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Electric vehicles have gradually become an important means of transportation of the general public. Since most citizens do not know the charging discharge principle of the battery, they cannot be charged according to the correct way, causing the battery to use the battery. So, how long is electric car charging? Is the electric car battery maintenance you did? Here Xiaobian reminds the general public that in addition to the quality assurance electric vehicle battery brand, we should also pay attention to electric vehicle battery charging time, only pay attention to and pay attention to daily life, electric car battery can extend its use life.

How long does electric vehicle charge? 1. After buying a car or replacing the battery, the battery should have about 80% of the power. When the home should be charged, the time is taken after the charger is shifted, it is suitable for 4 hours.

2. The next day (36V ride 10 kilometers, 48V ride 15 kilometers) should insist on charging, but the time of charging should not be too long, it is suitable for an hour after the charger is shifted. When charging, I would rather pay some, don't overcharge, otherwise the battery will be charged because of lack of water, the drum bag, swollen.

Causes loss of remedies for battery. 3. Don't let the water enter the battery case to cause the battery in the housing.

4. Regularly discharge every month (ride to the underfog light), then continue charging 12 hours. 5.

Conditional pair of monomers in the whole group, have passed the quality insulation battery (especially in the summer), every three, four months to add 3-4 ml of each single body per unit Deion water (Wahaha pure water can also be). 6. Once the charger does not turn the green light or a charging, it will check if it is necessary to check if there is a problem, or lose water.

7. The discharge port and charging port of the whole set of batteries should be cleaned at any time, preventing copper rust in contact point, causing adverse contact, and damaged. 8.

Try to start with your foot, don't load too much, accelerate. Don't take the bus and give electricity. Does the battery have been charged again? Since the deepening of the discharge, the number of cycles will increase significantly.

Therefore, according to this theory, the diligent charger is beneficial to the life of the cycle, but in the current market, the charger used in the market, due to the affected price factors and technical level, the charger has a high failure rate, poor reliability, High deficiencies. Therefore, sometimes the charge of the battery will affect the battery life. The battery is radiated, and the number of charging is reduced, but due to the discharge of the unit, there may be a difference between the general battery, which can cause certain monone-discharge, and the over-discharge receiving capacity will be greatly reduced, causing insufficient charging failure, and Due to the removal of electricity, the charger is longer, and the charger is easy to damage the charger.

Therefore, in the above, we believe that the battery is less than 50-70% of the battery is relatively reasonable, and the use of the battery is good. What is the harm of battery overcharge and inclusion? Over-charge, that is, the battery charging current is greater than the battery acceptance current. It is a portion of the charge.

It is important that the charge is important to occur the side effect of electrolytic water. Since oxygen is transferred to the negative electrode, the battery is transferred to the negative electrode, and heat, therefore The actual conversion of overcharges into heat to increase the temperature of the battery. If it is not controlled, it will cause a large amount of loss of water, and the severe cases have caused the heat loss capacity, and even deformation.

Under the case of unsettled electricity, it is often in the case of insufficient charging, and it will gradually form a thick hard, sulfate, which is almost not dissolved, that is, so-called irreveneable sulfate, use ordinary methods cannot be used. Advance, so the capacity will be rapidly attenuated once a time. The comparative durability of electric vehicle lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries generally deeply charges 300 times, with memory, life is about two years.

And there is a liquid in the lead-acid battery, after a period of time, if it is found that the battery is hot or the charging time is shortened, it is necessary to supplement the liquid. Lithium-ion battery is strong, slow consumption, charged by more than 500 times, and there is no memory, general life is 45 years. The volume quality is generally 1630 kg, the volume is large.

Generally in 2.53 kg, the volume is relatively small, so the riding is light and easy to carry. Price warranty lead-acid battery 450 yuan, warranty period is 1 year.

Lithium-ion battery is relatively expensive, about 1000 yuan, but the warranty period is two years. Driving kilometers is also a 48-volt battery. In the case of electricity, you can drive 3040 kilometers.

Speed ​​Important Depending on the motor size used. Tongan sulfuric acid battery capacity 20 safe, 810, green, green, environmentally, in the production process, if the recovery is not properly contaminated. How to maintain a relative green environmental electric car battery? 1.

The first is that the battery cannot stick to the water. If there is a wet battery in the rainy day, or when it is charged, it will take the water in a timely manner; the undefined battery price list query lead price, new battery, waste battery price attention 2. Can not overload exercise, especially if it is not overloaded in the upper slope, because sudden increase in current, it will cause damage to the battery; 3.

The battery charging time must be uniform, can not be charged 6 hours this evening, 8 hours. One charging must be full, not full of use, will reduce the battery life; 4. Use the electronic repair to repair the electric vehicle battery repair, which can effectively decompose the source of thioneranside inside the battery, extend the battery life (use certificate Effective extended battery 2 years).

For older batteries used for about a year, it can be effectively restored to 80% of the new battery status, and can be used for about one year. Common faults and exclude Q electric car battery to maintain? A: Want. The hydrogen oxygen gas occurs due to the battery during charging, and most of the gas is composite into water in the battery.

Only small part of the gas discharges the battery through the safety valve, which will cause the battery to lose water. So your electric car is best to use the battery business store or repair shop when using 8-10 months or when charging is charged. Q Is the electric vehicle rhythm? Is it a battery problem? A: Not necessarily.

When the battery is aging, the battery will be shorter, but the following is not the problem that the battery is not a battery: 1. When the motor is efficient, the useless work is increased, wasting electricity, makes life The mileage becomes short; Short; 4. Q What do you pay attention to using electric vehicles in summer? Answer: 1.

Prevent it from being exposed to the high temperature and sun, it is strictly for charging in a high temperature environment; 2. Prevent it from being charged immediately after driving, prevent the charging time from being too long (normal 8 hours); Do not turn green light, you should go to the battery business store or repair shop to detect and repair the battery or charger. Q What happens in winter use electric car, how should it be prevented? A: 1.

Winter use electric cars you will feel significant decline in life (more obvious in the north), this is a normal phenomenon; The reaction resistance has increased, resulting in a decrease in battery capacity. Therefore, you should prevent electric vehicles from being placed outdoors overnight or charged in a low temperature environment when used in winter. Undefined battery price list query lead price, new battery, waste battery price attention not: The power box is too sealed, and the power supply is not overflowing; 2, the power connection line is loose, aging or exposed, the key is turned on A spark or due to the road is not flat, the line is spark-incorporated; 3, the fuse holder on the power box is loose, heat or spark in the battery charge and discharge process, and the gas expansion occurs, and the power supply is covered; 4 The battery must not be close to the open fire or high temperature source, and the battery must not be thrown into the fire or immersed in the water.

It is strictly forbidden to expose or charge it directly in the sun; 5, the battery must not be placed in a closed container, should maintain a good ventilation; 6, if discovered When the battery housing is broken, the battery needs to be replaced; 7, the electrolyte is an acidic solution, such as the skin, the clothing, must be rinsed with a large amount of water, and must be sent to the hospital for treatment; 8, the battery is not short, must not invert use. Method for repairing electric vehicle battery 1. Re-encapsulation: After the entire set of battery damage, we often charge and discharge the battery.

In the inspection, 50% of the batteries in a set of batteries are not damaged. The reason is that in the series of battery packs, individual batteries have formed a set of battery failures, so that the battery function is lowered. 2.

Hydrating: For a battery used for about 4 months, you can extend the battery life, extending the time average of more than 3 months. It should be noted that after each water is hydrated, the battery is used to convert the battery from the quasi-lean liquid into a state in the overcharged state, and this overcharge is good for increasing the battery capacity. 3.

Eliminate vulcanization: use battery repair equipment to eliminate vulcanization for battery. 4. Particle generator: Take the particle generator in parallel on the battery, repair the battery.

This method is better to repair the battery, but because of the comparison of the repair, if there is no discharge, the battery for continuous use is often completely eliminated by the possibility of battery vulcanization. 5. Comprehensive repair method: use a regular inspection of the battery, promptly remove the sulfur and hydrating, single battery charging, re-group.

Battery description, if it is maintenance, do not add water. If you want to add water, first detect the electrolyte density of the electric car battery itself, select the corresponding concentration or no concentration of water to supplement according to different situations, so that the battery capacity has new or extended service life.

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