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Beijing North Fifth Ring Foreign Automobile City, an electric car salesman is watching the car to the store, but when asked the problem of battery recovery, "responding is free" to "a misty water". "According to 100,000 kilometers 8 years, there should be a lot of batteries in many years, anyway, our store has not encountered such problems. "According to him, the" oldest "electric car currently selling in the store is launched in 2014.

The customer is also buying a car in the past two years. Talking about battery recovery is still too late. The salesperson did not lie, private users really buy and sell electric vehicles indeed the same amount since 2014.

However, if you think that the vehicle power lithium-ion battery recovery is still too early? Phoenix car launches multi-party investigation. The alarm has rang "The original life is getting shorter than shorter", and the earliest batch began in Beijing Yuan suburban county pilot electric rental, Li Master, told Phoenix. Industry people who don't want to sign also have verified this.

"The earliest report is definitely the electric taxi and electric bus, about 1 - 2 years ago, Shenzhen taxi exchange a batch of batteries. According to her, the first electric bus is about to start running from the 2008 Olympic Games, and the largest city in 2011 began pilot electric taxis. "In general, early battery technology and level are relatively low, the original battery life is short, and many taxi months have more than 10,000 kilometers, and the daily charge and discharge frequency exceeds 2 times.

"So, the first batteries of the first electric bus and electric taxi have reached the elimination. my country's automobile technology research center has disclosed a group of data. In 2015, the total scrap volume of lithium-ion battery in 2015 is about 2-4 million tons.

If the data is true, where is these small number of scrap batteries? Due to early electric car projects, whether electric bus or taxi, almost all car companies with government cooperation projects. As an external medium, it is difficult to track the flow of used batteries. But after the multi-party survey of Phoenix, I still find a little clue.

On a question and answer, a netizen apparently asked about the dismantling of the lithium iron phosphate ion battery. According to him, its dismantling battery comes from a well-known electric car company in China, it is from Unqualified battery recovered by the company factory. It happened to another occasion that the company's relevant person in charge was asked how to deal with the scrap battery.

In another automotive forum, a netizen said it uses "collecting waste" to obtain another well-known electric car company's scrapped test vehicle, including complete battery pack. In addition to discovering the short number of waste batteries to uncontrollable private sectors, we found that there are many second-hand electric bus from Taobao in the investigation, and some store owners live their battery for the battery. Although these batteries are bought for use rather than dismantling, it is clear that it is clear that it is clear that it has not been regulated.

"If you flow into individual privateists and other non-professional recycling institutions, it is likely to cause environmental pollution." An expert consultant of my country's Automobile Industry Association told the Phoenix Motor, at least in which the battery diaphragm and electrolyte are to be dealt with professional recycling technology, otherwise Necessary pollution. He said that it is internationally, the battery recycling technology route is not particularly clear, let alone private sector and small factory.

Combined with the low-speed electric vehicle field "Directly put the electrolytic solution inverted" The result is not clear. In 2018, demand or outbreak according to Phoenix Automotive, current market in the warranty period of electric vehicle batteries is generally 5-8 years / 10-15 million kilometers. According to routine, theoretically attenuated life of the battery will also be substantially set in this node.

According to the current statement, the industry is widely circulated, everyone generally decays 80% as a node attenuated by battery capacity and battery life. Cars and dealers tend to estimate the time of battery phase-out recycling according to these two nodes. But it is difficult to evolve according to this ideal state.

A large-scale distributor group tells the author, if you often use fast charge or driving habits that do not meet the battery maintenance rules, about 3-5 years, the battery will be reduced to not suitable for normal use. In the investigation, we found that many consumers have a willingness to eliminate in advance. "The first two years of electric cars can only run more than 100 kilometers, and now, most new cars can run 200 kilometers.

After two years, the battery level is improved, and we must change the longer mileage. "There are many people like this consumers, and they hope that the car enterprise can have a replacement method. Battery company also gives a general agreement.

The relevant people of Ningde Times told Phoenix, it is estimated that by 2018 will have a large amount of battery phase-out reclaim demand. Developing electric vehicles BYD, BYD, also admitted that "the demand for recycling after 2018 will come up. "At present, my country has become the world's largest national consumption in the world.

According to the data of my country's automobile technology research center, until 2020, my country's only pure electric (including plug-in) passenger car and hybrid passenger car power lithium ion battery will reach 12-17 million tons. Wu Feng supplied by Professor Wu Feng, a professor of the Energy and Environmental Materials Discipline of Beijing Institute of Technology, 2020 global waste lithium-ion batteries expected to be as high as 25 billion. At the end of 2017, the regulatory rules or the introduction of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Commerce, jointly announced guidance documents: "Electric vehicle power storage battery recycling technology policy (2015 edition)".

The document clearly stipulates the responsible subject of battery recycling, "Electric Automotive Production Co., Ltd., Power Battery Production Co.

, Ltd." and Battery Production Co., Ltd.

". "Responsible subject" can be understood, "If no one has completed battery recycling, then these companies must complete the recycling of battery-related batteries. "The relevant person in charge of Ningde Times told Phoenix.

This also means that all production and imported electric vehicles and batteries must do a good job in battery recycling. From a reality, many mainstream battery companies are also optimistic about battery recycling, whether it is from policy purposes, or based on economy or environmental benefits. It is only currently limited to verification or test phases, less technology maturation.

A dismantling production line of China Aviation Lithium Trial, June. According to a matter of concern, this production line can only dismantle the lithium hydrochloride ion battery, and can deepen the positive and negative electrodes inside the battery monomer, but is currently in the stage of constant verification improvement. For batteries that can be used back to use, China Aviation Lithium is attempted to be used for energy storage tests such as solar and wind power.

The Ningde Times is currently promoting a reuse of a battery-based lithium iron phosphate ion battery, and has passed multiple rounds of assessment. The scrapped battery that cannot be used in the ladder is treated by Hunan Bang Pang. "Bangpu, Hunan, is one of the companies currently recycled in the country.

It has more than 10 years of dismantling related experience. It is our affiliate company," internal person said. The BYD, which has also been used by the vehicle enterprise and the battery company, said that it has been recycled a small number of returning batteries, from 2008, the first plug-in hybrid model listing.

At present, there is already a technical method of the old battery ladder, for example, for energy storage equipment such as photovoltaic power generation, and mobile base station power supply, etc. The recovery and dismantling of the above company is important for lithium iron phosphate ion battery, and there is almost no dismantling of a three-dimensional lithium-ion battery. "Because of the large-scale use of three yuan lithium-ion batteries, it is necessary to wait a little later, so the recycling and dismantling of the three-yuan lithium-ion battery can be pushed 2-3 years.

"Industry insiders tell Phoenix. However, our country's other waste batteries recycled and caused by the environmental pollution of environmental pollution were also warning, and the battery recycling and dismantling only relying on several big battery companies are difficult. "As the battery factory, we are willing to build a recycled loop chain, but to go up and down the company's cooperation and the strict supervision of the government," the relevant person in charge of Ningde Times said in an interview.

In order to guide the waste battery to enter the right rail treatment channel, a convenient battery recycling network must be established. "We can't do it yourself, you have to use the company's natural sales network. If we build a recycling network, it will be very troublesome, and it will not eat it.

"The documents mentioned above have clearly requested that electric vehicles and battery companies must have battery recovery outlets in the prefecture-level areas of the trip, and will report to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and information. The file also requires establishing the coding system of the battery and corresponds to the whole vehicle to ensure that the flow of the battery can be traced back. These measures are causing to land in mandatory rules or effectively prevent the appearance of market chaos.

"At present, domestic important battery packs are actively involved in the development of national regulatory standards, and the rules and standards of implementing documents are expected to be introduced at the end of 2017. I hope that the government can supervise. Corporates without recycling technology capabilities and qualifications are blindly chaotic, will disorder market.

"The relevant person in charge of the battery company said that" Now some parts are not the battery factory, there is no company to enter the company, which is very doubizes their ability. "In the survey, many batteries also hope that the government will subsidize, but from existing policies, the possibility is not large. The subsidies are not involved in the "Technical Policy", which only mentioned the "technical research and development of battery recycling within the national existing funds".

Conclusion: The development of new energy vehicles begins with the original intention of petroleum energy depletion and reduction of environmental pollution, and the waste battery has strong environmental pollution capability. If therefore causes pollution to the environment, it will be separated from the beginning of development of new energy vehicles. Although there is no recycling of large-scale demand, battery dismantling technology and environmental verification are not between the evening, and to lay out in advance.

In addition to the regular army of electric cars, there is also a huge amount of unsupervised low-speed electric vehicles in the market, making problems more serious.

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