What is your understanding of the problem that the battery should pay attention to during use?


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The battery is the nerve center of the automotive circuit, and its performance is good or bad. Some drivers and maintenance personnel do not understand or do not pay attention to the use and maintenance of the battery, resulting in early damage, or even damage to other electrical equipment., Battery There are few more important issues in the process of use.

(1) Battery charge capacity and engine mismatch are one of the important ways of improving the economics of the battery according to the engine type and conditions of use. When starting the engine, the battery output is very large. Generally reached 150 ~ 250a, the current output at low temperature (-10c) is up to 250 ~ 300A.

If the battery charge capacity is not mismatched with the engine, the battery charge capacity is small, and when the start-up resistance is large, the battery of the small charge capacity is in severe discharge, and the reaction of the active substance and sulfuric acid in unit time is bound to soon. High, polar plates bend due to overload, resulting in a large amount of active substances falling off, and the pole is damaged, thus making battery life shortened. If the battery charge capacity is large, although there will be no above, its active substance is not allowed to reduce the battery economy decline.

Therefore, the charge capacity of the battery must match the engine. Usually the choice of battery charge capacity should be determined according to the starter power, voltage and load of electrical equipment. (2) When the battery skewers are blended, some owners are launching the engine, because the original battery is insufficient, and a battery sufficient battery is used together.

In fact, the battery that is sufficiently charged is charged with a large charging current, which is extremely easy to cause the polar active substance to fall off, affecting its service life. At the same time, the battery is not supplied to the starting current of the motivation, which is more unfavorable to the start of the engine. The correct method should be to remove the battery of the stalker, change the battery with a sufficient battery, and then start the engine.

(3) Ignore the electrolyte liquid level height of the electrolyte liquid surface height should be regularly inspected. If the number of electrolyte is insufficient, the upper portion of the plate is vulcanized to the air contact surface, reducing the charge capacity of the battery, shortens its life. In winter, it should be checked once half a month.

When the summer is high in summer, the water is easily evaporated, and it should be checked once a week. The electrolyte liquid level is generally high in the plate 10 ~ 15mm. Now that most batteries have an electrolyte liquid level on the outer casing, the lower limit mark, so the electrolyte surface can be within the predetermined range.

Regarding the currently used maintenance-free battery, although the distilled water is not added, it should also be adjusted in conjunction with the height of the electrolyte liquid level, and should be adjusted when the vehicle is regularly maintained. (4) At will, the distilled water is added to the daily maintenance of the battery. When the electrolyte is insufficient, the distilled water should generally be added.

However, sometimes the reduction in electrolyte is due to the damage of the battery housing, the crack or the mixed hole cover does not strictly cause the electrolyte leakage. Some owners do not pay attention to distinguish when checking the liquid level is due to the damage or other reasons of the battery housing, or normal loss, as long as the electrolyte liquid level is reduced, the distilled water is added, resulting in a significant reduction in electrolyte density, so that the battery Can not work normally. Also, some owners often add distilled water after receiving the car.

The resulting distilled water cannot be sufficiently mixed with the battery raw electrolyte, which can easily discharge or damage the battery pole plate, which will also cause the battery partial ice, affecting the battery. Battery life life. Conversely, if distilled water is added to the battery before the car is output, due to the changing the generator in the travel, the added distilled water can be sufficiently mixed with the original electrolyte in the battery, and the battery performance will not be affected, so it should be available Add distilled water to the front, not to add distilled water after receiving the car.

(5) At will, adding an electrolyte in the process of automotive use, often encountering a battery for a while, there is insufficient storage, and the density of electrolyte density or water is short. Some owners do not understand the technical performance of the battery, and mistakenly believe that it can restore its ability to recover as long as the electrolyte can make it, so that the battery electrolyte density is continuously increased, not only makes its internal resistance, and the end voltage is rapidly decline. And will also increase the viscosity of the electrolyte, the penetration capacity is deteriorated, so that the battery charge capacity is lowered.

During use, the reduction in electrolyte density is not sulfuric acid consumption, but as discharges, the reduction in electricity, sulfuric acid is gradually transferred to the two-pole plate, and the lead of the active substance is generated, and the electrolyte density is generated. Reduce, the more the density of the electrolyte density is smaller. Therefore, when the battery electrolyte density is lowered, the battery should be supplemented in time, do not add an electrolytic solution at will.

(6) The battery after the addition of electrolytic solution was washed out of the factory, and the battery was completely used, and the new battery was not necessary to use distilled water before adding electrolytes. This will not only cause waste of materials and work, but also Dilled water inside the human polar plate will dilute the electrolyte to reduce the density of the electrolyte, thereby affecting the battery performance. Only about the repaired battery, apply an electrolyte cleaning before use.

(7) The battery does not supplement that some owners often neglect supplementary charging to the battery battery. Since the battery is charged in the car is not thorough, it is easy to cause a polar vulcanization; at the same time, the electric charge of the discharge is unbalanced in use. If the discharge is greater than the electric power, the battery polar plate will be slow.

Sulfurization. This chronic vulcanization will make the battery charges continue to decrease until it starts power, greatly shortening the battery life of the battery. In order to reduce the reducing substance on the battery pole, reduce the vulcanization of the plate, improve the battery charge capacity, extend its service life, and supplement charging according to the battery battery.

(8) The battery-over-rechargeable battery is often overheated, even if the charging current is not large, the electrolyte is boiling for a long time, in addition to the small particles of the surface of the active material easy to take off, and the grid holder is over oxidized, resulting in a loose active material and the grid. Strip. (9) Different capacity battery series uses different capacity storage batteries in series.

(10) The new and old battery mixing uses to make the old battery have been fully utilized, and the phenomenon used in series using new old batteries often occurs. This kind of law will shorten the service life of the new battery. Because the battery is much higher due to its chemical reaction substance, the end voltage is high, the internal resistance is small; the old battery end voltage is low, the internal resistance is large.

Generally 12V new battery internal resistance is 0.015 ~ 0.018, the internal resistance of the old battery is more than 0.

85 or more. If the new old battery is blended in series, then in the state of charge, the charging voltage at both ends of the old battery will be higher than the charging voltage at both ends of the new battery. As a result, the new battery has not yet been filled, and the old battery has long been too high; while in the discharge, due to the discharge The new battery has a large capacity of the old battery, and the result is caused by excessive discharge of old batteries, even cause an old battery.

Therefore, the battery cannot be mixed in series, and similarly, it is not appropriate to mix the new monarch battery when repairing the battery. (11) Ignore the small hole on the dredging battery cover of the battery cover through the air bore is used to distribute the internal gas of the battery, and these gases are flammable hydrogen and combustible oxygen that occur during charging. If the vapor fluorine of the vent hole is ignored, the vent hole is blocked, so that the heat of the battery appears in the chemical reaction, causing the battery temperature and pressure to rise, and even trigger the battery explosion.

Therefore, in daily maintenance, attention should be paid to the pores to prevent dirt blockage. (12) The higher the electrolyte liquid, the higher the car owner, believe that the higher the electrolyte liquid level, so when the battery is filled with electrolyte (or adding distilled water), the liquid level is often taken from the low height. The wrong practice, it is considered that there is no failure due to lack of electrolyte (or distilled water).

In fact, the electrolytic solution is too high. During the vehicle driving and charging process, it is easy to get on the cover from the vent hole overflow on the battery cover, so that the positive and negative electrode columns on the battery cover are connected, resulting in self-discharge, and Corrosion battery pole column. Therefore, when the electrolytic solution should be filled with the battery requirements (the height of the general electrolyte liquid surface should be high) 10~15mm).

(13) The larger the density of the electrolyte, the larger the vehicle owner believes that the larger the density of the electrolyte, the lower the extent of the battery, the higher the end voltage of the battery, the greater the charge capacity, and can prevent winter electrolytic liquids When the battery is frozen, it is also used to add some different densities when the electrolytic solution is higher than the predetermined value, but also to supplement the electrolytic solution of different densities when it is necessary to supplement distilled water in normal use. Higher than. In fact, this is a wrong practice.

Because the electrolytic solution density is an important sign for measuring the degree of battery discharge, it is known as the original electrolyte density, supplementing different density electrolytes, means that the density of the original electrolyte is meant, even if it is measured The electrolyte density is high, and the degree of discharge is low, and the electrolyte density can improve the battery-end voltage and charge capacity is also relatively, and the electrolytic solution density will also cause a lot of vulcanization and separator. Problem, reduce battery life. Therefore, the electrolyte density is not good to be small, and the electrolyte density liquid can be adjusted appropriately according to the regulations, and only the distilled water can only be added to the normal conditions (due to the normal consumption of the electrolyte), only water consumption is actually The liquid level caused by leakage or the like can be added to the electrolyte of electrolyte.

(14) The new battery does not carry out the first charging of the initial charging battery is called the initial charging, and the initial charging has a great impact on the service life of the power. If the charging is not good, the battery capacity is not high, and the service life has a great impact. If the charging is not good, the battery capacity is not high, the life is short; if it is charged, the electrical performance of the battery is still good, but it may shorten its life.

Therefore, the new battery will be careful for the first time. (15) Maintenance-free battery does not perform initial charging, due to the maintenance-free dry load battery, the low alloy or lead calcium alloy is used, and there is a catalytic circulating device in the battery, so that the loss of water is greatly reduced, generally 8 ~ 12 months no need Add water, simultaneously through the negative electrode plate impregnating the seminulant (such as stearic acid such as boric acid), after steam or vacuum drying, the plate group can be stored in the drying state, the charge obtained during the manufacturing process, that is, the charging dry plate. According to the instruction manual requirements, the dry-load battery is required within the specified 2 year storage period, just injecting the specified density electrolyte and puts 15 minutes, no need to charge the initial charging.

However, due to the gap between the process level, some manufacturers have lack of the catalytic circulation device, still in a small-maintained state. Therefore, in order to improve the battery capacity of the battery, it should also be carried out for 5 ~ 8h charging of the battery. (16) The active substance on the positive electrode plate before repair the battery is PB02, and its physical properties are very loose.

If the battery is not discharged before the battery is maintained, the active substance is caused when the positive electrode plate is pulled out of the battery. Sad; for the negative plate, its active material is PB, exposed to air, and is easily oxidized in air. If the battery is discharged before the battery is maintained, the two-pole surface surface generates a layer of battery PBSO4 to enhance the strength of the positive electrode plate.

The negative plate is also protected. (17) The power switch is installed in the battery fire terminal, some domestic cars do not install the power switch at the factory. In order to safe and convenient, some driving, the maintenance personnel adds a manual power switch, but it is incorrectly installed in the battery fire line.

On the end, not only does not play a prevention, but will trigger new unsafe factors. The power switch is only installed on the iron line, in order to truly active use. .

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