How to choose electric cars? What are the standards of the car?


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The author asked: "How do you know how to buy a pure electric car?" Question: "Will! Take a look at your appearance you like, then look at the interior is good, there is no smell. Also, look at how much life is, just these. See which online is good.

That is, what is the special place? "When we choose electric cars, it is basically this routine to choose, and a car that we think is the best. In particular, in the current domestic first-tier cities, the fuel-fuel limit number and the problem of fuel traile number is not good, the sales of pure electric vehicles are spoken, and the number of tilting of new energy automobile policies and subsidy subsidies are large. To help the development of new energy vehicles.

Since the current pure electric car has the lack of battery life, the life-saving ability needs to be improved under winter low temperature conditions. So consumers often fall into the life of the salesperson when purchasing pure electric cars. This has become the focus of many salespersons or media hype, and general consumers have not learned much about pure electric cars, can't judge the sales or media speech accuracy, so that the electric car life is not available.

Can not buy, it is not a valuable car. So under the current market environment, consumers have a big purchase blind spot for electric vehicles. I don't know which car is a good car.

Which car is best, the price is the most prominent vehicle. Today, the author will decompose from the power system, battery system, model parsing, etc., which takes us.

Which car is more in line with the current actual use of people. Electric cars have been nearly ten years from 2009. During this time, each independent brand has different models and level electric vehicles, and the most representative of non-biamo, because BYD itself is a battery R & D and processing company, with lithium ion battery technology research and development It is relatively early, and the technical ability is comprehensive, especially the lithium iron phosphate ion battery technology is in China.

However, BYD has a big gap between the design capabilities of the vehicle and the automotive technology precipitation and model development capabilities. BYM has a car for more than ten years, so that the electric vehicle in the core parts of the electric vehicle has achieved self-production, but there is also a big improvement and progress space in the development of the vehicle and automotive market satisfaction. In terms of power, consumers choose a pure electric car, considering the least power system.

Pure electric vehicles and fuel cars have a big difference, especially power systems. Fuel cars include engine, gearbox, related accessories. All divided systems are designed around the engine.

And electric cars are completely different. At present, the pure electric car of mass production is modified on the basis of fuel vehicles. Regarding the power system, the traditional fuel vehicle engine is changed to the motor, and the chassis system is modified to be able to install the chassis of the battery pack.

Such a pure electric car that can take the country subsidy is born. It can be seen that the advanced nature is not talking about. And many consumers have not exposed to electric cars, so modified electric vehicles about them have a lot of deep anlyao.

Today's automotive processing is reflecting platformization. Electric cars are also the same, and the current pure electric car is not a special architecture platform research and development. Vehicles differ in power output capabilities, energy consumption, wind resistance, braking ability, and steering systems exist.

In fact, we choose electric vehicles or choose low-energy, high reliability, low energy consumption is the comprehensive energy consumption of vehicles. Dynamic system is directly affected by energy consumption. So the author proposes that consumers buy trams or choose a special platform architecture, such cars, the vehicle, which is developed under the electric vehicle development standard, the lowest energy, and it is also conducive to the long-term driving of the vehicle.

The core components of the power system are key components such as main controllers and IGBT modules, inverter modules, DCDC converters. These are the core components of electric vehicle power systems. General manufacturers buy domestic products, and the mainstream manufacturers of SAIC Roewe, Guangqi New Energy, etc.

In order to protect product quality, there will be no need for travelers of vehicles or power loss, etc. Bosch, Yingfeiling and other world-renowned manufacturers, and improve product reputation while ensuring product reliability. In terms of battery, the pure electric car battery pack is a power source.

Its good and bad pen is related to comprehensive reliability of vehicle. Battery has become the most important key components currently pure electric car. In the currently produced passenger car electric vehicle, the battery is divided into two types.

Lithium iron phosphate ion batteries and three-dimensional lithium ion batteries, respectively. These two different types of lithium-ion battery packs are larger than BYD, CATL, Guoxuan High, Pleide, China Aviation Lithium Electric, etc. The quality of the battery depends on the battery charging speed, discharge voltage, cycle capacity, and battery management system topology (BMS about battery pack management capabilities).

From the current mass production situation, BYD and CATL have undoubtedly become an important opponent in market competition. In addition to BYD, SAIC Roewe, Guangqi new energy, Chery new energy, Changan new energy, Great Wall new energy, Geely new energy, etc. Mainstream car companies use CATL's modular battery pack.

SAIC Roewe is a comprehensive development and utilization of battery technology with CATL to establish a joint venture company. The joint venture brand in order to enter the domestic market. Also joint venture with CATL, cooperate to process the battery.

Therefore, under the current technical conditions, battery technology determines the technical height of the vehicle. When we choose a car, especially when purchasing a pure electric car with a three-dimensional lithium-ion battery, the battery pack to buy a large factory brand is more conducive to vehicle reliability and durability. Model analysis.

Through the analysis of power systems and batteries, we understand how to buy an electric vehicle in power and battery technology decomposition and analysis. So those vehicles in the market meet our requirements? Buy a pure electric car, we choose a vehicle that is closest to our car demand according to our own car needs. For example, Class A consumption claim: consumers are family of four, usually go to work and pick up children as a walking tool, weekend can go to the surrounding vacation, fishing, mountain climbing, natural time.

Moreover, it is required that the quality of the vehicle is superior, the reliability is good, the vehicle is driving comfort, it is best to be able to access the Internet. Based on the demand of the Class A consumer, we recommend him to SAIC Roewe EI5. This car uses the world's first special architecture, equipped with upper air world 0-level green core technology, which has the leading ultra-low energy consumption (12.

2kW ¡¤ h / 100km) and fast charge speed (40 minutes to charge 80% of the power), the maximum battery life is more than 400km. At the same time, the new energy car Roewe EI5 is equipped with heat pump air conditioning technology, IBOSTER Bosch intelligent electric control system, front row heating seat, PM2.5 high-efficiency air purification system, etc.

Roewe EI5 brings a new casual life to users with efficient energy saving brought by ultra-high color values, cross-level configuration, and leading technology. Roewe EI5 battery is developed in accordance with UL2580 certification standards, reaching the most demanding safety collision standard in the industry, and through dust-proof waterproof civil highest level IP67 certification. At the same time, Roewe EI5 has continued the promise of Roewe pure electric vehicles "8 years / 200,000 kilometers of battery attenuation, no more than 30%", completely free of employment of users.

Class B user appeal point: consumers are single nobles or two homes. Usually take a step by step, weekend to go to the surrounding shopping malls, shopping, such as short distances. About vehicle requirements is cheap, high reliability, convenient parking.

According to the actual needs of such users, I recommend the new Zhongtai E200. This car adopts three two-game design. The shape of the shape is filled with fashion.

This car is also a cost-effective. In terms of configuration, the new car is equipped with remote control key, one-click start, electric seat, electronic handbrake, electric car window, automatic thermostatic air conditioner, fixed speed cruise system, ramp assist system, brake anti-lock ABS, brake power distribution EBD, Electronic stability control system ESC, etc. In terms of power system, new vehicles use permanent magnet synchronous drive motors, powered lithium batteries are ternary lithium ion batteries, and their maximum power is 60 kW (82 ps), peak torque is 160 nm.

It is worth mentioning that Zhongtai E200 is the only model that supports slow charging and fast charge in the same level model. Due to many models, the author will not take one here, there are still many models in the market. However, most models in the market are modified models, the design of the vehicle is not as true as the new development.

Since the joint venture has not entering the domestic market to sell electric vehicles, there is still a big development space for domestic cars. Based on this, the author hopes that each independent brand manufacturer increases the manufacturing standards of the tram, reducing the energy consumption of the vehicle, especially in low temperature environments, high vehicle energy, and low battery pack use efficiency. I also hope that manufacturers can go fundamentally, allowing general consumers to truly accept new energy cars or from technology.

Editor's summary: in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other first-line car market. Pure electric cars have begun to occupy an important concern. And the attention continues to improve.

When consumers choose a vehicle, they will definitely encounter more problems. And the two models recommended today are also branded brands. In particular, Roewe new energy is a minimum level of energy consumption from 15kW ¡¤ h / 100km to 12.

2kW ¡¤ h / 100km (important use of heat pump air conditioning technology, body lightweight technology, body gold proportion layout, power system low energy consumption design, New BMS management system), in fact, this is the promotion of technology, and product quality and brand value are also sublimated from the promotion of technology. I also hope that other new energy car brands can innovate technology, change the single view of the current new energy car. After all, the improvement of technology and the improvement of the quality of the car are the way of the success of the vehic.

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