How does electric vehicle power lithium batteries maintain? Analyze electric vehicle power lithium battery problem


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Electric vehicle power lithium battery is an important means for electric vehicles for families and similar places, as their power source, various batteries. According to the material classification of the battery: lead-acid battery, lithium ion battery, etc. According to the application, it is important to classify: home electric vehicle power lithium battery, special occasion electric vehicle power lithium battery.

At present, people are in daily contact, the electric vehicles used are almost electric bicycles. Therefore, usually, you usually refer to electric bicycle power lithium batteries as an electric car battery, which is the electric vehicle power lithium battery in general in the general sense. Electric vehicle power lithium battery currently has two major categories of lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries.

In my country, lead-acid batteries belong to production license management products, must obtain the approval of the relevant departments can be produced, and the product must be labeled and QS mark. The lead-acid battery is a traditional electric vehicle power source. It has been more than 20 years in electric vehicles.

The product technology is quite mature, and the application rate is more than 98%. The lead-acid battery used in the electric bicycle is generally composed of a battery monomer having a number of voltages 12V. The composed battery pack voltage is 36V, 48V, and the capacity is not more than 20ah.

The application of lithium ion battery in electric cars is less than 10 years, and lithium-ion battery is used as a new energy product, the technical has not been perfect, and the safety performance needs to be improved. The current application range is small. The lithium ion battery monomer material for electric bicycles is important as lithium manganate, lithium iron phosphate, three-dimensional materials, the outer casing is important in the form of steel shell or aluminum bag, the shape is important, square hard shell, Cylindrical.

The importance of lead-acid battery production in my country is in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hebei, Guangdong, Hubei, Shandong, and the lead-acid battery production in these areas accounts for more than 90% of the country. Before 2011, more than 1,200 companies received a lead-acid battery production license, after the environmental protection rectification since 2011, approximately 300 normal production companies. After years of development, my country basically formed the production base of lead-acid electric vehicle power lithium battery mainly based on two parts of Jiangsu, Zhejiang.

At present, only the Tianneng, Zhejiang Changxing, and the two major companies in Super Wei occupied more than 70% of the national production of such batteries. my country's lithium-ion battery production accounts for more than 30% of the world, and presents a new trend year by year. In 2011, my country's lithium-ion battery production was about 3 billion.

Domestic lithium electric motor vehicle power lithium battery industry is important in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai Rim area, and there are also a little distribution in Henan, Fujian, and Harbin. Electric bicycle lithium-ion battery important manufacturer has Suzhou Xingheng, Bick, Tianjin Lifan, ATL new energy, BYD, Harbin Guangyu, etc. In recent years, my country's electric vehicle dynamic lithium battery industry has been greatly developed, and the types of product are new, and the quality is constantly improving.

Compared with the development of foreign battery industry, China is also a new battery type of lead-acid battery for electric bicycles, which adapted to travel and consumption of the broad masses of the people, but at the same time my country's electric vehicle power lithium The battery industry still needs to be further improved and developed. Battery industry industrial concentration low. In my country, the production company of electric vehicle power lithium batteries has reached thousands.

Although the production company has several hundreds of shuffling, especially environmental rectification, etc. Compared with the highly concentrated battery industry in foreign countries, my country's battery companies are much larger, still in a dispersed state, and cannot reach the scale concentration of foreign battery companies, and industrial concentration needs to be improved. Key technical equipment is being made by people, key materials dependence on import.

In terms of electric vehicle power lithium batteries, the number of patents in my country's core technology intellectual property rights is quite small. Most of the key technologies are monopolized by Japan. If the lithium ion battery separator is basically imported, the technology of power lithium battery diaphragm is produced.

And equipment is listed by the list of exports to my country. Domestic lithium battery electric vehicle power lithium battery production company is largely subject to foreign key materials production company, battery technology widely breaking the foundation of innovation: as an electric vehicle's power source, electric vehicle power lithium battery first Meeting consumers' performance requirements for products, at the same time, regarding lithium electric motor vehicle power lithium battery. The important standards involving electric vehicle power lithium battery quality and safety include: GB / T22199-2008 "Electric Power Car Sealed Lead Acid Battery", GB / T7403.

1-2008 "Technical Conditions" Part: Technical Conditions , GB / T18332.1-2009 "lead-acid battery for electric road vehicles", QB / T2947.1-2008 "Electric bicycle battery and charger Part 1: sealed lead-acid battery and charger", etc.

Common important issues in recent years, the National Quality Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine has launched a number of national supervision and spot checks in electric vehicle power lithium battery products. The important issues found in the spot check are: 1. Capacity capacity is the key performance of the battery, and it is best to reflect The actual use of the battery.

The capacity is divided into 2 h rate capacity and a low temperature capacity of 15 ¡ã C, the size of the capacity of 2H, is directly related to the far close to the normal driving distance of the electric vehicle, and the low temperature capacity reflects the use effect of the battery in low temperature. The reason for the unqualified reason is that some companies have not yet in place for quality control. The quality of product quality has no strict control methods.

The employees and production processes lack effective management, or some companies reduce costs for sideways to pursue high profits. Or for low-priced competition, there is a manufacturer or seller in order to add profits, deliberately exaggerated or fallen battery capacity, in order to new profits, deliberately exaggerated or false battery capacity, with small capacity battery price. The latter is misleading or deliberately deceiving consumer behavior, disrupting the order of the battery market.

2. Charging acceptance capacity charging acceptance ability means that the battery can be charged in a certain condition. On the surface, it reflects that the charging efficiency of the battery is highly related to the barrier alloy ingredients, lead paste components, additives, electrolytes and components of the battery and the quality of the battery.

In a sense, charging acceptance capacity also affects battery capacity and cycle life. 3. Over-discharge over discharge means that the battery reaches the termination voltage value of the battery discharge, and continues to discharge.

At this time, the concentration of the electrolyte is very thin, the concentration of the leads of the cells that occur in the chemical reaction will become more and larger, will Crystallization forms larger particles, i.e. forming sulfate.

These crystal conductivity is poor, the volume is large, and the micropores of the plate can block the pores of the plate. It prevents the reversible conversion of electrical energy and chemical energy, or the electrode grid deformation, the active material falls, and the single battery short circuit. Further, the battery of the discharge test can be caused, and the recovery capacity of recharging is very poor, and the battery is severely damaged, and even can't fix it.

In the daily use of electric vehicles, consumers often continue to travel for a period of time due to insufficient electric vehicles, rather than in time, so that the battery is in an over-discharge state, such usage habits are very damage to the battery. Big, will affect the life of the battery. Purchase and Use Tips 1.

Whether the product logo is completely included in the manufacturer name, product model or specification, manufacturing date, trademark, production license identification and number; Try to choose the product of the production date and the date of purchase. The larger the battery capacity, the longer the battery discharge time, do not purchase a battery-free battery, such as a plurality of capacity indicated by the battery body, can consult the relevant department to consult, beware of the size of the virtual standard and deceived. Check if the battery body and the outer packaging mark are consistent.

When you purchase a battery alone, you must ask a regular invoice to maintain your legitimate rights and interests during disputes. 2. The appearance of the battery see if there are deformation, cracks, scratches, and leakage traces.

The battery terminal should be clean, no rust, the mark should be clear. 3. When developing a good usage, when the electric car starts and topped up the slope, it is best to use the human role to start, the electric vehicle is starting, the wind will help the wind, the wind, the wind, To mitigate the battery load, extend its life; and in the downhill, the electric car can be released.

When the electricity is insufficient, you should ride at a lower speed, do not continue to travel in the undervoltage state. Electric vehicle overload will cause a battery for a long time to discharge, thereby damaging the battery, one of the main reasons for battery life. 4.

Master the correct charging method The battery is preferably between 0-40 ¡ã C, charging is preferably carried out at room temperature, especially the cold season. Pay attention to the charging status of the charger and normal charging time, prevent the battery from under charge or overcharge, and find abnormal charging, we must consult a professional in time to avoid damage to the battery. Charging timely after each use, long-term shelving is not available, to charge the battery regularly.

5. Use the charger with the battery to use the battery charger with the electric vehicle power lithium battery. The appropriate charger can automatically adjust the battery according to battery characteristics, which is beneficial to extend the battery life.

Regarding the electric vehicle power lithium ion battery, you must use the manufacturer's supporting charger; when the battery pack is replaced, the charger must be replaced at the same time. 6. Regular maintenance replacement battery battery After a longer period of time, if the battery is low, especially when the battery is charged, it should be required to see the professional maintenance personnel, if necessary, change the battery, change the battery, should be replaced at the same time.

Model, new and old inconsistent batteries can not be used in series or simultaneous use, different manufacturers battery can not be mixed. 7. Pay attention to the product quality inspection information published by the relevant departments, consumers can often pay attention to product quality monitoring information published by the product quality, through various information sources, understand the battery purchase, use and maintenance knowledge.

8. Reasonable recycling of oxides using lead and lead will cause pollution to the environment, endanger the health of human nervous system, digestive system, hematopoietic system, kidney, etc .; lithium-ion battery contains a toxic substance such as lithium hexafluorophosphate, which will cause environmental and ecosystems Contamination, cobalt, manganese, copper and other heavy metals will also be harmed by biological chain by the biological chain by accumulating the use.

Therefore, abandoned lead-acid, lithium ion electric vehicle power lithium battery cannot be arbitrarily stacked, discarded or dismantled, should be submitted to the production company or specialized recycling institution for recycling.

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