Power lithium battery recovery prices are lifted, a large number of companies have flooded into the cake!


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In 2020, new energy vehicles entered the "Marketing First Year". The dynamic lithium-ion battery will welcome the first wave of "retired tide", which will raise market hot discussion, let the battery recyclable the new life station. However, it seems that the "cake", but in practice, it has become a difficulty "hard bones", let the bureau noted the mind.

The market game is innealed, the information is opaque to breed many interests, and buried safety and environmental hidden dangers. As the "sandwich layer", the power lithium-ion battery recovery company is on, downstream "synergistic" squeezed below the challenges. How to achieve a stable profit, is the survival problem that the recycling company faces.

Before the scale effect is formed, the diversification operation, technology is upgraded, and the group is warmed up into the mainstream mode of the industry, and the development of the market environment, the establishment of traceability system and environmental awareness is still a long way to go, the feasibility of the above method still checks time. Recycling network point shape with the virtual battery? This is the primary issue that is currently troubled by battery recycling companies. Interestingly, recycling the company 's eyes "Xiangyi" power lithium-ion battery, but the official's recycling outlet, such as "hot sack".

Recently, the reporter came to Anhui Huiying Bank Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd., Changjiang West Road, Laoshan District, Hefei City, not only Geely Automobile 4S shop, but also the new energy vehicle power battery recycling service network designated by Geely.

What is surprising is that when the reporter asked if the store was recovered with the dynamic lithium-ion battery, the staff had a face: "I have never heard of the lithium-ion battery recycling business, manufacturers have no relevant policy guidance, the specific process is not clear. Our store sales of new energy vehicles is also available in 19 years. At present, there is no fuel car, and there is no customer to send the battery to the store.

"There is no idio, the nearby Hefeiping Toyota Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. is the main lithium-ion battery recovery network designated by FAW Toyota, and the staff also said that the battery recovery is not smelling.

"New energy cars we also started selling in recent years, no related battery processing related experience. "The store staff tells reporters," The battery is a hazardous waste. It is normal to say that the battery is sent to the store.

So even if we receive the battery's battery, it is generally unlikely to pay for customers. "In 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Environmental Protection jointly issued, clear the company's main responsibility of the powerful lithium-electric recycling, and then a batch of batch of recycling outlets designated by car companies or ladder use the company's designation, so spring bamboo shoots Rise. The website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology showed that the country has 13,145 dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling service outlets in the country.

However, according to the reporter's field visits and industry feedback, the setting of the recovery point is more in the form. "The recovery point is that the vehicle is set to meet the requirements of the Ministry, mostly rely on sales and after-sales outlets, the storage of lithium-ion batteries, the storage is completely unhappy, plus the current new energy car currently has not reached a large scale Decommissioning stages, these outlets are basically in any person maintenance, no one manages the state. "An industry insider said to reporters.

" In fact, the powerful lithium-ion battery is like a strong force, first of all, can you receive it, this is to cooperate with the owner; after it can continue to go down, this is going to take the downstream recycling company Dock. "Anhui New Energy Car Master Zhang Qian (pseudonym) has recently dealtted a new energy car for 6 years, and the battery energy density drops to 80%, and has passed insire. "Send 4S shop (recovery point) is too disadvantageous, it is better to trade in the second-hand car market, selling goods can be higher.

"Zhang Qian has been sold in the second-hand car market in the second-hand car market. In the East China, a car company told reporters that when the owner was purchasing a new car, the dealer registered and feedback to the owner information, and the vehicle enterprises can track the vehicle and battery; and once the first owner sells the vehicle, The tracking chain will be interrupted, and the output of the battery is not good. "多 多 少 少" breeding a lot of chaos to return and flow to the recycling company only ideal, the battery currently retired from the new energy car is more in the main body of the market.

"According to the manufacturer's responsibility extension, the vehicle company is an important recovery body of retired dynamic lithium-ion batteries, and the vehicle company is signed with battery production company with battery manufacturers in the procurement battery, and the battery is signed. Production companies will be an important part of the recycling, which is also in line with the requirements of producers' responsibility. Liu Dong, the head of the battery recycling business department, "Hefei Guoxuan Battery Material Co.

, Ltd.," Liu Dong, "Since the importance of new energy vehicles in the public can be used in the public domain, this part is also concentrated in the main body of each operation. In hand.

There are also some car disassembly companies, insurance companies, and hand in batches. According to my country's automobile technology research center, 2020 domestic accumulated dynamic lithium-ion batteries will exceed 200,000 tons (about 25GWH). By 2025, the accumulated retirement amount is about 780,000 tons (about 116GWH).

According to the application branch of the dynamic lithium-ion battery, considering the rise in the future decommissioning battery index, in 2030, the scale of the dynamic lithium-ion battery will exceed 100 billion yuan. In front of the seductive market prospect, the mass company has flooded into. The day of the day-eyed professional version shows that the country has a total of 242 business scope of "dynamic lithium-ion battery recovery", including 85 new 85, accounting for more than one third.

"Everyone is now talking about the trading, I think it is too impatient. In fact, the company that is really coming in is hot, and the fish is mixed, it has become more battery in idle, and there is no scene that truly use. "On the New Energy Group Co.

, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" On New Energy ") Chairman, Chairman, chairman, told reporters." In fact, there is no so much battery that can be recovered through regular channels.

"Under the fierce competition, the battery recovery price is lifted, the professional recycling company said that it is miserable. "As long as it is fair competition, we don't worry about the cost of procurement, but now we face it may be unfair competition. The tendering process is expensive, but some company facilities are simple, and some are only two vents, then we must do people.

"Zhang Yuping, Deputy General Manager Green Mei, told reporters. Chen Weimin, Director of New Energy Automobile Industry Fund, Anhui Jintong, said: "Currently, the retired battery has not yet to dismantle the peak of recycling, and the company has been invested by the company's recycling. The cost is dragging, and there are mostly non-booming; and in terms of ladder use, if the company is sensitive to the downstream application market, it is easy to lose competitive advantage.

"In fact, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the" White List "of the" Company List "in" Comply with "New Energy Automobile Waste Battery Comprehensive Utilization Industry Standards Conditions", ie dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling field ". The first batch of "white list" has 5 companies, expanded to 22 at the end of 2020. However, the list does not have forced exclusive, and non-regular companies can still be "horizontally" in the industry.

If a large number of waste batteries flow into an informal company, they will buried safety and environmental hidden dangers. Zhang Yuping emphasized that the waste battery still charges, if the dismantling process does not pay attention to insulation, there will be high dangers, "sometimes the screwdriver that extends can be directly melted. "If the ladder uses the production process, it is not standardized, does not control the quality, and the security problem will be laid to the consumer market.

"If there is no clean assembly shop, good quality testing, the retired big battery pack on the car is simple to restructuring a number of small battery packs, which is not distracted to disperse a large safety hazard into multiple safety hazards. Zhang Yuping said. Amazing scene is being staged in reality.

An industry insiders revealed that a batch of battery recycling companies gathered in Shenzhen Longgang, Dongguan Tangxia and the Huizhou, "They established a close network with each other, and most of them have no formal qualifications, the dismantling process is hand-made, demolished Unused battery is discarded. The battery time that is discarded will be drummed. The electrolyte is disclosed, which will cause damage to land and water quality.

"It is reported that there are some companies that have received the battery after receiving the battery, earning the difference, and the regular company sometimes has to buy batteries from the two vendors. According to the industry, there have been companies to go to the battery factory to collect the battery. When weighing, stealing a few people in the big truck.

When the battery is filled, the person will get off, and the weight is defrauded; before selling it, it will be sold. In the battery, the sand, cement, and purchasing this battery company processing equipment is broken. "However, with the subsequent decommissioning battery pack, the scale effect, the price will be more transparent, and individual traders want to monopolize the regional market to be more funded, and when the market is not shortback, traders want It will be more and more difficult to find the next home, which will help the price return rationality.

"Yan Bing said to the reporter. "Movie" is not good, can't grab the battery is only one of the difficulties faced by the battery recycling company. At present, it is that even if there is a battery presence, it is only a "black box" that is difficult to judge and depend on this pricing.

"Our third-party recycling company is actually doing 'media' s Po ', there are resources in front of me to look at the rear demand. There is a demand for the rear end. I will go to the front end to find resources.

If the two are not rely, it is hard to do it. The man can't find it, the woman can't find it, it will be very painful. "The person in charge of a battery recycling company in South China Wu Ying said this state.

It is reported that the treatment of waste-powered lithium-ion batteries is important and has two types of tradder utilization and regeneration. After the ladder uses the waste battery to disassemble the reorganization, re-applied to the area of ​​energy density requirements, low-speed electric vehicles, small appliances, etc. The regeneration utilization is extracted to extract valuable metal materials in waste batteries, suitable for expensive metals such as cobalt, nickel, etc.

How is a waste battery ingredient, the residual value, before buying back to the production line detection, the recycling company is not grasping. In the New Energy Exhibition Hall of the Eagle, the reporter saw a QR code on each of the disassembled battery cells for product traceability management. "We sweep this QR code to see battery information, this is more like battery factory's own internal management system.

"Yan Bing said to the reporter that when the company is recycling, the seller will inform the factory information and basic performance, which will test the integrity of both parties. "In the case of opaque information, there will be more interest-looking space, assess the battery value is difficult, basically relevant experience gambling. "Electrical core screening specification model is in fact, in 2018, the country introduced new energy vehicle power lithium-ion battery recycling traceability management related regulations, and built traceable management platform.

A recycling company who did not want to be famous told reporters: "As far as I know, it is not all the battery information in the system. After all, it is not forced. Moreover, the information uploaded by the battery factory, vehicle enterprise and recycling company is not interoperable, that is to say that we will not see the battery source information.

"Wu Ying also said that the car company, the battery factory has mastered more battery data as the battery producer, but does not open to the industrial chain, because this involves their commercial confidentiality, technical route, etc., the data itself has development Value, "This is a data barrier. "In the trend of the cost of the dynamic lithium-ion battery, the original fuzzy valuation system is more revealing.

Li Liang, vice president of Beijing Huasheng Rush Technology Co., Ltd., has been engaged in the research of the lithium industry.

He told reporters that the cost of the power lithium-ion battery once in 2015 is more than 2, and now as long as 1 dollars, the seller buy it at the high price The battery is not willing to sell low prices, and the buyer's bid is generally based on the existing price superposed discount, and there is an irreparable contradiction between the two. Li Liang revealed that because the demands of the retired three-yuan battery is small, it is difficult to get the goods, and there are many small companies that make renewable uses have gradually abandoned the power lithium-ion battery, turn to the disassembly mobile phone, the laptop, the lithium-ion battery, inside The cobalt content is about 60%, and the recovery price is higher. The ladder uses the value to attack the downstream.

In the context of the new battery, the price advantage of the ladder battery is squeezed, the application scenario has gradually narrowed, and the market demand is more focused. "At present, retired batteries are in an early years, and lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, the tradder is relatively large, and the downstream application scenarios, and there are many battery companies' B products are also used for ladders. Chen Weimin said.

"Although the peak period is gradually, the entire market is now in a stable stage, and there is no stable customer group, which leads to insufficient supply of front-end supply. Wu Ying called. "At present, the amount of decommissioning battery is not large, coupled with the early years of manufacturing process, the standardization is not high, and the pipeline operation cannot be performed in the process of dismantling, and the cost of each process is uncontrollable.

"Li Liang gave the reporter who had a bill, buy back the second-hand battery itself is not low, the key is to take a lot of time to test, pair, Pack, equipment and manual investment normal calculation costs, 2 Mao Electricity. "If the cost of new batteries and ladder batteries is different, the customer is related to the customer, naturally the new battery is more tempting. "The reporter saw in the workshop of Xunying's new energy, although it has been equipped with multiple automatic dismantling production lines, but the material, picking and other work should still be artificially intervened, each production line is probably equipped with 4-5 workers.

According to reports, the workshop has been demolished about 3,000 groups, and the product production power of the ladder is 1000 groups / day. In addition to the cost of cost-effective, the battery is used by the battery is also in the face of unstable performance. A new energy vehicle industry in East China said that the ladder battery will have a "wooden barrel effect" because the battery quality is different, and there will be "wooden barrel effect", which has a significant new maintenance cost.

"Just like decoration houses, the blank will be much smaller than the two-handed renovation cost. "The reporter learned that the spare battery of my country's Tower's communication base station is once the largest application market, but in 2019, my country's tower gradually reduced the frequency of use of ladder batteries. An energy storage industry in East China also said it is more inclined with new batteries.

He told reporters that the current ladder battery source is limited, life and safety issues are also available. Although the current purchase cost is lower than the new battery, the investment recovery period of the energy storage project is generally 6-8 years. During this period, it is easy to pull it with a problem.

After all, it is a new thing, and there is no precedent for business operations. Outside the energy storage market, other application scenarios of the ladder are also facing challenges. Wu Ying said that the ladder battery can also supply power to the street light, but the domestic infrastructure is basically saturated, the street lamp is small; overseas family small storage capacity is one of the scenes, but last year is seriously impact; Electric market, but competition is also fierce, big company is difficult to find positioning advantages.

The reporter learned from the informed people that the drip put on the green cargo bicycle in various places, clearly stipulates that suppliers must not use ladder batteries. "In the case where the application scenario is not rich enough, the battery collected by the company is very easy to" small ", causing waste of endless resources, reducing the output ratio. "兵 frank," How to do a fine trading scene, let the retired battery 'to use', is a problem that most recycling companies urgently need to solve.

"It is worth noting that the ladder uses if the market is not found, a considerable proportion of used battery will be everywhere. "If there is no ladder value of the battery, we are actually unwilling to collect. Complete the entire ladder to use the lifecycle battery, and ultimately want to handle it, now these batteries flow in the market, and the "Eight Immortals are over the sea.

". If there is a lack of unrearithmic processing means, follow-up harm is quite large. "Wu Ying said.

What is going on in the future? Business model has not yet been formed, and the current battery recovery is attached to other forms, as the existence of "adding flowers". Li Liang said that the ladder is attached to the energy storage, two-wheeled PACK plant or the battery factory, and the regeneration use is attached to the wet smelter. If the company relies on the tradder or regeneration business, it is possible to lose money.

Green Mei is the leading company of the domestic environmental renewable industry. Zhang Yuping introduced that its dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling business has achieved profitability in 2019, and it is initially put into production for 3 years. "Greenmei's advantage is to do the waste battery recycling and use, has accumulated 20 years related experience.

In addition, there is a home appliance recycling, scrapped automobile and other industrial layouts to play a co-use, with this driving force lithium-ion battery recycling. "For battery recycling company, technology improvement is a sword that cracks the current problem. Zhang Yuping said that the problem with the ladder is to solve how the problem to be solved is how to achieve fast, accurate detection, and match the applicable scene; and on the route of the regeneration, it is crushed to the micrometer-level battery material and Efficient extraction of resources, as well as safety and environmentally friendly waste, is the difficult point.

"The development time of this industry is still very short. Now everyone is a recycling process, while doing research and development. "Shenzhen Shenzhen Special Cooperative Dry Thai Technology Co.

, Ltd. last year" white list ", which independently developed the flexible battery pack to remove the production line, that is, with artificial intelligence technology, dismantling different types with a production line Battery pack to resolve the safety hazard of manual disassembly and improve production efficiency. However, the company's relevant person in charge said that due to battery source and categories, process technology has changed, so it is still necessary to adjust the output according to the incoming material during the actual production process.

In addition to the technical breakthrough, the recycling company wants to get a larger space, how to "precise card position" on the industrial chain. Li Liang believes that in the future, with the launch and evolution of the power transmission mode, lifelong warranty, etc., the battery will gradually focus on the entire vehicle factory and the battery factory from the dispersed corners, and because the vehicle factory generally give the battery after sale Battery Factory, Battery Factory will become the main body of the ladder.

First, the battery plant has a technical advantage, it can easily crack a lot of dismantling problems; the second battery plant can accurately evaluate the battery to maximize value. In the ladder, the company is used in the industry chain, should consider how to hold groups with the battery factory. In the eyes of Yan Bing, there are many companies that do the powerful lithium-ion battery have become passive executives, and they do not form the development of industry-based industry-based industry development thinking.

He believes that the battery has been qualitative at that moment that the battery is produced, if you wait until the battery is in front of you, then go to the layout and then think that is late. Only by depth participation in the research and development and application research can better grasp the battery status and downstream scenes, master the initiative in subsequent applications. "At present, we have participated in the storage area, participated in the manufacture and supply of battery packs, and incorporate battery through large data centers into the monitoring platform, and then make the value chain layout, I can realize the complement of each of the layers, how? Is not profitable? "For regular companies that explore the front, cut off the gray zone recovered by the battery, establish a transparent and traceable battery data system is a common voice.

"Give the battery unique identification code, let the battery of each circulation link can be checked, go to the chasing, node controllable, believe in many problems such as small workshops, battery residual assessment, etc. Of course this is a process, I only hope that this process should not be so long. "Liu Dong told reporters.

In addition, the ambition of the public environmental awareness will be a longer road. The reporter learned that in some developed countries, the waste battery recycling system has matured. For example, the US International Battery Association establishes a "deposit system".

When purchasing battery products, consumers should pay a deposit to the sale party, after the waste battery is recycled, the sale party returns to the deposit. In Japan, the national has a good recovery, and every sales outlet of the battery manufacturer has become a window of reverse returning to the waste-powered lithium-ion battery. "We also hope to have a chapter, the public can rely on policy constraints, consciously practice environmental concept.

At that time, the spring of our large recycling company came, but before this, we still have to live. Wu Ying called. .

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