Li Jianhao: Decomited Lithium Battery Reservoir Ladder Using Solutions and Example Analysis


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August 25-26, the first national user-side energy saving market development and application high-level seminar was held in Wuxi Taihu Hotel, Jiangsu. The meeting was jointly sponsored by the Jiangsu Electric Engineering Society, the National Network Jiangsu Electric Power Company Electric Power Science Research Institute, the National Microgrid and Distributed Power Supply Grid-Network Standardization Technology Commission, my country's Chemistry and Physical Power Industry Association Energy Storage Application Branch. Zhongheng Electric Shanghai Yuda New Energy Technology Co.

, Ltd. was invited to discuss the future of energy storage and development with nearly 400 industrial studies. Li Jinchen, general manager of the company, delivered a speech on the retired dynamic lithium-ion battery storage.

The whole text is as follows: Li Jianhao: Everyone is good! I am Zhongheng Electric Shanghai Yida New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Li Jianzhen, I am very happy to share with you related experience in the design of our storage system method in user side.

Today, my report is the "decommissioning dynamic lithium-ion battery reservoir ladder utilization solution and example analysis". Let me say a few questions, this two years with the development of new energy electric vehicles, each year with hundreds of thousands of speed to market, so the problem of electric vehicle retired battery ladder has been a lot of attention, this Topics also cause a lot of disputes. It is not possible to use the decommissioning electric car battery ladder, and there are many controversies in the industry.

I personally see this problem. First of all, the first question, the new energy car is such a large amount of investment market, and there will be a large number of retired power lithium-ion batteries in the next 3-5 years. This retired lithium-ion battery is not as previously lead-acid batteries, and there is no use value after use, in fact, there is still 80% of life capacity.

If you can use some more technical means to use them, it will be a good industrial direction. The second question is that we have made the energy storage system for so many years. Everyone talks about various functions and application models, the most core problem inside is cost.

The cost of energy storage is always high, although the price of the power lithium-ion battery declines sharply in the past two years, the price of the power lithium-ion battery has declined sharply, and the cost of energy storage system has dropped sharply, and now a container storage is averaged 2. When the money is a tile, when you first did it, you didn't have any economic performance when you did one watt. Even now in 2 dollars, how to do business model, it is necessary to run more than ten years, and the battery can not be used in ten years? This is a big problem, basically no attraction to customers.

Since there is such a large number of retired batteries, there is a low cost solution, so we should consider how to combine these both. This is indeed facing many technical issues, but it also makes this thing look valuable because the existence of this technical problem will make. The driving force of the market I think it is the most important factor in the use of retired batteries.

Yinda new energy has made some attempts in the past two years, and has achieved some achievements. Today, I also share this opportunity to share with you. This is the content I report today.

I will briefly introduce you to the new energy product, and then began to discuss the market of retired dynamic lithium-ion batteries. There are many people in this market capacity. It is very clear.

200,000 in 2015, may reach 400,000 in 2016, and 2020, the entire market will go to 5 million, this market is too big. The third introduces how to use the retired battery in a static energy storage system, especially in the user side, how to make a peak in the user, how to solve the problem of final battery consistency. The fourth aspect is the case introduction and economic analysis, and finally the report summary.

Yuda is established in 2011, starting to do energy since 2012, can be said to be the earliest in China to start doing energy. Yuda's parent company is Zhongheng Electric Co., Ltd.

, officially started holding Huda last year. Zhongheng Electric itself does power supply and various communication power supplies in China, power operation power supply, is domestic leading manufacturer. Yinda New Energy This company is important business divided into two major blocks in China and foreign countries.

Foreign important home energy storage, today is not my important introduction. Here is a little about this year, through the cooperation of a famous large-energy merchant brand this year, we have launched a series of new household energy storage products in Europe, and the city reflects very good. Since March, I have installed in Germany in May.

So far we have already out. I believe this number should be the first in China. It will come before Germany.

Five level. We officially entered the analysis report of the retired dynamic lithium-ion battery market. Just said, the electric car 2015 million this figure is confirmed.

The report obtained at the beginning of 2016 was 350,000, the actual sales were around 400,000, and it is expected that 2000,000 vehicles sold in 2020, total The number is 5 million, I believe this number is very easy to reach. With the increasing importance of environmental pollution, carbon emissions, etc. have become an inevitable trend.

I went to a battery pack manufacturer in the first two days to visit some of the project very spectacular. One month received a 80,000-set battery order from the bus factory, and opened the horsepower every month to pay 10,000 sets, which did not imagine it. Usually, different cars, automotive batteries will have different capacity grades, basically car may be at 20-70 degrees, the smallest oil-electricity is mixed for more than 10 degrees, and there is a bus 10-20 degrees.

Electricity, the capacity of the bus has previously been 200 or so now. Now it has been 250. According to this, it can probably estimate the market capacity of the entire dynamic lithium-ion battery every year.

Usually, according to the market law, the lithium-ion battery has been run for a few years later, in accordance with the national provisions, it is generally more than five years or runs 80,000 kilometers or the most critical indicator (rated capacity) to 80% of normal capacity. Retreat. This is actually very good, the original electric car can run 100 kilometers, only 80 kilometers, and when electric cars have run for a few years, the most prone to problems is that the voltage difference between the monomer voltage will be more and more large, very It is easy to trigger the internal BMS protection to cause the car to operate, which is a inevitable phenomenon in technology.

After four or five years, the power lithium-ion battery on the car must be returned, but it is still a rated capacity of 70-80% after returning. This is the space we have to use. This left is the prediction of the amount of powerful lithium-ion battery retirement.

On the right is the approximate statistics we do, how much can the power lithium-ion battery that is returned? This is a more key issue. We wrote a scrap rate of 10% completely unused, 10% maintenance, available, available, available. I focus on this figure, this figure is more optimistic from the current, or it is not reached.

In 2017, the retired dynamic lithium-ion batteries obtained in their hands were basically shipped in 2012 and 2013. At that time, the production level of the power lithium-ion battery was completely different, so the battery can be 50 after the battery. % -60% is available, there are many 30% left, and 12% can be used for simple maintenance and continuing.

However, in 2014, the quality of the dynamic lithium-ion battery after 2015 really has a quality improvement. I have seen a lot of powerful lithium-ion battery pack manufacturers automated production technology, coupled with more rigorous design, whether there is a great improvement of wires, battery or BMS, I believe these motivations in this situation After the lithium-ion battery returns, it can be used to be used, so we have an 80% of us, more optimistic, 60%, 70% can also. After all, the market is so big, so many retired batteries, even 30%, 40% are very space.

How is the retired battery? This is the most critical problem. First of all, we must technical to solve the retired battery. The problem of everyone who is often talking about.

In fact, there is a very obvious answer in our way to do energy or doing photovoltaic, that is, group string distribution. Nowadays, large and medium-sized energy storage is basically centralized, and 1MWH batteries are divided into many branches, and they receive 500kW energy storage inverters. This way of utilization does not have any problems in the new battery, but there is definitive battery.

You are not very different from the batteries removed from a variety of cars, and all kinds of parameters are completely different. They will have a lot of problems in parallel with them, and there is no way to guarantee the consistency. In this case, we propose a group string distribution, which is a set of retired power lithium ion batteries as a basic energy storage unit battery group, and then equipped with a medium-small power PCS, plus Suitable monitoring units constitute a basic energy storage unit, together in connection with, constitute a medium large energy storage power system for power inequality.

Many people ask this way to do not work, can not be used, people who have done photovoltaic will be very clear, this way is completely feasible. Before 2012, when the inverter in Huawei did not invest in the market, all manufacturers used a large photovoltaic power station to take the photovoltaic inverter, because they think that the light panel is too much. When Huawei enters the market, use a 20kW photovoltaic group to the inverter PK500KW photovoltaic inverter.

A 1MW photovoltaic power station, in the traditional case, take 2 500 kW photovoltaic inverters, Huawei is 50 20kW photovoltaic inverter. At that time, many people said that there would be more than a multi-machine parallel issue, and all kinds of problems do have, but now I have solved it, the most critical benefits are the maximization of the group-type solution to maximize every solar energy. The advantage of the panel itself.

Everyone can see that the string of strings in the entire market and centralized solutions are basically basic, including half-Wanjiang Mountain. The same reason can we learn from the energy storage system, and the most critical is that the energy storage battery is too fragile for the solar panel. A solar panel can do this, it can be done, just to play its big effect, as a battery cell, so many batteries, we certainly try to refine it, do better management, so string Distribution is the core focus of our ladder.

The batteries on each car are connected in series, and a PCS is firmly connected to concurrently in parallel, so that this inverter is reasonably controlled by this set of tandem cells, in fact, it is a maximized battery Consistency. So we draw a picture here, the basic energy storage unit is like this, a PCS is equipped with an energy storage unit monitoring system. This energy storage unit monitors the system to connect to the BMS, then communicate with the EMS, and communicate with the PCS, now we have integrated the energy storage unit system into the PCS, so don't have additional space.

Now we are doing in two ways, basically, to launch two important products, one is power dots, one is powerful. In fact, this doesn't matter to us, because we are all set-style methods, basically 100-150 degrees of electricity for a system unit, basically cover the most electric car retirement batteries in the market, I estimate the future This should be added to 200 degrees in two or three years, because there are a lot of electric cars, the bus will be returned. 200 degree electricity is 30 to 40 kilowatts, basically 1: 5, 1: 6.

The high proportion of power and energy is the focus I want to talk, why? Because the retired battery can be guaranteed, long life. This picture of the lower left is 20 kW 120 degrees, the 130-degree energy storage system, the right side is 1.1MWH, the ladder is used to use the energy storage system.

This picture includes 9 sets of 20kw, a total of 180KW Probably 1MWH capacity. Comparing traditional ladder utilization methods, it is emphasized that the entire ladder is designed with a solution, the core of the core is to reduce costs. Many people study the dynamic lithium-ion batteries are to study the dismantling of the power lithium-ion battery.

This should be the last link. The battery cannot be used again. The maximum method is to be directly utilized.

After the decommissioning battery on the electric bus is directly utilized, some suitable control strategies constitute basic energy storage units. Our process can be seen that there is a simplified step in the way related to the tradition of making a tradition. In this case, the whole can tell the system cost, the retired battery can be said, but now there is relatively small, so many batteries talk about some prices, as long as you have some PCS control systems and containers, it is related Traditional new lithium-ion batteries have at least half of us, which is very operative.

There are two more key questions here I want to explain with you. The first thing is how to solve the problem. Just now, I said that the group of strings is only connected in series.

Everyone must clearly, the retired battery is not a faulty battery, and the retirement is running for five or six years. After the overall capacity is insufficient, it is not because of the fault, there is a failure to returned to the battery manufacturer. Repair of a single battery by battery manufacturer and then replaced.

Therefore, the retired battery is actually insufficient overall capacity. If the battery on a car is retired, the overall capacity of itself is still nice, so this is a critical problem. After retreating 10,000 steps, if it is really a failure, you can find this after a check, you can show it, which single battery cell has a problem, we use it in a static energy storage system In the middle, the energy storage operation range is very wide.

In the middle, if you can't do it, take one or two or even a few, sometimes take out a bag to the overall capacity? Anyway, it turns out that it is necessary to be eliminated, there is nothing value, it can be used up, so it is completely solved by considering the consistency problem from this perspective. The second point is the most critical issue, how is it to ensure battery safety and reliable long service life?. Here I use a sentence, when I use it, I should use it as a lead-acid battery.

Just now, when you see that when you introduce the lead charcoal battery, there is a very important data that the power and capacity of the energy system is basically 1: 8,750kw PCS with a 6MWH battery. Retired lithium-ion batteries have the same problem, because the retired lithium-ion battery is not used in the later period, the most critical reason is that the monomer battery voltage jump is very powerful in the case of high current charge, so it must make the retired battery in use. When controlled at 0.

24 or less, of course, because this condition means that there is a lot of limitations when the retired battery is in use. FM is not used, even if I don't recommend it, why? When doing away from the network, the power storage system power is determined by the load. How much load is not controlled, only when doing the grid, it is convenient to manage the energy storage system.

A core is 0.24 or less, if it is a smaller, the other is BOD, the new lithium-ion battery is generally 10% -100%, like this retired lithium-ion battery is certainly not. The number of the lower right is to take a set of retired batteries, about more than 100 cells doing test, red is the voltage of the highest cell battery, blue is the lowest battery voltage.

It can be seen that the voltage difference control is very stable when the small current is charged, and it will not exceed 20 millivolts. In this case, it can guarantee long service life. If you look at it, you will find it at 3.

45 volts. The line suddenly soared to 3.6, and the blue is basically changed.

This is because BOD control is not good, or the BOD used in the original electric car is controlled, so when it comes to the critical point, because the spare battery is Aging. From the perspective of the electrical appliance, the power voltage soars is particularly fast, triggered a single voltage difference, resulting in the entire system to stop. In this case, the highest charging voltage is actually matched with our earliest running SOC, must control, must be smaller than the original power tram.

These two technical conditions are added to ensure the long-term stable operation of this system. Everyone can see the picture of the lower right corner, this is true running, it is the power charging, the result is still good. The system we did was removed from a 16-meter electric car.

The original capacity was 140-degree system. The capacity of the monomer cell was about 360, and only 320 left after four or five years, we The maximum charging current is 40mk is one-third, and the conditions of lead-acid lead charcoal cells are the same, so that the highest voltage difference and the lowest voltage difference are controlled in a very reasonable range. This is a key technology point that guarantees the use of retired battery ladder.

Below I also introduce the case sharing, this picture is actually very simple is that the cereal perfection is released. Basically, when the valley is filling, I will no longer say it during the day, I will no longer say, all the user's most typical application mode in all energy storage systems. This is a system that started trial operation in Changzhou.

This is an internal map. You can see that it is a retired battery that is directly removed from the electric car bus. It is basically the original seal that is moving.

There are rust on the outer shell. The right side is 9 sets of PCS180KW / 1MWH system, the lower right corner is the appearance, the upper right corner is the monitoring system. Basically, the quality of the project we supply to the customer is generally five years, but I think this way of operation is not big for eight years.

It seems that the big battery will take a small water pipe to charge the battery. This is our commercial energy storage system we have in Shanghai, directly put a set of 20 kW, 120 calories, and the company's company is directly supplied to the company. Take a look at this number, this is a day's running case, because we will not be filled with 90 in itself 120 degrees, the peak is usually discharged from 99.

6 degrees. Because our customers are typical business users, the load is very large during the day. Especially in Shanghai, all air conditioners are all opened during the day, but no one is at the evening, we understand the peak electricity prices in various regions include two parts, one is 8-12 in the morning, and the other is 6-10 nights, some The area may be a bit different, but it is the case.

If we only put the peak part during the morning, it is not finished, because it is basically no one in the evening, but we will do due to this requirement (measure you 24 hours a day, do not exceed the standard) So let's put a lot of electricity in the afternoon. Different customer types in practical applications will encounter different problems. Therefore, in the above-mentioned peak electricity price, the net income of 68.

5 yuan is reached, and the annual income is about 21,900. In addition, there is a cost of electricity bills. Under normal circumstances, customers have appreciated 80KW.

Later, we recommend that customers apply 60kw, we own themselves to help 20KW. Why do we apply for a 20kW system? In fact, because the battery voltage is lowered when the energy storage system is running, the current is fixed, so the current output power is basically reduced. For the sake of insurance, the output power of 20kW is 50%, according to 50%, it is 10KW per month, saves 5040 yuan per year.

Directly estimate the return on investment, we are estimated according to the cost of a 120-degree system of a system, which is probably to recover the investment cost in 4.45, and is calculated according to the one year of running 320 days, this is not a theory, it is true Calculate. This is the report of the daily storage system.

This report can be used to 1MWH system, 1MWH is made from nine systems, from here you can see that the return on investment is very good. I estimate a piece of money here, I may be 0.8 yuan next year, and the ladder may be 0.

6 yuan in the late year. The most important thing to use the electric car retirement battery. (This article is notified according to the recording of the meeting, without the review).

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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