The establishment of the power lithium battery recovery system is imminent


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my country's automotive industry has taken the scale from the 1950s, and in 2016, there were more than 28 million vehicles in 2016. The first year of the first year of the world, totaling for more than half a century; my country's new energy car In the first year of 2008, it is now available in the forefront of the market. Between 10 years, the development of new energy vehicles can be described as sharp, not only in sales of explosive rises, but more and more company layouts, national levels have also attached great importance to "my country Manufacturing 2025" and "Mother and Long Time Plan for Automotive Industry" ("Plan"), the new energy car is in a very important location, including "planning", by 2020, new energy vehicles have reached 2 million annual production and sales.

The new energy vehicle development situation is good, but standing in the perspective of sustainable development, the powerful lithium-ion battery recovery link on the industrial chain will not keep the development of new energy vehicles. Dynamic lithium-ion batteries used in 5-8 years, the first new energy car battery in the earliest market has begun to enter the decommission period, and the first round of powerful power lithium-ion battery will arrive within one or two years, according to my country Automotive Technology Research Center predicts that in 2020, my country's electric vehicle power lithium-ion battery accumulated scrap volume will reach 120,000 to 170,000 tons. At present, my country has been layout in China's new energy vehicle power lithium-ion battery, but whether it is a consciousness or policy and technical level.

Nowadays, the development of my country's new energy vehicles is going forward, but there is no progress in the recycling and utilization of dynamic lithium-ion batteries. The establishment of the power lithium-ion battery recovery system is imminent "a small button battery, which can pollute the water of 600 cubic meters, which is equivalent to a person's drinking water; one battery is rotten in the ground, can make 1 square meter The land lost to use value . "This is a parameter in public service advertisements.

The number is shocking, but it is not an alarmist. A wide variety of batteries, but all batteries contain one or more harmful substances, such as positive material materials of the power lithium-ion battery, improper treatment of heavy metals, and electrolytes also have strong corrosive and toxicity, which is prone to poisoned chemical gas. Since 2009, the first new energy vehicle for the private consumption market in 2010, as of 2016, my country's new energy vehicle guarantee reached 1 million.

According to existing dynamic lithium-ion battery technology, the first new energy vehicle entering the market is about to face the powerful lithium-ion battery recovery problem. And the new energy vehicle promotion walks on the expressway in 2015, according to the use of the use of the powerful lithium-ion battery 5 to 8 years, 2020 will have a large-scale dynamic lithium-ion battery to retire, "not the rain" is not much, power The establishment of a lithium-ion battery recovery system is imminent. Dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling to dynamic lithium ion battery recovery is not only for environmental pressure, but also for the purpose of reducing cost.

In the current new energy vehicle power lithium-ion battery market, the three-dimensional ion battery and the lithium iron phosphate ion battery are mainly used, while the three-dimensional ion battery is widely adopted by the new energy passenger vehicle due to its high energy density. Important materials in the three-dimensional ion battery, the heavy metals such as cobalt, nickel, and other heavy metals are very limited in my country's mineral resources. With the rapid rise in the new energy automotive industry, the demand for heavy metals such as cobalt and nickel is constantly rising, the import ratio and price are also high in water, so the waste-powered lithium-ion battery has become the potential stock of the battery raw material market.

Generally, the power lithium-ion battery reaches the retired period, still 70% -80% of the capacity can be used. If resource recovery is directly recovered, it will cause great waste, by disassembling the power lithium ion battery after the car is used. And classified secondary use, realize the power lithium-ion battery step recycling, can achieve 30-60% of the power lithium ion battery to reduce the purpose.

In the face of the development trend of new energy vehicles, the government and related departments have been aware of their importance in power lithium-ion battery recovery. As early as the 2006 Ministry of Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Environmental Protection Administration of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the "Car Product Recycling Technology Policy" provisions, it is clear that the electric vehicle (including hybrid vehicles, etc.) production companies should be responsible for recycling, handling the battery of electric vehicles sold; Requires hazardous waste such as waste batteries to have qualified companies.

In addition, my country has introduced a number of policy documents such as "electric vehicle power storage battery recycling technology policy (2015)", "New Energy Automobile Waste Battery Comprehensive Utilization Industry Standard Conditions" . due to the relevant technical specifications, the policy Most of them are inductively policies, lack of dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling punishment mechanisms, not mandatory, so this makes policies can't really land in specific practices. In terms of power lithium-ion battery recovery, dismantling, and ladder use, due to many battery types, it is difficult to test, and the recovery process technology of waste batteries is complicated.

The process is relatively long, and many companies do not have battery recycling. Relevant related empirical and professional capabilities, no mature battery recycling professional technical equipment; the original traditional wet smelting and manual dismantling technology, solving the environmental protection issues and safety issues caused by the complex structure of the dynamic lithium-ion battery In addition, there is also how the battery's residual rate is judged that the battery is in the ladder or entering dismantling, there is no convenient and effective method; in the field of recovery processing is only a small micro-proficiency industry compared to the automotive and battery industries, so Dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling has not established a sound system, and industrialization roads are very hard. Although the dynamic lithium-ion battery recovery problem is unobucided, since my country's powered lithium-ion battery has begun to enter the peak period of recovery, the previous market is not mature, and the source of supply of SMEs is a problem.

According to statistics, there is less than 10,000 tons of power lithium-ion batteries in the practice of dismantling recycling in 2016, more than 80% of scrapped batteries are still stranded in the car companies. According to industry, this is due to the technical rules and corresponding economic problems of the dynamic lithium-ion battery and the corresponding economic problems have not been resolved. The powerful lithium-ion battery market potential huge seizures ahead of advance layout With the development of new energy vehicles, the future power lithium-ion battery recovery market has great potential, will become a rise of emerging markets.

According to industry insiders, the number of recycling markets created by metal from cobalt, nickel, manganese, lithium, iron and aluminum, and aluminum, from the waste dynamic lithium-ion battery will exceed 5.3 billion yuan in 2018. More than 10 billion yuan in 2020, 2023 The annual waste of the lithium-ion battery market will reach 25 billion yuan.

Although this emerging market has not yet developed mature, it has already sneaked the company's business opportunities. In terms of dynamic lithium-ion battery recovery, new energy car companies and power lithium-ion battery production companies are responsible for no loans, and some new energy car companies, power lithium-ion battery manufacturers are also intensifying layout recycling fields. Beiqi new energy has a demonstration line in the recovery of relief lithium ion dynamic lithium-ion battery; BYD recovers the waste dynamic lithium-ion battery by authorizing the dealer; Ningde Times has a power lithium-ion battery recycling system, and Yutong, SAIC, Beiqi, Geely and other car companies to cooperate; Guoxuan high-tech establish battery dismantling resource recycling in the test line; the Switch Science and Technology Plan will be under construction, improve the national chain service system to put into waste battery recycling and ladder; Watma A phosphate ion battery energy storage power station was built in 2012 to explore the secondary utilization of power lithium-ion batteries; Shangwei Group cooperated with research institutions and colleges and universities to cooperate with research institutions and collaborates with lithium-ion batteries; China Aviation lithium electricity The lithium ion battery is also studied by establishing a power lithium ion battery recovery demonstration line.

Although the dynamic lithium-ion battery production company and new energy car companies have been laid out of the dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling market, other companies are more inclined to handle third-party professional recovery dynamic lithium-ion batteries due to the lack of technology and related experience. Therefore, more and more professional dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling companies can be seen in the market. For example, Bangu Group has formed a battery circulation, carrier cycle and circular service, three major industrial sections, and invest 1226 million yuan in 10,000 tons of waste battery resource circular utilization expansion project; Sander Group also plans to invest 1 billion yuan for construction Waste batteries and production waste 100,000 tons, annual production of 30,000 tons of nickel-manganese / nickel-methyl aluminum three-dollar precursor material, estimated value or exceeding 3 billion yuan; Greenmeal Co.

, Ltd. has built the largest waste battery in China Handling the production line with the scrap battery material; and the Hao Peng International Group and Beiqi New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.

jointly established Zhangzhou Hao Peng Technology Co., Ltd. to engage in professional waste battery recycling and processing .

in the power lithium ion battery recovery mode In terms of exploration, some companies have made a successful attempt, such as BMW and Bangu Group and Ningde Times represent car companies, dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling parties, and power lithium-ion battery manufacturers, BMW will recover the power The lithium-ion battery is handed over to Bangp, Bangpu conducts the dismantling of the recycled raw materials, and the raw materials obtained will be given to the Ningde Times to produce new power lithium-ion batteries. Finally, the new power lithium-ion battery is replaced back into the BMW, the entire formation A closed-loop, President, President, President, introduced that the overall recovery efficiency of closed loop mode can reach 98.5%.

The new energy vehicle power lithium-ion battery recycling market is a huge cake, experts and scholars are also in the healthy development of this industry. The advanced engineer of the Automotive Technology Research Center Automobile Standardization Research Institute said that the dynamic lithium-ion battery recovery system and industry alliance, the relevant industry is conducive to forming scale efficiency, and the formation of scale effect is an important role in the current dynamic lithium-ion battery breaking point. Zhang Tian, ​​Chairman of Tianneng Group, to strengthen the standardization of dynamic lithium-ion battery structure design, process technology, integrated installation and other standardized research, to manage the traceability system and new energy vehicle product notice to ensure that the battery full lifecycle information record, improve the detection and evaluation convenience Sexuality and accuracy.

"It also needs to develop power lithium-ion battery recovery and re-use incentive implementation rules, establish a random and punishment mechanism. If you punish the company who fail to perform a responsibility obligation to recycle, the recycling and reuse company is subsidized or taxable in accordance with battery sets, capacity, etc., encourage business model innovation pilots and promotion applications, etc.

Zhang Tian said. Wang Fang, director of the new energy laboratory of my country's Automotive Technology Research Center Test Research Institute, believes that the secondary utilization of the dynamic lithium-ion battery includes a system of comprehensive battery operation monitoring, and the standardization and scale of battery modules. The system on battery operation monitoring, to perform overall design of the coding system of the battery, using the annual collection and accurate monitoring of the stage index parameters.

The standardization and scale of battery modules is implemented, on the one hand, consider the versatility of the vehicle application, and on the other hand, consider the convenience of the ladder utilization site, to achieve better combination. Summary: Although foreign new energy vehicles have not progressed as fast, my country has established a more developed step recycling system, Japan, the United States, and Europe in the development of dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling, and related research and development. Related empirical deserves.

my country has created new opportunities for many companies in future dynamic lithium-ion batteries, but the pressure is also unprecedented. The power lithium-ion battery recovery is not responsibility, but to be car, power lithium-ion battery manufacturer. And the power lithium-ion battery recycling party work together.


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