The 'two major crux' and corresponding treatment methods of the waste lead acid battery recovery process


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In recent years, with the further deepening of the "Green Water Qingshan is the" Jinshan Yinshan Yinshan ", the state has launched many blue sky defending operations. In the action, it has been found that the environmental problems in the dermlicate battery transit is increasingly high. He has attached great importance to the relevant state departments, and gradually puts on the national key control schedule.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Housing and Construction, have issued a series of "solid waste law" and "national office [2017] No. 99, which has been issued, such as" solid waste law "and" government office [2017] No. 99).

"Executive Measures for Domestic Waste Classification System", "Waste Battery Collection and Transfer Management System Pilot Work Measures" The way to enter the system, the headache medical head, the doctor's foot, makes the market more powerless. In view of this, from the perspective of the practitioners, the "two major disorders" and corresponding treatment measures of the waste lead acid battery recovery process are combed from the perspective of the practitioners. I.

The current situation of the lead-acid battery recovery is well known. my country's annual report is about 6 million tons of waste lead-acid batteries, which is increasing year by year, and my country is also one of the few countries recovered 100% of the waste lead acid batteries. In the process of recycling, storage, disposal, and utilization, there have been a large amount of environmental pollution, such as inverted acid, private disassembly, private smelting, etc.

in the process of waste lead-acid battery recovery. It is fundamentally by the waste-lead-acid battery collection temporary storage link to the system, no supervision is not restricted. At the same time, in the process of flowing into the market transaction in the waste lead-acid battery, 85% is from the people, and the input tax is not obtained from the person.

Other 15% from the production unit such as mobile, China Unicom, etc. The waste lead-acid battery standards regenerated lead company a ton lead metal amount payment of less than 2,000 yuan, the tax payment, and the illegal recycling company has no tax and environmental protection cost, and the increase of 200 yuan is enough to flush the entire market, and the pen is straightforward. , Malignant competitive environment.

There are two major aspects of the crucible of the waste lead-acid battery recovery chaos. There is a large number of private collapse, privately disassembled, flowing to disassemble, illegal smelting, and other series of pollution environment; the second is the gray interest chain that is incompletely caused by the tax chain, thereby appearing such as stealing taxes, virtual open Invoice, smashing price, etc. Second, the scrapped lead-acid battery recovery and proposal processing method 1: The temporary deposition of the waste lead-acid battery is not standardized.

At present, 100% of domestic waste lead-acid batteries are recycled, of which 85% is recovered by waste lead acid batteries. Company or team recycling, 10% recycled by regenerative lead companies, 5% recycled by battery companies. After the State Council No.

99, the battery processing company misses the policy, and it is believed that the waste lead-acid battery can only receive the processing company, and ignore the labor output of professional recycling companies, the method of mastering, and the awareness of crisis And the control of the flow direction, one flavor "can only process the company to collect, can help the store, transportation vehicles and transfer units, etc." While micro, make the market have a series of messy phenomena. Most of the standardized recycling companies gradually draw their thoughts in the messy market, accelerate the construction of the waste lead-acid battery standardization and transfer, and strongly carry out new models of standardized recycling system, and play a template for the development of the market.

It is necessary to have Sichuan, Shaanxi, Zhejiang, etc., its waste lead-acid battery collection, temporary storage standard, detailed accounts, strict transfer of the transition, the transportation vehicle meets the requirements, the product is ordered to regulate the regeneration lead company, Exhibit a benign loop state. However, because there is no unified policy support, most provinces can only be based on their own interpretation of the original policy, the support is different, the implementation standard is diverse, the transfer of lead-acid batteries is still outside the system, precarious.

On November 7, 2017, the Deputy Minister of Zhao Yingmin, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, presided over the "Hazardous Waste License Management Method (Revised Draft) (Draft)", such as flat-ranze, let practitioners, The executor dials heavy fog and found the problem of solving the problem. The draft management method first incorporates the waste lead-acid battery in the range of hazardous waste management licenses, and clarifies that the operating activities of the waste battery need to be evolved, and the basic requirements for the use and forensic requirements of the license. This is a very important purpose for current waste lead-acid battery recovery.

After subdivision, the following three advantages are listed: Advantage 1: The government has law enforcement according to the waste lead-acid battery, not included in the risk waste operation license category Prior to the range, many provinces and city scrapped lead-acid batteries were basically all underground activities. Just find an idle, concealed place to carry out recycling work, the government is difficult to control from source control. The "draft" gave all local municipal government policy documents, requiring all dealer-producing battery recycling companies to fully evolve operation, after the evidence, the transportation site is regulated, the transportation vehicle meets the requirements, the transfer order control flows, the whole direction is under the system supervision, Easy from source control.

Advantage 2: The policies supported by the industry with the increasing number of citizens' awareness, the increasingly strict environmental protection requirements, the waste lead-acid battery professional recycling company urgently should standardize operation, but suffering from no suitable policy support. The issuance of the "draft" is undoubtedly like a long-lasting, so that the idea of ​​the practical operation from the industry can really fall. The person in charge of a professional recycling company said: "We also want to standardize the operation, but there is no policy support, the government usually does not respond, we are doing the environmental protection industry, while being happy, this is not a long time.

". Advantages 3: "Draft" clarifies the concept of market management market, supplying the right way. After the lead-acid battery recovery activities, the certified company can operate according to law, and the illegal recycling will make it naturally withdrawal from the historical stage; and the company can also supervise the flow of waste lead-acid batteries between the company and the certification company.

Market regulation ordered development. The recovery of the waste lead-acid battery is part of the national urban minerals. It is relatively difficult to gather in the country's environmental protection department, but only the market management market can clearly determine the disadvantages of the industry, find out the problem.

Medicated prescription drugs. In summary, the crucible of the waste lead-acid battery has successfully found the applicable policy documents - "" Draft Draft "(Draft)", the National Environmental Protection Department issued official documents as soon as possible As soon as possible, let the waste lead-acid battery recovery market towards an orderly, environmentally friendly and benign development direction. Commissioner 2: Detection lead-acid battery collection Tax chain incomplete waste lead-acid battery recycling "tax crux" is the unique product characteristics of the waste lead acid, 85% of the waste lead acid battery is from the people, and the input tax is not available.

Other 15% from the production of waste units such as mobile, Unicom, but most companies believe that the scrapped lead-acid battery belongs to its fixed asset sales, only issued value-added tax general invoices, and cannot deduct, leading to the entire regenerative lead company Suffer. At present, the tax payment level of the general industrial company is between 2-4%, and the standardized renewable lead company is up to 11.9% (this is the level of tax payment after 30%), that is, each recycling is disposed of one ton of regeneration lead.

Tax payment of less than 2,000 yuan. The result of the high tax level collapsed is that the standardization of renewable lead companies is in a disadvantage in the competition of the market, "inferior coin expelled" phenomenon highlights. What's more, in order to achieve the advantages of competition, I came up with "trick".

When I sell new batteries, I should purchase the distributor or buy a new battery individual's invoice "sufficient use", put the new battery invoice as a sales old battery. The input has been deducted, it seems reasonable, in fact, it is a concept of stealing, violating the tax law, escaping the tax. According to the current regenerative lead company, the waste lead-acid battery will pay 17% of the tax payment per ton, the annual regeneration lead, with an average annular lead price of 16500, only one, the country will lose about 5.

3 billion yuan per year. Taxation. In view of this, it is proposed that the country has settled tax points to the renewable resource industry from the top design.

In the recovery link, the tax will be toured within the system management. While enhanced supervision, it is true that all links on the chain of circular economy industry are true. First, the waste lead-acid battery recovery company adopts a fixed low tax rate support policy, pays value-added tax according to 3%; the second is to deal with the lead-acid battery disposal company, that is, regenerated lead processing company, and implement the homogeneration.

Permit to pay the invoice according to the recycling company (ie 3% input tax) to deduct the deduction, after deducting the value-added tax support policy, according to the actual value-added tax support policy. There is three advantages over the top three advantages of the tension-free dealer-acid battery recovery value: Advantage 1: It has improved the tax burden of the waste lead-acid battery recovery company, stabilized the tax source, and realized the national waste lead-acid battery recycling operation industry tax rate. Tax negative, alert, easy to supervise, taking into account the company, facilitating the development.

Advantage 2: Reduce the tax burden of standardizing the regenerative lead processing company, which is powerful to make great strength, and improve the national heavy metal pollutant emission reduction, and the comprehensive utilization rate of resources is strongly contributed. Advantage 3: Establish a complete tax chain system with a value-added tax, reflecting the national encouragement of renewable resource recycling, promoting energy-saving and emission reduction planning, taking into account fairness, stable tax sources, and benefiting the renewable resource industry. That is, after the low tax rate is pulled, the problem of lead regeneration resources will be dealt with, but also the problems in all domestic renewable resources industry, and the meaning is very far-reaching.

From a practitioner's perspective, the author believes that the management of the waste lead-acid battery recovery link can be done. If the country can implement the "Hazardous Waste License Management Method (Revised Draft)" The tax source of the acid battery will be able to guide the combination of combination, double-tube, to promote the benign development of the renewable resource industry, open the recycling of waste lead-acid batteries, and realize the "Green Water Qingshan Yinshan Yinshan Yinshan" issued as soon as possible.

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