Power lithium battery rise speed is not expected to recycle companies difficult to return


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Three years ago, I made a "wind", and Into a large number of Jiang Liang (pseudonym) of the battery recycling company, but recently. Don't understand why, he and the battery recycling "small peak" is not as scheduled to. "It's not completely unopened, but (rising) is far from expected.

Chen Liang said that the company has started to operate last year, the annual recovery is more than 100 tons, and it is expected to exceed one thousand tons this year. Based on the optimism prediction of the market, its company's production power has been increased to 12,000 tons. In such a case, Chen Liang's company is in a state in which it is difficult to return.

The prediction of the previous industry is that due to the life of the power lithium battery, with the first batch of new energy automotive battery concentrated in 2016, the lithium-ion battery newspaper will be ushered in 2018 "Small The peak "- the amount of scrap exceeds 1.70,000 tons, the market is more than 5.3 billion yuan, and by 2020, these two numbers will reach 200,000 tons and 10.

1 billion yuan respectively. Come on the big cake in the billion market, but did not taste the sweetness, and the same as Chen Liang, the formal battery circulation recycling company that felt the huge psychological drop market for the battery recycling market is not a small number. Gao Weiqiao, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Huayou Circular Technology Co.

, Ltd., told economic observation reporters, and its company's driving lithium battery recovery is only about 1,000 tons last year, and there is no so-called "small peak", which leads to its very The doubt "Where is the retired battery,". The formation of the formation is that some batteries recycled "small workshops" business is in full swing.

The Economic Observer reporter found that as long as the word "power lithium battery + recovery" is entered on the search platform, it will jump out of the information of thousands of high-priced home recycling. The reporter dials one of the "Recycling Company" in Beijing for consultation. Wang Wang reported a high price of 15,000 yuan / ton to the three-yuan lithium-ion battery, which is about 50% higher than the regular company's recycling market price.

About the time of the door, it means that due to the busy business, it is necessary to arrange after two days. "Ice and fire two days" in different ginseng lives in the same market, reflecting the operation of the battery recycling market ". "The batteries have been scrapped, at least half flow into the black market, and is illegally dismantled.

"Zhao Xiaoyong, general manager of Beijing Said US Resource Rehabilitation Research Institute Co., Ltd. Gao Wei Joe told reporters that this ratio may have higher and reach 70%.

And this not only disrupted the market competition, but more serious is to bring irreversible pollution and damage to the social environment. In response to the above "black and white two" food, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has previously published a number of policies to seek management, traceability, and realize the standardization of battery recovery industry through battery lifecycle management. On September 10, the Ministry of Industry and Information sought advice on the "New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling Service Network Construction and Operation Guide", which pointed out that companies such as new energy automobile production and ladder should establish recycling service outlets in accordance with relevant national management requirements and strengthen the waste battery.

Track, expect to improve the industry chaos of battery recycling. In addition, Mesonglin, senior analysts, said that the battery recycling company did not significantly experience the holidays of the market. It may be that as the country launches battery recovery in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hunan and other regions, enter More and more companies in the battery recovery industry include new energy vehicles, battery suppliers, independent battery recycling companies, etc.

, which causes the shunt of recycling battery channels. Under the situation of this kind of war, there will be or will face the shuffle between the legal recycling company. Summer of black market? New energy vehicles are new things that have developed in recent years.

Since 2015, the sales volume has increased rapidly after promoting the promotion, so there is no comprehensive regulatory system in the recycling of new energy vehicles. And this has created the conditions for the interventional power lithium battery recycling field for waste recycling. According to data, my country's new energy vehicle sales in China is 320,000, and at least 100,000 car batteries are expected to flow into the black market.

According to industry insiders, "small workshops" will generally have several ways of processing after recovering the battery. Among them, the most commonly disassembled the battery, extracting the precious metal such as cobalt, lithium, and sells. According to the data, it has reached more than 600,000 per ton when the price of non-renewable cobalt metals is the highest.

When the Economic Observer reporter, he asked the "Recycling Company" Wang in Beijing asked the use of the battery. He bluntly said: "Let's take it back to dismantle, refine your metal for sale. "In addition to disassembling the battery, there is news in the industry to reveal that these" small workshops "will sell their low-speed electric vehicles, electric bicycles and other countries, and driving safety on the latter.

Creating a great hidden danger. However, there are also industry insiders to say that because small workfang is not legal, and with the operation of low-speed electric vehicles, this ladder utilization is relatively small. In the case of half the report of the waste battery to the black market, even some regular recycling companies have to cooperate with the black market, buy batteries from the latter, to maintain the operation of the plant machine and the improvement of business.

This undoubtedly fosses the prosperity of the recycling of black markets. While pushing high acquisition prices, it has also increased the profit difficulty of formal recycling companies. These "small workshops" can be able to recover batteries smoothly, and to eat regular large companies, it is important because of its low cost, and thus can vignetrate significantly when recovery.

The economic observation report learned from the person in charge of the recycling company located in Beijing, the quotation of the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery is 15,000 yuan / ton, even if the noble metal content is small, the value of lithium iron phosphate ion battery is also up to 12,000 yuan. /Ton. The cost of battery recycling company given by many brokers, the price of regular companies is about 10,000 yuan / ton, or even lower.

However, due to the technical equipment without battery recovery and battery dismantling, the power lithium battery contains a large number of battery recovery of human harmful components and "small workshop", will bring huge risks to social security and the environment. According to industry insiders, "small workshop" in order to save costs, usually use manual disassembled original way, not only damage to the physical health of practitioners, and even explosive risks. On the other hand, "Small Workshop" has no processing capabilities of the discarded electrolytic liquid separator and the waste liquid, but use illegal buried or dumped, but uses the material Permeation and rainwater, the other round of soil and water in the other party will cause irreversible pollution.

Previously, Jiangsu and Shanxi have cracked several environments that illegally dumped waste lead-acid batteries. When the reporter asked Wang's battery recycling and dismantling, Wang was taking out the "Have" in a few seconds after the support. But whether it is the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology or the place of the place, no trace of the company.

In order to standardize the battery recycling operation, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the first batch of the first batch of "New Energy Automobile Waste Battery Comprehensive Utilization Industry], a total of five car companies, and Jingmen Greenmei Xin Material Co., Ltd., Hunan Bangpu Circular Technology Co.

, Ltd., Zhangzhou Huayou Cobalt New Material Co., Ltd.

, Zhangzhou Hapeng Technology Co., Ltd. Some insiders said that there are some companies that have been certified by local government environment, or they can enter the battery power recovery industry.

Legally reclaimed earnings puzzle, the channel division of the city, the profitable time of the formal battery recycling company is substantially pushed. Chen Liang told reporters that according to the company's planning, the company can achieve expected earnings during the annual recovery or less than 12,000 tons, which is equivalent to 6,000 pure electric passengers, or 3-5,000 pure electric passengers. Number of batteries.

However, from its current year recycling, it is far from the expected goal. In fact, it is impact on factors such as recycling and other factors, almost all battery recycling companies face profit problems. Another factor affecting the earnings of battery recovery is, the amount of ten-yuan lithium-ion battery with high recovery is small, and it is equipped with a lithium iron supply of iron phosphate by most new energy vehicles three years ago, but the latter precious metal content Less, low value.

A battery recycling practitioner said to the economic observation reporter, the same value of the scrap battery, the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery recovery, about 7-8 times the lithium iron phosphate ion battery. Zhao Xiaoyi said that the economic observation reporter said that in the scrap battery received by the company, the lithium phosphate ion battery accounted for the vast number. Only on the test vehicle directly scrapped from the car, it can recover a small amount of three yuan.

Lithium Ion Battery. In addition, as policies encourage the surge in ginsengers, the competition between battery recovery companies is getting more intense. While the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the first batch of battery recycling companies "White List", through the local government, companies engaged in powerful lithium batteries have continued to increase, taking Guangdong as an example, 45 companies in November, 45 companies in Guangdong Provincial battery recycling "white list".

However, from the whole, the subjects recyclable from the battery are very complicated, both automotive and battery production companies, and a number of independent recycling companies. In March last year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, announced the notice of the "Interim Measures for the Administration of New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling", and proposed who is responsible, who pollutes who govern, clarifying the automobile production company will undertake the power battery recycling Subject responsibility. According to data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, there are currently 4145 recycling service outlets, but these outlets cannot be disassembled for the battery.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the "New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling Service Network Construction and Operation Guide", the battery recovery service outlet shall not be dismantled for the collected waste power battery, but should be handed over to the comprehensive utilization company. The ladder is used or regenerated, which protects the recovery and business operation of the battery recovery company to a greater extent. At the same time, this also promotes related cooperation between vehicle enterprises and independent battery recovery companies.

The Economic Observer reporter found that the current BYD, SAIC, SAIC, Beiqi New Energy and other vehicle enterprises and Greenmei and other battery recycling companies, jointly build new energy vehicle power lithium battery recovery systems. Zhao Xiaoyong said that the current Cerego recycling battery is important from Car enterprises, electronics factories, and transportation companies. Even the public also intends to build a battery recycling factory, although the factory is located in Germany, not domestic, but also makes the competitors quite nervous.

During the upper process, the crisis of the industry shuffling covers each company that wants to "outline" in the power lithium battery recovery market. A good news is that the recent Ministry of Industry and Information Technology expressed in responding to the report of the scrap dynamic lithium battery recycling related recommendations, it will implement the battery recovery of fiscal and taxation, reducing the cost of recycling, which is considered to promote the development of the dynamic lithium battery recycling market. But there are companies that don't have much confidence in this, and they think that the legislation and landing of the fiscal policy may take a few years, and the tax benefits are not directly effective.

It has limited earnings for battery recovery companies in a short time. There are also industry experts to put forward suggestions for the way, "and the taxation of the recycling company, etc. "Senior analyst of the automotive industry said this.


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