The battery recovered "gambling people" in the fire and doubts: Where are the retired waste batteries?


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Reporter Zhou Ju Liu Xiaolin's Gao Weiqiao, who has been recycling 7 years, 2020 is a half-year year. This year, the company's battery recovery has doubled two times, reaching 4,000 tons, maintaining the status of the head company. But at the same time, the industry expected new energy vehicle power lithium-ion battery recovery peak has not arrived.

More fire is, battery recycling is more and more like a gambling business. "Let's take a batch of batteries, often like the 'gambling' ', the seller reports the price, but this battery is good or bad, it is unable to understand. "As the old cannon of the battery recovery industry, Gao Weiqiao said plainly, this sound is quite exaggerated: because there is no data to accurately prove the status and value of the battery, some of the rough useful age groups are not too Much sense.

He only bought it back, and in his own factory, he made the final analysis before he learned the battery to the bottom value. "Just like 'gambling' - it is difficult to have a miracle, most of you will disappoint you. "Gao Wei Que is very helpless.

Gao Weiqiao is the deputy general manager of Zhejiang Huayou Circular Technology Co., Ltd. ("Huawang Circulation"), Huayou Circulation is one of the first batch of five companies entering the battery and recycling "White List" in China, recognized industrial head company.

Compared with the "gambling" state, I can't buy a battery is another important reason for the company's still loss. In 2020, my country has been expected to have the first high-gloss time of the powerful lithium-ion battery recycling. According to 2013, my country's new energy vehicles launched large-scale promotion applications, and the service life of the power lithium-ion battery is generally in 5 to 8 years.

It will usher in the peak period of the scrap in 2020. According to the market size, according to my country's automobile technology research center, in 2020, my country's accumulated scrap dynamic lithium-ion batteries will be 200,000 tons, and the market is over 10.1 billion.

The Oriental Securities Research Institute believes that the size of domestic power lithium-ion battery recovery market can reach 409 billion yuan in 2020, 20.371 billion yuan in 2025. But now, battery recycling company is generally caught in confusion: Where are the scrapped batteries? "I don't know if there is no so many batteries to retreat, or the battery that is returned is taken away by others.

"Gao Wei Que is confused. At the same time, in the evening of January 7, a explosion from the Lake Nanning Township also sent the safety of the battery. Due to the explosion, the company is a Sun Company of the Dawang Ningde Times, causing a more extensive attention.

In fact, in 2021, there are a number of automotive industry to make a warning on the power lithium-ion battery. The glass king of the low-key, Cao Dewang began "letting guns" in the first week of 2021, he warned that my country's new energy cars have already had bubbles, and how "how to deal with battery is" is the biggest problem - Cao Dewang has this Have multiple statements. The battery recovery "cool" regardless of the power lithium-ion battery recovery is a hundred billion or trillion market, there is still a very distant "big cake" in 27 Power Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Co.

, Ltd. The relevant research report of Marketsandmarkets, the international market research institute, is expected that the 2025 global dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling industry will reach $ 12.2 billion, reaching $ 18.

1 billion in 2030, about RMB 126.3 billion. The report also expects that the annual rate of annual recycling market will be the highest in 2019-2024, and my country is one of the largest recycling markets.

The industry's consensus is that in 2020, the first new energy vehicle's power battery's large scale reported. But the reality is that because the recovery is not expected, Huaxian's loop must be profitable. From other practical lithium-ion battery recovery companies, the known recovery is generally not expected.

Huaxian recycled 4,000 tons 2020, the forefront, the general manager of Beijing Saidimei resource reuse research Co., Ltd., Zhao Xiaoyong, director of the directors, told the Economic Observer reporter, Saide's 2020 recycling, although the year-on-year, reached Around 2000 tons, but the proportion of total scraps expected to waste in the industry.

Said Mei is also one of the industrial first-line companies that mount the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. "(Recycling) The magnitude of the rise has not yet arrived at the 'peak period'. If you add the 'white list' recycling company's 2020 recycling, it will find that the recovery of the entire market should be very far away.

"Gao Wei Qiao said. It is understood that there are two ways to have a comprehensive utilization of waste dynamic lithium-ion batteries in China: one is a ladder utilization, and it is necessary to use the necessary testing, classification, split, battery repair or reorganization of waste batteries. Low use requirements, such as electric vehicle batteries can be applied to two-wheel electric vehicle market after retiring; another is regenerated, disassembled, broken, sorted, sorted, material repair or smelting, etc.

Utilization, this will require the company to have a certain metal smelting, resource cycle capacity. In general, the lithium iron phosphate ion battery is suitable for the ladder, and the ternary battery is more suitable for regenerative utilization. "The amount of retirement from the end market is far from expecting, and there are more economic vehicles equipped with iron lithium ion batteries, and the economic difference of regeneration utilization.

According to Zhou Yongng, the investigation company of Wanshi Xingxin Investment Management Company, the current market is only able to carry out large-scale iron lithium recycling regeneration in the market. And the battery on an electric car is not only recycled from the scrapped to the final recovery, and the intermediate chain is not single and clear. Zhou Yongngng said that the new energy test vehicle, the power test battery, except for some foreign-funded manufacturers to recycle, almost all domestic-funded brands generally use a bidding method.

Since the battery itself is small, there are many small and medium-sized companies with the lower reaches of the complete industrial chain (the most in Guangdong, and most of them have no formal qualifications), the price is high, with formal qualifications, the annual regeneration ability of 10,000 tons Recycling company, such as Zhejiang Huayou cycling, rising Xinxin metals, but lacks competitiveness. It is reported that the waste, side angle of the lithium-ion battery production, is an important source of waste batteries that domestic recovery regeneration companies can acquire, but the number is far from the waste, the price is high, leading to many larger regenerative use companies. Rely on the purchase of nickel-cobalt concentrate, middleware, other waste to make up for raw materials shortage and profitable space.

According to the economic observation report, in addition to the objective industrial development stage restrictions, the reason why the regular recovery company's recovery is far from expecting, the importance is in high-risk, high cost two major industries, this is trapped in "gambling" Important reason in the state of the stone. The risk is due to the lack of recycling forced technical standards. Although the relevant departments have published multiple power lithium-ion battery recycling related documents, it is desirable to regulate the operation of the industry, but the documents are mostly guided and not mandatory.

At present, there are more subjects of participating in battery recovery, including battery factories, host plants, recycling companies, and small workshops, and standardized recycling systems have not yet formed. According to industry insiders, due to the difference between the battery and the scrap battery of the ladder, if the misjudgment exceeds 2%, when the procurement will lose money. The battery information caused by the lack of standard is opaque, so that the formal battery recycling company is like "gambling" when the battery is acquired, which has made them very cautious when purchasing batteries.

However, due to the lack of effective detection methods for the state of retired batteries, the recycling company can only purchase relevant experience with relevant relevant experience. "There are many companies that are involved in battery recycling. Many batteries are not we want to get it, because the price will be pushed in this process.

For example, there are 10,000 tons of battery on the market, but I found that only 1,000 tons I can have. There may be more than 9,000 tons, I can't, or if I pick it back, I will lose money, so I just don't accept it. "Gao Weiqia said, considering cost and operational risks, they must control the quality and price of the battery.

The final result is that a large part of the retired batteries finally flowed to some small workshops. Because they have low cost, you can make money. "For example, the seller has opened a bottom price of 300 yuan / degree, and then recruited a group of people to tend, the price will be higher, but this batch of goods may be 250 yuan / degree in our mind, and we will not accept, even Bidding will not participate, because the risk of not profitability is too big.

"Gao Wei Que said. Based on this, all employees including Gao Weiqiao and Zhao Xiaoyong put forward that hope that the vehicle factory, the battery factory can open some data interfaces to the recycling company, so that the information is more transparent. Incompatibility coin expelled? Battery Recycling "White List" is the list of battery recycling companies published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which means that the company has a relaxation, channel, technology, scale and other aspects have a relatively complete system and operational capabilities, so it is also considered "Regular Army".

There are 5 lists in the first batch of 2018, respectively, Huayou Cobalt, Hhao Peng Technology, Greenmei, Bangu Circulation, Guanghua Technology. In December 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the second batch of 22 companies. From the electric vehicle as a large-scale enterprise of personal consumer goods, how to deal with retired batteries to become industry focus.

In addition to the use of value, contamination may be caused by missed various precious metals and dangerous substances in the scrapped battery, is also one of the focus of the outside world. The current quotes of the current retired battery have been acquired by the batteries of the battalion, further adding safety hazards. According to the economic observation reporter, the workshop company is lower due to the low cost of the production line, dismantling equipment, and environmental harmless treatment, so that it can achieve profitability in the case of high-cost acquisition of batteries.

But at the same time, the non-professional dismantling of the workshop company and the treatment of waste liquid, and the risk of explosion risk and environmental pollution is higher. According to Gao Wei Que, he went to a battery factory to recycle the battery. The company invited 13 bidding companies that in addition to 5 white listings, at least 8 are outside the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

According to the data it supplies, these low-cost workshop companies can usually be about 15% higher than regular companies. "If it is a battery, the sale value is 10,000 yuan, we have reported up to 6,500 yuan to acquire, they may be 7,500 yuan, this price is beyond our profit criteria, we can't get it. "Gao Wei Que said that in many cases, the regular recycling company can't grab the small workshop.

In addition to the non-"white list" company capable of participating in the bidding, there are many battery hosted goods hidden in "black", they sell battery violent disassembly without professional equipment, extract cobalt, lithium and other precious metals. It is reported that there is more than 600,000 yuan per ton to renew the highest price of non-renewable cobalt metal. However, there is a very safe hidden danger in violent dismantling and extraction, including personal safety and environmental safety of operators.

According to industry, the battery waste liquid is illegally buried or poured, and the soil and water quality of the other round will cause irreversible pollution with the penetration of the material and rainwater, the other round of soil and water will cause irreversible pollution. Previously, Jiangsu and Shanxi cracked several environmental illegal cases that illegally dumped the waste of waste lead-acid batteries. But under the low cost and high price of "killer", the company has been stubbornly survived.

Zhao Xiaoyong has previously stated that in the already scrapped battery, at least half flow into the black market and is illegally dismantled. "In the past, many people didn't believe that the small workshop had such a big power, we also have a great interest, but the truth is like this. "Gao Wei Qiao said.

And this kind of "inferior coin expelled", how much makes companies on "White List" are a little unwilling, think policies should let "white list" to play, guide the industry more standardized development. The darkness of the earnings, although the battery was "Archone", "Armed", the "Regular Army" is very fond, but it is gratifying that with the increase in recovery, "White List" internal battery recycling company has achieved profit or already Standing at the gate of profit. Zhao Xiaoyong revealed that the reporter of the Economic Observer.

In 2020, Germany has only achieved profitability. This is benefited from the improvement of recovery. On the other hand, the company's physical method classification collection technology (different from wet), broken Status quo of lithium iron phosphate ion battery recovery loss.

"Lithium iron phosphate (battery recovery) we have been able to achieve profitability at the end of last year, but the profitability is not so high, related to this, do not lose money. "In addition, the financial report of Greenmei, the largest battery recycling company in China shows that in the first half of 2020, its recovery exceeds the total annual total of 2019, and the power lithium-ion battery recycling business has achieved profitability. Although the Huawager cycle has not been profitable, Gao Wei Qiao said that he has seen hope.

According to its prediction, the company's 2021 recovery will reach 10,000 tons, if this number is reached, it will have a profitable opportunity in 2021 to 2022. "Of course, if you want to make money, we also have to choose when taking the battery. "The next development of the battery recycling market, most of the battery recycling companies have more optimistic attitudes, and believe that the recovery will continue to rise.

By 2020, my country's new energy vehicles are expected to exceed 5 million units. "So many new energy cars must come back (recycling), that is, there are 5 million batteries to be recycled, so battery recovery will definitely, just slow slow The problem. "A battery recycling from the industry said to the economic observation reporter.

It is worth noting that with the previous ICD, who is responsible, who pollutes who gratiates, clarifies the main responsibility of the automobile production company will undertake the main body of the power storage battery, and the vehicle company is also launching battery recycling business, such as 2020 BYD uses the phosphate ion battery in Zhejiang, which is recovered with E6 models, built the largest ladder energy storage power station in Zhejiang Province. In addition, Tesla was also announced on the official website at the end of last year. More car companies are recycled by building a recycling service outlet.

Due to direct disassembly of battery, most of the car enterprises have selected the way of cooperation with battery recycling companies. It is reported that Greenmeal has signed a battery recovery agreement with more than 200 car companies and battery companies and launches cooperation. Multi-party admission shows that the competition of the powerful lithium-ion battery recovery is exacerbating.

With the birth of 22 new recycling "White List", the competition between formal recycling companies will also be more intense. "The company has added a new year from the previous five, and this scene is still not expected. It is a higher battery price, or will increase with participants.

The problem of unreasonable price is slowly reflected and solved? Now we hope to be the latter. "Gao Wei Que said to the economic observation reporter. But it is worth noting that the enthusiasm of the current capital market is not high.

A fund practitioner who focused on the powerful lithium-ion battery said that the economic observation report reporter said that the battery recovery of battery recovery is released in 2017 ~ 2018, the status quo is the real scrap battery is not enough, and the lithium is Lord, I can't see the end reportable waste can exceed the output. In reality, there is currently no new layout of battery recycling and capital levels. In the abundance of production, this means that the survival of battery recovery is about to be officially opened.

In the new year, Gao Wei Que most hope is that the recovery of the battery is rapidly, "In the larger tray, we may pick more batteries, our recycling can also be guaranteed , Because there is no quantity, it is impossible to make money, this is the premise of all everything. "Gao Wei Joe finally said. .

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