair law.

In terms of wet metallurgy, Hunan Bangpu has developed a "directional circulation and reverse product positioning" technology, Hubei Greenmei has developed "liquid phase synthesis and high temperature synthesis" technology. In terms of physical repair, Saide is automated by battery monomer, and is divided and sorted by material repair processes. However, the above-mentioned industry still has a non-high recovery rate, and the compatibility of multiple battery recovery is not strong.

Up to now, the regeneration use of relevant countries and industry standards are still accelerating. "The domestic industrial chain whole body recycling system still needs to be constructed. The first batch of companies that comply with the comprehensive use of the powerful lithium battery comprehensive utilization industry standards, and the regular manufacturers of domestic importance and battery recycling are the third-party recycling company.

It is expected that the downstream strategic alliance and cooperation in the future industry chain will be more deeper. From 2019 to 2025, the sales of power lithium battery recovery is expected to exceed 60 billion yuan. "Reporting newspaper from Guohai Securities (5.

860, 0.00%). "There are more than 500 power lithium battery systems (PACK) products in the market, and more than 1400 different specifications, to the ladder, regenerative recovery work has brought more difficulty, and hope that the country will require industry unified power lithium batteries.

Design production standards for system products, including size and capacity, etc. At the same time, it is recommended that the state will effectively guide consumers from policies, subsidies and other levels to ensure the order of new energy vehicle power storage batteries, guiding consumers to send regular channels to handle waste batteries. "Li Dan suggested.


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