How do you achieve "straight materialization" use of waste dynamics?


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First look at the data, by the data see market demand and technology development requirements: 1) According to my country Automotive Industry Association, 2017 new energy automotive production and sales reached 7.94 million, 7.77 million, up 53.

8%, 53.3%, respectively, New energy vehicles account for 2.7% of the total sales.

2) As of the end of 2017, it has promoted more than 1.8 million new energy vehicles, and the power storage battery is approximately 86.9GWH.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it is expected that the sales of new energy vehicles reached 2 million, and pure electric vehicles account for 56%. 3) According to the new energy passenger car power lithium-ion battery life 5-6 years, commercial vehicles 2-3 years, it is expected that my country's power lithium-ion battery recycling is about 10.7 billion yuan in 2020, including about 64 100 million yuan, the regeneration use of about 4.

3 billion yuan. The above three points have seen the huge market for the recycling and recycling of dynamic lithium-ion batteries, but the technical level also puts forward the requirements, "the" Mechanical Development Action of the Automobile Power Lithium-Ion Battery Industry "is proposed to 2020, new lithium The ion-powered lithium-ion battery monomer is more than 300Wh / kg than energy. The system is more than 260Wh / kg than energy.

The cost is reduced to 1 yuan / WH, and the environment -30 ¡ã C to 55 ¡ã C is used to 2025, the monomer is more energy. 500WH / kg. Through the above data, we can also see the development of new energy vehicles to drive the development of the entire lithium-ion power lithium-ion battery, which also brings the market demand for the use of the dynamic lithium-ion battery.

Zhao Jindi, chairman of my country's Battery Industry Association, said that there is current in investment overheating, key technologies lack independent innovation, the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the industrial chain disorderly development, the ladder use safety lacks, the rising raw materials rise A series of practical problems such as cost advantages. The academicians of Yang Yusheng more accurately summed up some problems that need to be dealt, and call on the government to lead, experts and other multi-partial coordination problems, the powerful problems faced by the power lithium-ion battery: 1) Subsidy over high cause electric car company Supplement, improve the threshold for the subsidy, the chain of the governor is the chain of the lead, the battery and battery material company are suffering; 2) Excess production, leading to the price of lithium-ion battery, low profit, production Time; 3) Cobalt, nickel resources, price is subject to people, difficult to support thousands of electric vehicle processing requirements; 4) Subsidies and mileage hooks, make it better than energy, and the ternary battery consists of 333/523 to 622/811, nickel The content of the content is reduced by the heat loss, the safety is lowered; 5) The vehicle weight, the air conditioner energy consumption, shortening the driving mileage, charging pile fee, battery life is shorter, the second battery should be purchased; 6) subsidies stopped After that, it is difficult to sell high. These problems reflect the challenges of the development of the industry.

As Yang's academician said that these problems are not a one-powered matter, the government, the company, the public's multi-party collaboration. Domestic and foreign battery recovery technology is compared to battery recovery technology, foreign ToxCo, Aeatechnology, Inmetco, SNAM, Toshiba Terume, Sumitomo Metal Mining Company can recover lithium-ion batteries, where Toxco can solve different models, different Chemical properties of lithium-ion batteries; domestic starts late, current Greenmei, Bangu (acquired by Ningde Times) and the large-scale recycling battery of the three companies in Zhangzhou Hao Peng, accounting for 90%. In the recovery process, the ToxCO uses a wet process to first pulverize the cancer in -198 ¡ã C liquid nitrogen in -198 ¡ã C, inMETCO, using a fire process in the electric arc furnace, and Germany generally use fire-free and wet combination of fire.

Process, through "previvorize-vacuum thermal solution - mechanical solution - the craftsman - Wet method" process process is recovered in different settlements; domestic Greenmei, Bangu generally uses wet process, and fire Recycling. It is estimated that by 2020, the industry will achieve dismantling technology by artificial to automation, improve dismantling efficiency, and achieves more than 85% of copper aluminum sorting, nickel-wateng manganese recovery rate of more than 98%, and lithium resource recovery rate of more than 60%. , And break through graphite recycling and resource utilization technology.

None of the four companies listed in the table, the company did not involve large-scale recycling Li, Li Recycling Research in the infancy, lack of mechanism decomposition, industrial cases; Ni and CO recovery process acid-base and reducing agent consumption; There is less research on material repair regeneration. The research and development of colleges and universities is supported by the recycling supply technology. The academicians of Yang Yusheng pointed out that safety is the primary issue of ladder use: 1) Consider the ladder use problem in the battery pack design - processing, using large data to establish a traceable management The system, indicating that the electrode material is easy to classify; High-sized use, but no profit when regenerating.

In the technical recycling technology of Positive Code Materials, Professor Wang Dabui, Lanzhou University, improved traditional wet metallurgy, using "low temperature roasted - water dissolved - re-manufacturing" short process technology to simplify the wet process route, reducing energy consumption, sulfuric acid Reduced dosage, no longer use H2O2, reducing acid pollution, saving cost> 5000 yuan / ton. The lithium element in the positive electrode material is generally recovered in the first step alkaline environment, the solution component is complex, and the replacement is difficult, so the recovery efficiency of lithium is often lower than nickel-cobalt manganese, the Sun Wei researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is reduced by organic carbon. The agent, selectively destroy the positive electrode waste crystal structure, promoting lithium elements to open, achieve selective extraction, extraction rate of lithium, extraction rate> 95%.

The electrolyte is less in the battery, but the environment is the largest, and the Harbin-owned Dai Changsong professor pointed out that there is an organic solvent PC and DEC evaporation during the electrolyte, and HF, organophosphate (OPS), alkyl group The problem of toxic and harmful compounds such as fluoroplastics, Dai Professor, compared the advantages and disadvantages of vacuum thermal solution, organic solvent extraction method, supercritical CO2 extraction method, using supercritical CO2 extract, add methanol, ethanol, etc. in the system, etc. "Can significantly increase the extraction efficiency of polar solute.

In the recovery process, domestic general use of dry and wet method, Professor Tamari, which northern Engineering, introduced semi-active dismantling recovery process, through "dismantling-roasting-rupture-vibrating screen (positive and negative)" to achieve material recovery, In the process, the acidic leaching "mixed-precipitate" method was obtained from FE, MN, Cu metal, and the electrodeposition method and adsorption method were used to achieve Ni, Li recovery, CO recovery first with oxalic acid, and then the structural repair can obtain performance to be comparable. Re-processing products of the mineral products; the leaching rate of nickel-manganese such as nickel-wateng manganese in the Trieager has reached 99%, and the precursor is obtained by leaching the nickel-cobalt positive electrode material acid to obtain a precursor, and then calcined. Regeneration positive material.

The company has explored the recycling solution, and the road to the industrial development is used in the battery ladder. Some companies aim at intelligent development direction, improve efficiency, reduce cost and ensure safety through intelligentization. Zhongtianhong lithium in the use of rental sales models in the dynamic lithium-ion battery step, the tradder utilization value of the waste lithium ion battery is 70%, and the value of renewable use accounts for 30%, and the value of regeneration is accumulated in ternary batteries.

Lithium-ion battery regeneration is low; the degree of dismantling of dynamic lithium ion battery is difficult to correspond to components, materials, welding processes, electrical cell types, hydraulic art, module series, chassis structures, etc., structures, composition, process The more complex, the greater the difficulty of dismantling, the larger the damage of the battery; Zhongtianhong lithium uses the automated disassembly line to achieve dismantling intelligence, improved dismantling efficiency. Shenzhen Thai also established intelligent disassembly lines, achieving 50,000 scrapped new energy vehicles, 30,000 tons of retired batteries, and 40,000 tons of retired batteries, separating 15,000 tons of scrap batteries.

Shenzhen Xionghao introduces big data technology, use in product, cost, industrial chain, potential market. my country's cobalt resources are lacking, and it is necessary to import from Congo and other countries, and cobalt plays a circulating and magnification performance of the material in terms of three-membered materials and the use of stabilizing materials. Huayou Cobalt industry as a supplier of cobalt raw materials, its processing line Developed from the development of the intelligence, it has established a smart factory.

The traditional wet process has low recovery rate (three yuan <50%, iron lithium <30%), environmental pollution (incineration or buried, acid-base dip), can not pass the first, second-line city environmental assessment, long distance transportation cost, phosphoric acid Lithium lithium, lithium manganate is not high, economic efficiency is different, etc. In order to deal with the drawback of traditional wet process, Beijing Saidmy adopts precision dismantling + material repair technology, not only recovering the ternary battery, but also solve a variety of batteries such as lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganate, and lithium titanate, and has good recycling Economic; Saidmy's recycling technology achieves full turn, automatic, pure physiological dismantling, no harmful gas, realizing the full component recycling of lithium electrical materials; you can use the most stringent environmental assessment, convenient construction plant, reduce solution costs and Environmental cost. In addition, some companies have considered their own actual considerations, and propose the health index assessment of retired battery screening tests, in the design and processing of dynamic lithium-ion batteries, disassemble, packaging transportation, storage, residual testing, dismantling, step utilization, and regeneration.

Develop corresponding standard systems, clarify battery processing companies, automotive processing companies, scrapped car recycling dismantling companies, tradder utilization and regeneration utilization company's critical tasks. The industry policy is gradually improved. For recycling, it is the following questions: 1) There is the following questions: 1) Special laws and regulations lack of power storage battery recycling system; 2) The waste power storage battery recycling system is not effectively established; 3) Policy standards need to be further improved ; 4) Small support for power storage battery recycling technology and equipment research; 5) Scrapped Automobile Recycling Decoration Company urgently to be upgraded; 6) lack of guidance and norms to step utilization industries.

The cost of recycling of waste dynamic lithium-ion batteries includes transportation, packaging, warehousing, environmental protection, dismantling, detection, after-sales cost, which should follow the national battery assembly transportation regulations and standard requirements, smelting to follow national regeneration metal standards and non-ferrous metals Smelting company safety processing standards and other related requirements, dismantling to ensure environmentally friendship and security. In the recycling policy of dynamic lithium-ion battery, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the "Interim Provisions on the Management of New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling and Utilization". Acquisition, implementation of monitoring of the subject of the sub-subjects.

Battery processing, ladder use company shall, in accordance with the "Notice on Open Automobile Power Battery Coding Record System" (medium mechanical letter [2018] No. 73), manufacturers code application and coding rules for filing, the power storage battery or ladder processing of the company Battery products Code identification. The above has summarized the problem and treatment of the problem and the problem of the problem of the dynamic lithium-ion battery recovery and circular utilization, the core issues of steps or regeneration use is technology, environmental protection and cost issues.

To capture the market, the foothold is still in the core technology, standard, Break through key issues such as policies, can be seen, government, upstream, industry associations, cooperate, in-depth layout of this industry. To deal with these problems, we must continue to study in-depth research in the indus.

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