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If one thing makes you pour, do you still do it? Probably most people will climate. However, the Wang Wangqin, who has been hit the South Wall, and does not look back in the South Wall. I missed, and I had taken the waste battery for waste battery, and he had gone on the road to recycle, and it has gone for 13 years.

I have been moving for 100 tons of used batteries.‘Emptied gun’Wang Zizhong said to Beijing Metro Line 4 to the terminal, and then bulld for more than an hour. In the edge of the city, the rule of law weekend reporter found the home of Wang Qixin's waste battery.

Six years ago, he found a new room for 100 tons of waste batteries. And before this, Wang Zicin took more than ten times with the waste battery collected. In recent years, waste battery recovery has triggered a wide focus of society.

There are research data show that a button battery can be contaminated with 600,000 water, and one battery can pollute a m2 land. At the same time, there is also a sound. At present, the waste battery is discarded in the domestic garbage, and it is harmful to it.

Because there is different hazards for waste dry batteries, there is also a controversy on how to deal with issues. According to people from the State Environmental Protection Administration, the previous reports on waste batteries have lacks scientific basis, and the waste cells do not have to concentrate on recycling. And some folk environmentalists believe that it is necessary to effectively in the European countries, concentrate the waste battery.

Wang Zicin is one of the people in this group of folk environment. Today, he said that it has mastered dry battery vacuum heat treatment technology, and it is brewing the establishment of 2000 tons of dry battery treatment plants and coverage of all communities of Beijing. However, about Wang Zhixin, the bottleneck that is difficult to break through is a shortage of funds.

I always‘Emptied gun’. Wang Zi Xin said. However, in an interview with the rule of law weekend, he still repeatedly stressed: next year, his dry battery treatment plant can build it.

Unlike many environmentally friendly people, before, Wang Zicin is a building materials businessman with medical background. He was a physician with a stable work and income. The new bulls have just been put on white, and he ran to the attending doctor and said: I have to make cardiovascular and cancerous topics.

The attending doctor is smile: I can't do it for so many years. If you have a new student who wants? It seems that the idealism of Wang Shengxintang Quixote is beginning to ferment. At this time, when the national infrastructure and real estate construction rise, Wang Zixin abandoned doctors, selling building materials.

In 8 years, Wang Qixin dug into the first bucket of entrepreneurship. In 1998, he born his thoughts. It turned out that Wang Zixin has always put the yourself to buy a resemble, but he is more likely to have an ideal industry project.

So Wang Zijin parked the red fire company, start looking for projects around. In 1999, Wang Zishin saw from a publication that my country's dry battery can only be recovered but cannot be handled. Henced to this sentence, he entered the waste battery recycling industry.

In fact, the battery is divided into many kinds. Other types of batteries such as battery, lithium-ion batteries, etc., not only repeatedly used multiple times, not only, but some fault batteries can also repair.

At the processing, such as a battery, the number of scrapped annually, but in which the metal content is high, many people will send them directly to the factory for smelting and recycling. But the treatment of dry batteries has become a problem. The recycling dry battery is sitting on the mountain car from 1996.

In the case of social attention, my country's dry battery recycling activities are in full swing. In 2003, the dry battery recovery has fallen into the low valley since 1996. In the case of social concerns of waste-dry battery pollution, my country's dry battery recycling activities are in full swing.

The famous grassroots, which is famous for the recycling of dry batteries, is also in the rain, and it is endless. Tian Guirong in Xinxiang City, Henan Province is one of them. However, Wang Zicheng noticed that although Tian Guirong collected many dry batteries, they could only be at home.

This makes him fall into a new round of contemplation: Why is so many people recycled, but the battery can't get it? He compliance caught the business opportunity. Enter the waste-dry battery treatment market, do the first person to eat crabs. Immediately, Wang Zixin began to bubble the library, and the light borrowed the book.

He also visited some experts and scholars, hoping to understand the waste dry battery more deeply. Soon, he got a conclusion: arbitrarily abandon the waste battery, not only caused pollution on the natural environment, but also affects the entire ecology. This conclusion is very conforming to Wang Zhixin to make money on the requirements of the new project, but also meaningful.

Wang Zicong's purpose is to establish a recycling industry chain of waste dry batteries. The purpose of recovering the discourseless battery is to make it regenerated. In 2001, he raised more than 5 million yuan, and built a waste-dry battery renewable treatment plant in Yi County, Hebei Province.

He also gave himself a five-year plan to handle 30% of the waste dry battery nationwide. Everything starting is smooth. The factory is very fast.

However, in a media interview, 31% of wastewater discharge will occur in the waste battery regeneration process, which means that local rivers may be harmful. The media report has caused great sensation, and the sound of national criticism is coming. Because of the possibility of pollution to the local environment, Hebei environmental protection department is not approved.

Wang Zixin did not want to give up, he wanted to obtain a wet treatment method of the environmental protection department through the technological improvement. However, finally, Wang Zhixin project is still placed. He recovered more than two hundred tons of waste dry batteries for cement curing treatment.

Hebei Environmental Protection Department's centralized pollution that may be caused by waste-dry battery treatment is not unreasonable. In July 2002, authoritative experts published that waste batteries did not cause pollution without dilution of shell protection and massive garbage. Concentrated recycling is not good, it is easy to cause mercury pollution in local areas.

This is the affirmation of the staff of the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau Solid Waste Center (hereinafter referred to as the solid waste center). He told the rule of law on weekends, and some national waste batteries in Europe were dispersed with live garbage. (my country) also refers to their practice.

According to I understand, the technology has been upgraded, and the dry battery has reached low mercury low cadmium standard, and when dispersed, it is not limited to the limit of current pollution (standard). This staff said. In 2003, the dry battery recovery into the trough.

In this year, the pollution prevention and control technology policy issued by the environmental protection department has been proposed that under the lack of effective recycling technical and economic conditions, it is not encouraged to collect waste batteries that have reached the country's low mercury or mercury. This policy makes Wang Zhixin like a boring stick. But after more than a month, he decided, or recycled the treatment of used batteries.

Even low-mercury low cadmium will also cause some pollution, and discard will cause waste of resources. he thinks. In fact, in 1997, the Light Industry Association, the National Economic and Trade Commission and other nine ministries and commissions were jointly issued "Regulations on the Limited Battery Mercury", requiring battery manufacturing companies to gradually reduce battery mercury content, reaching low and mercury level in 2002.

2005 is not mercury. However, there is a media survey, although the battery produced by the large battery company is currently low and mercury-free, but the battery produced by the small company has high mercury phenomenon. Some of the very poor, 20 times higher than the low mercury battery standard, 10,000 times higher than the mercury battery standard.

It is also a public welfare in the future. We collect a region's waste battery to a point, managed by volunteers, and then transported to the treatment plant Wang Zi Xin started to ponder: the waste battery could not process it, because equipment has pollution. Then I will get a device that is not polluted.

Three years later, he designed vacuum pyrolysis treatment waste battery equipment and applied for national patents. In the Wang Zixin plan, the waste dry battery can be changed to the factory, but this does not only mean that there is a public contributing to dry batteries, but also have a free volunteer service. Even so, remove more than 2,000 yuan, the profit after a ton of dry battery is only 400 yuan, and the dry battery will not be a penny.

In the future, we collect the waste cells of a region to a point, managed by volunteers, and then transport to the treatment plant. In leisure, the volunteer palace will help the Wang Qixin to recycle the waste battery. Wang Zikin left my overall impression is patience, good temper.

When I was interviewed by the rule of law, I have never seen Wang teacher is angry, even if you do something wrong, he will slowly tell me. He is very careful, sometimes only one morning, Mr. Wang will give us lunch.

Palace. Nowadays, Wang Zixin printed on the title of social company's responsibility at the business card. He is both the boss of Beijing Donghua Xinxin Dry Battery Recycling Center, and it is also mixed.

The whole company only has one person. Wang Zixin seems that there is no sustainability without making money. What is a public welfare? Is it a public welfare? Wang Zhanxin hooks, if there is no survival, how to do public welfare? Now, the vacuum heat treatment equipment in the yard has been completely discarded.

Takes too little processing, only ten kilograms, mass production must be expanded, then put into use. Wang Zicin explained. It is still borrowed that the 80,000 yuan of making equipment is still borrowed.

Now, Wang Zicin has almost pocket empty space. Wang Zicin told the rule of law on the weekend reporter, and there was a company that had a company, is willing to buy 1 million US dollars to buy this equipment. But in the negotiation, he learned that this company wants a lot of production and then selling.

The waste dry battery in the world is so much, even if other companies bought it, the profitability of a ton of 400 yuan can maintain it? Wang Zixin said that although he is heart, he did not agree. At present, Wang Zixin has newly launched the establishment of the officer battery recycling service, hoping to establish a volunteer recycling network in Beijing. A small waste battery recovery box is 200 yuan, 40 yuan will be accumulated as the capital accumulation of his dry battery treatment plant.

Now, more than 300 recycling bins have been in the community. It is a community in Fengtai District and Yibei, Beijing. Liu Wei, director of the and Yibei Community Neighborhood Committee, said that 128 buildings in the community have been placed in more than 50 recycling boxes.

I have just recovered once last month. Liu Wei said to the legal weekend reporter. In the impression of Liu Wei, Wang Zixin was a bit awkward, with a tricycle, or a half-new bicycle, and came to the community in several days.

Master Wang, no, it is a Manager Wang. Liu Wei smiled as a smile, then said, how can manage a bicycle?. This project is my all hopes, this year plans to promote 10,000 hunters small recipients, so that the people are more convenient to participate.

Wang Zixin looks forward to drive more people with love, solve the problem of dry battery recycling. There are still many abandoned battery recovery boxes in the recycling of waste batteries. Wang Zicin intends to take them over, but the promotion of the small recipient box is not easy.

Liu Wei found in the publicity work, many residents feel that the recycling of used batteries is meaningless, and the country has long publicized‘Low mercury low cadmium’In. But in the community, there are still many recycling companies to launch waste battery recycling activities. Wang Zi Xin said with his finger to tell the rule of law on the weekend reporter, a recycling company in Haidian District, Beijing, promised to school and community at the beginning of the event, recycling a dry battery to a corner.

However, after a period of waste recycling activities, it is no longer recycling for a while. There is also an advertising company in Beijing, starting in the city, school, unit, etc., in the city, school, unit, etc.

, is used for advertising publicity, but the project will stop after 2008. The leaders of the community neighborhood committee told Wang Zixin: These recipients have been recycled once, and there will be no one again. Now that the box is full, we can't find the recycling unit.

Now, there are still many abandoned battery recovery boxes in the Beijing community. Wang Zhengxin intends to take them over one by one. Compared with the business of millions of merchants in the same year, the current Wang Qixin is very falling.

Every month, you must rely on the wife's more than 4,000 yuan of income. But he doesn't want his wife and son to ask batteries. I am afraid that they don't agree, we have various.

Recycling the battery, he does not refuse cooperation, but also resolutely. He hopes, establish a social management model of waste dry battery according to its own philosophy and way. European countries such as Sweden, Germany, are not only legal provisions, but also have a mature recycling system.

The government is inappropriate. However, Wang Zicin believes that in the current situation, if my country also follows some other countries to receive recycling of waste battery subsidies, it may cause market chaos. His alliance Liu Wei and Xiaogong hope that the government's strength can participate in it as soon as possible.

The staff of the solid waste center tells the rule of law weekend reporter, under the limitations of the prior art, the dry batteries used in residents have been treated as ordinary domestic garbage. Otherwise, it is easy to cause pollution. If the residents have a large amount of waste batteries, such as dozens of kilograms, there will be Sanitation Group (Beijing Environmental Health Engineering Group Co.

, Ltd.) to receive. The staff introduced.

He said that he does not understand, how to deal with the Sanitation Group after recycling the waste battery. In addition, the staff of the solid waste center said more about the rule of law on the weekend reporter more than once, currently handling dry batteries in technology, may not be able to eliminate pollution hazards, and the cost is even more disappearance. It is always impossible to spend five dollars to handle it.

Wang Zixin said that there is a Beijing Environmental Protection Department official to commit him: As long as your processing plant is built, we will give you promotion. But Wang Zixin is actually unclear, when will he be built into the ideal treatment plant. Even from the national perspective, there is no such a real waste battery treatment plant.

When the rule of law weekend reporter interviewed the Fengtai District Environmental Protection Bureau and the solid waste center, both party staff said that they did not understand Wang Zhixin, and did not understand the Waste Battery Treatment of Wang. Speaking of the biggest wish now, Wang Zixin has cast a waste battery recovery box not far away. If this year, it can add 100,000 (recycling boxes).

He said. To this end, he also specializes in buying a gift. I am working on my country's waste batteries, this old businessman said.


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