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On April 2, Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission issued "Shenzhen City to carry out national new energy vehicle power lithium battery supervision recycling system construction pilot work method (2018-2020), this method is implemented on June 1 The powerful lithium battery supervision, recycling, reuse, etc. In fact, as early as January 26, the seven ministries have jointly triggered the "Interim Measures for the Management of New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling", but the new approach was implemented on August 1. Therefore, the method of this Shenzhen is issued, the first method of implementing the meaning.

The value of the method is that the relevant responsibility of the government function department is clear, and the recovery management of the power lithium battery nationwide is guided. This year, it is expected to become a dynamic lithium battery. Since 2018, the recycling of power lithium batteries has become the topic of the industry, "2018 is about to become a dynamic lithium battery to retire the first year" also received more and more.

Recognize. Based on this, the relevant departments of the State have actively proposed their solutions and measures, and strive to increase the recycling of power lithium batteries to the national will level, and a "Earth Defense War" of the National People's Liven has been seen. Relevant institutions expect that my country's waste-driven battery recovery market will be expanded to 5 billion yuan, reaching nearly 7 billion yuan in 2020, and with the improvement of the recycling technology and the prosperity of the industrial market, the overall market in 2022 The scale will reach between 150 and 20 billion yuan.

The scale expansion of the market, the policy is constantly, many companies have also actively lay out in the field of power lithium battery recycling, seeking first advantage. The retiring tide will go to the company's layout since 2011, my country's Automobile Industry Association began to announce new energy auto production, which was also considered to be the beginning of the new energy car. In 2014, new energy sales increased by 342% year-on-year, so the first year of 2014 is the first year of new energy vehicles.

According to the life of the power lithium battery 5-8 years, the first batch of power lithium batteries have been used for eight years, and it has begun to enter the scrap period. (Note: Data from the end of the year) As of the end of 2017, my country has promoted more than 1.8 million new energy vehicles, and the power lithium battery is about 87GW.

After 2018, the new energy vehicle power battery will enter the scale, and it is expected that more than 400,000 tons have been accumulated in 2022, and the annual complex increase rate is 70%. Industry insiders said, "Since new energy passenger bus in 2011 and 2016 is based on lithium iron phosphate, the retired dynamic lithium battery will be lithium iron phosphate". Dr.

Luohao, Luoju, East China University, said that according to car power use standards, it is not appropriate to continue using 80% of the electric vehicle battery. However, if the lithium-ion battery is directly eliminated, on the one hand, it will cause serious waste of resources; on the other hand, if the recovery is improper, it will cause new secondary pollution. Conducting a problem of battery ladder is an electric vehicle industry's scale process,.

At present, there are two modes of retirement dynamic lithium battery recovery: the ladder is used and re-uses after the dismantling. The ladder uses the battery for other industries in other industries, such as storage wind power, communication base station power supply, etc .; dismantling recovery is to recover the rare metals in the battery, as a raw material processed by the new battery, but At present, the dynamic lithium battery dismantling recovery has not yet formed a industry, and it is extremely difficult.

In the storage capacity, my country Tower has become a pilot company that has been used by the ladder. It is undoubtedly a major favorable situation; it is undoubtedly a major favorable; dismantling recycling, The representative of the vehicle and battery manufacturers; third-party recycling institutions represented by Greenmei, Tianqi Shares; domineering suppliers represented by Huayou Cobalt, Xiamen Tungsten, etc. Since October 2015, my country Tower has been in Fujian, Guangdong, Henan, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Shanghai, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Tianjin 9 provinces, and a total of 57 battery recovery test sites; November last year, my country Tower Online The business platform announced that it will expand long-term, stable strategic partner channels for the society, and buy electric vehicles retired dynamic lithium batteries and B product dynamic lithium batteries.

On January 4 this year, my country Tower in Beijing and Chongqing Changan, BYD, Yinlong New Energy, Santon New Energy, Guoxuan High-class, Watma, etc., the new energy vehicle power storage battery recycling strategy Partner Agreement Signing Ceremony. According to the data, my country's Tower is currently preparing to battery about 44 million kWh, which means that my country's tower will become a domestic power lithium battery.

In addition, related listed companies are also actively layout battery recycling. On March 22, the SAIC Group and CATL signed a memorandum of understanding of strategic cooperation. Shangqi said that the two leaders will work together to make full use of their respective leading advantages in new energy research and development, manufacturing, and service, and promote domestic power lithium battery recycling and re-use industries better and faster development.

On March 10, the battery manufacturer camel shares announced that the total investment of 5 billion yuan is expected to build a dynamic lithium battery ladder and the regeneration industrial park. The target formation of the year recycling of about 300,000 tons of waste dynamic lithium battery and corresponding positive material materials Production force. Camel Shares rely on lead-acid batteries throughout the country's sales and recycling outlets, and cooperate with major host plants to protect the recycling channels of dynamic lithium battery.

Earlier, Xiamen tungsten industry has increased increasing capital of powerful lithium battery recycling company. Xiamen Tungsten Industry said this increased capital is conducive to the company to do a big strong battery recycling industry, while ensuring the development of the company's materials to cobalt and nickel metal; Tianqi Shares passed the 98% stake in Jin Taige cobalt industry, and said this Investment Look at the recycling, treatment and resource utilization of waste lithium ion batteries, etc. According to research data, the 2018 dynamic lithium battery scrap recovery will reach 639 million tons, up 130% year-on-year; 2020 recovery will reach 2.

48 million tons, forming hundreds of billion-level scale industries. "The rapid development of the domestic new energy automobile market is in 2015, the power lithium battery elimination should be concentrated in 2019 or 2020, so the company is now laying, seizes the powerful lithium battery recycling channel. "Industry insider analysis.

Value, scale, standard 桎梏 industry development In retired dynamic lithium battery recycling, ladder use is a relatively ideal way, but only my country's tower is clearly expressed as energy storage, thereby achieving tradder utilization. Other company layout dynamic lithium battery recycling business is a resource recovery, that is, the metal materials such as cobalt, manganese are reused, engaged in the ladder utilization, and this is not related to the upstream raw material of the dynamic lithium battery in the past two years. In 2017, my country's three key materials in China, the output value of the positive electrode material is the largest, and the price increase of more than 62% is over 100% increased by 100%, while the price of lithium carbonate has exceeded 30%.

Material prices rose sharply. And at the same time, due to the continuous decline in factors such as subsidy, the resilience is continuously declining, the related battery company is in an increasing situation. The raw material price increase promotion battery recovery process "Many company layout battery recycling is to build industrial chain closed loops, gradually reduce the number of procurement of external materials, guarantee the stability of raw materials and reduce battery costs.

"Industry insiders said that the dynamic lithium battery dismantling recycling is important for the three-yuan battery. As of the current retired dynamic lithium battery is still based on lithium iron phosphate, it is expected to be retired from the 2022 battery retirement and phosphate. Superior.

Gao Weiqiao, Director of Hao Peng, said that "the" power lithium battery recovery cost is higher than the new battery cost, which is the biggest challenge to face the powerful lithium battery. Scrapped dynamic lithium battery testing, dismantling, recycling group, maintenance and other costs is even higher than the purchase of new batteries. There is also a similar embarrassment of metal substances in the dismantling of the recycling battery.

At present, the price of lithium carbonate is higher than the price of pure raw materials, and the recovery value is relatively low. ". Since the size effect has not yet formed, the current battery dismantling is basically in the loss state.

According to my country Electric Motors, the research report shows that the use of mechanical law and wet recovery of the lithium-free phosphate ion battery, the recovery treatment of 1 ton of waste phosphate ion battery is 8540 yuan, and the regeneration material revenue is only 8110 yuan Loss 430 yuan. At the same time, the type diversity of the battery is also extremely complicated to the recovery process. Of course, in addition to recycling value and scale, there is no mandatory policy, like a fog.

Zhou Shanhong, representative of the NPC, Jiangsu Wanshun Electromechanical Chairman Zhou Shanhong believes that "although my country has already introduced a number of policy documents related to new energy vehicle power lithium battery recovery and reuse, policy documents are not mandatory, and lack of clear award and punishment mechanisms. It is difficult to effectively implement. Therefore, you must speed up the production of the power lithium battery recovery regulations ".

Developing a dynamic lithium battery recovery, he refers to three points. First, the standardization of the dynamic battery structure design, connection method, process technology, integrated installation is systematically combed and regulatory, and strengthen the corresponding development of waste power storage, transportation, storage, etc. Laws and regulations, implement power battery coding system and traceability system; secondly actively implement the production of responsible extension system, improve consumers' awareness of recovery of waste batteries; to increase key technology research and development, promote battery recycling commercialization.

In addition, there are still many problems in the recycling of power lithium batteries. First, the profit model is unclear. Although the policy is in place, but the subsidies and preferential lack of taxation, there is no effective market profit model; second, the ladder recovery problem.

Under the current technology level of my country, it is difficult to make proper use of the ladder. Third, the recycling network is not perfect. The relationship between each link is blurred, and the process still needs to optimize.

The chairman of this SAV group is suggested that the technical admission threshold of the power lithium battery step is set up, from stricting the phenomenon of arbitrary assembly, illegally selling; planning construction of dynamic lithium battery recovery and dismantling, step utilization renewable use park; The new energy car owner's power lithium battery number is included in the credit system, and the owner is illegally sold by the owner;. According to industry insiders, "The ideal power lithium battery recycling and ladder use is to create a lithium battery ecotry ring, establish a power-based power lithium battery recycling network based on the vehicle factory, 4S shop auxiliary recycling. In addition, the country must regulate the flow of waste batteries.

This is the establishment of the source system to realize the traceability and supervision of batteries from birth to retirement. "From the current situation, policies related to power lithium battery coding are relatively clear. At present, the value of dismantling is higher than that of the ladder utilization, although the current battery recovery is difficult, but from the trend of industry development, as the ternary battery is gradually completing the substitution of lithium iron phosphate ion battery, with nickel, cobalt, lithium, etc.

The market demand for raw materials will be larger, and the above raw materials will have a larger price increase. High-value metal resources such as cobalt, nickel, lithium, and to protect the supply of raw materials and reduce raw materials procurement costs will have greater value. Finally, from economic benefits, as domestic power lithium battery recycling, my country Tower is due to factors such as storage capacity, service life, and the final power lithium battery recovery price should not be too high.

So some people think that before the relevant subsidy policy is issued, the dynamic lithium battery ladder will be seriously incomprehensible, and ultimately the economic benefit can be realized, and should still be re-educated after dismantling. .

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