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"I don't know where these batteries go, the hawker is collected, who is the price high?. "Recently, in a low-speed electric car distribution store in Weifang City, Weifang City, Shandong Province, the owner said that. In the face of a large amount of abandoned dynamic lithium-ion batteries, it is not just a general person, even if the industry's old rivers and lakes can't answer it.

Weifang City is my country's first large low-speed electric vehicle centralized, which has made Shandong Province have become the country's largest low-speed electric vehicle processing in the country. This store is only the size of Weifang City, and many low-speed electric vehicles that have different brands. One of the stores in the store, the vehicles sold in the store use lead-acid batteries.

According to the related experience of the waste battery, the boss said that consumers can also come to the store to repair the store repair shop, or the pen is sold to the hawker, but as for the battery direction, it is not known. "An old battery is about 100 yuan. Whether it will have a waste of waste,.

"The person said. Just as Jinbao Street, which is not far from Minsheng Street, there is a recycling outlet that is connected to the manufacturers - Weifang New Energy Automobile Service Center, is responsible for Chery, than German, Le Ding three new energy mutual after-sales service, Including maintenance, battery recovery, etc. "The battery is broken or expired, the owner can come here, you can also call us to do the old-to-door, we will send the waste battery to the manufacturer.

"A person in charge of Weifang New Energy Automobile Service Center told reporters. According to the person in charge, in terms of battery recycling, they are the first-class outlets of Weifang's brands. Weifang also sets a smaller secondary battery recovery point.

These sites will return the recycled battery to the first-level outlet, and then send back to the manufacturer by the first-level outlets. Walking into the repair shop of the recycling outlet, put a few labels under the table, "Tianneng", "Super Wei" box. "The recycling battery is not sloppy, even the box will send the box when sending a new battery, and it is wrong.

"In fact, not only" Tianneng "," Super Wei "two companies, currently dynamic lithium-ion battery companies Ningde Times, Sandton, etc., all cities in the country are slowly establishing a powerful lithium-ion battery recycling network. "Weifang should be the most formal place to do in the country.

"The local electric motor company told reporters. However, the gradually improved recovery system is not completely blocked by the dynamic lithium-ion battery to flow to the small workshop, but to form a dynamic lithium-ion battery recovery system in the country. "The lead-acid battery market is increasing, most waste batteries have flowed into individual merchants.

"A people who know each other pointed out. In the category of the dynamic lithium-ion battery recovery, it is not only trapped in technology development issues, but also the company reflects the "one single loss", and the development is in a vicious circle. 300,000 tons of lead-acid batteries each year illegally dumped "More than half of the lead-acid battery per year to the hawker.

"In an interview with reporters, the Secretary-General of my country's Lithium New Energy Industry International Summit Forum Organizing Committee said that. As the largest lead-acid battery processor, Zhang Tian, ​​Chairman of Tianneng Group, is a recycling of batteries, and I feel very headache for this problem. "In my country's 3.

3 million tons of waste battery, the proportion of regular recovery is less than 30%. "In this year, Zhang Tianshi said in an interview with a reporter. As a representative of the National People's Congress, Zhang Tian has continued for many years, during the two sessions, the chaos in the recycling of powerful lithium-ion battery during the two sessions, and proposed to enhance the lead-acid battery recovery supervision motion.

So, the remaining 70% - Where is the lead-acid battery outside these free in a regular recovery system? "Most lead-acid batteries have flowed into the hands of the pedestrian walking street. Their solution is relatively simple, the pen is straight, only the most valuable lead plate, then sell the lead plate to illegal Disposal company. "Yu Qing tells reporters.

This type of recovery not only causes waste of lead resources, but the tax loss, the impact on the environment is huge. One of Weifang's local people who don't want to be famous also told reporters that some local illegal small workshops will even throw these lead ingots into open-air furnaces, when they are burned, they will fall everywhere. "I didn't dare to solve it in this past few years, but the secret is still a lot.

"" The "three no 'smelting company is low, generally only 80% to 85%, the highest is not more than 90%, leading to about 160,000 tons of lead every year in the illegal smelting process, my country's annual tax is therefore lost Nearly 15 billion yuan. Zhang Tian said. And a large number of lead in the absence of regulatory, flooding into air, water, soil resources.

"The amount of abolition of waste battery is rising year by year.". "According to Zhang Tianshi, the information submitted in the" two sessions "motion this year, as of 2015, my country's lead-acid battery production reached 22.

4 billion kVah, and the waste battery extent was also as high as 3.3 million tons. According to the "13th Five-Year Plan" plan for the battery, my country's battery production will reach 350 million kVah in the past five years.

So why there is a formal channel, but the small workshop can still be defeated in a regular recycling system? What is the attractiveness of the small workshop? "When I acquired abandoned batteries, we generally have to buy old batteries when they are replaced. When we get old batteries, we have no tax tickets, but it is necessary to pay value-added tax when making products. There are 20% of the big profit between buy and sell, and pure profit is basically taxed! "A battery recycling company is said to reporters.

The so-called taxation refers to the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation, in the "Notice on the Collection of Coating and Consumption Tax" on January 26, 2015: "Since February 1, 2015, Will collect consumption taxes for all kinds of batteries (some batteries are exempted), in processing, commissioned and imported links, the applicable tax rate is 4%. "Among them, the battery has received consumption tax from January 1, 2016. In his opinion, it is because there is no tax, there is no environmental protection and other processing facilities.

Those "small workshops" often can attract waste batteries at a higher acquisition price. "The bigger the bigger (regular company) is not profitable, and the small workshop lives very well. "From now on, the recycling rate of lead-acid batteries is relatively high, because the regular manufacturers will be better, but other lithium-ion batteries, such as lithium-ion batteries, because there is a technical difficulty, and the recovery price will be relatively low.

Zhang Tianshi also repeatedly mentioned that there was a unreasonable place in battery consumption tax, and revealed that "the backfall production of illegal recycling" is no help to effectively handle environmental pollution in existing battery industries; The battery also levies the consumption tax and environmental protection tax, which does not meet the national taxation fair principles, which also caused repetition. "He proposed to exempt or differentiate to levy battery consumption tax. "After the 2011 National Nine Committee jointly rectified the lead-acid battery industry, the large lead-acid battery company has enhanced the environmental protection of the processing link.

However, the legislation and supervision of the battery recovery link is relatively scarce, which cannot stop lead-acid batteries from flowing to small workshops. "In the Qing Dynasty. In the year, my country has set off a nationalized rectification of the national lead-acid battery industry.

Since then, the original more than 4,000 lead-acid battery processing companies, the final reserved less than 100. "With the increase of electric vehicles, the rectification of the dynamic lithium-ion battery recovery link has been imminent. "An industry insider pointed out.

The "Ice and Fire" recovered in the battery is as mentioned above. If we say that the lead-acid battery flows to the small workshop, then the lithium-ion battery that is about to usher in the peak of the scrapped peak is also difficult to escape, and the situation is even worse. It is understood that electric vehicles may be scrapped in 5 to 7 years, while a large number of scraps are expected to begin in 2018.

According to the forecast of my country's Automobile Technology Research Center, in 2020, my country's accumulated scrap dynamic lithium-ion battery will reach 120,000 to 200,000 tons. The construction of recovery markets created by metal from cobalt, nickel, manganese, lithium, iron and aluminum, and aluminum, etc., in the industry, will exceed 5.

3 billion yuan in 2018. More than 10 billion yuan in 2020, 2023 waste The power lithium-ion battery market will reach 25 billion yuan. At present, BYD, Beiqi New Energy, Chery and other new energy auto processing companies, Ningde Times, Bike Battery, Greenmeal, Sandton New Energy and other dynamic lithium battery processors and Tianneng, Chaowei and other lead-acid battery processing companies, also I have already laid out in the battery recycling.

Hunan Sandton New Energy Co., Ltd. is analyzed by a reporter that there are three current recycling channels, including the national sanitation outlets, community street layout recycling systems, online back-offline renewable resource channels, and 4S store online network platform.

In the category of the battery, BYD has developed to a set of self-recovery systems. "We use the BYD 4S shop to temporarily, temporarily collect it, then collect it to the BYD recovery point; we will pay it into big customers in the taxi industry, including specialized aggregation points such as maintenance, maintenance, and the gathering point There is a duties of battery staging; in the end we will resolve different batteries to the corresponding plant. "BYD related person in charge tells the economic observation reporter.

But in this category, there is still lack of mandatory binding, and it is necessary to drive from the company. At present, in the recovery of electric vehicle power storage, it is necessary to use the processor's responsibility extension system, electric automotive processing company, power battery processing company and step-by-battery processing company, should bear the important responsibility of the driving battery recycling and utilization of each processing, scrapped Car recycling dismantling company should be responsible for recovering the power battery on the scrapped car. However, there is no comparative operation of the recycling powerful and lithium-ion battery, the country does not have to be recycled, the main factory, the battery factory, and the dismantling plant have not found appropriate operation mode.

"In actual recycling business, different manufacturers' dynamic lithium-ion battery structure is different, and the material system is different, which makes the recycling difficulty and increased recovery costs. Although it can be solved using a comprehensive recycling method, this way is difficult to recycle. Do a good job in the recycling of the dynamic lithium-ion battery, but also to make a unified standard system, unify the power lithium-ion battery standards; and increase the basic technique of investing in the category of lithium-ion battery recovery.

". "The government has passed the corresponding financial subsidies to promote the corresponding local companies in the demonstration city to do battery recycling. After the design of the model effect is formed, the market is naturally selected.

"The person in charge of BYD mentioned above believes that this is currently more pragmatic. But in the picture, the way of financial subsidies is no continued, and the regular company receives more waste batteries through tax regulation. Zhang Tian also proposed that the government should develop and implement the powerful lithium-ion battery recovery reward and punishment measures.

For example, a penalty for companies that have not fulfilled the responsibility obligations of the recycling policy shall subsidize the battery recycling company and battery reuse companies according to the number of batteries, capacity, etc., and implement tax benefits.

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