What is the company's partner company to join the car army?


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Recently, the well-known industry media auto court interviewed Wang Yapo, President of the New Energy Vehicle Division of SMB Technology, in recent years, in recent years, in recent years, the layout of new energy vehicles, the following is the report original text. Under the no propaganda, the Swall Technology has joined the "Big Army". According to the public, this company is not well known, but on June 12 this year, this battery has been launched for 5 years.

In 2012, the Lion Technology was listed in the deputy, relying on the research and development, processing and sales of all kinds of battery products, and realized the market value of 1.1 billion yuan. These five years have also become the fastest growing period of development.

Today, the Lion Technology has extended from a single battery business to three business sections of high-end battery manufacturing, new energy vehicles and clean electric power. The subsidiaries of the company have expanded to nearly 60, and the market value has completed super. 10 times increase reaching 10 billion yuan.

In the first quarter of 2017, it achieved 446 billion yuan of revenue, up 140% year-on-year; net profit attributable to listed companies rose by 32%, and the total assets have risen by 25%. Same as BYD, the Swalls Technology became a listed company due to the machining of the battery, and then aimed at the new energy market. Today, the rapid development of the blessing period has been developed, on the other hand, it is a partner that needs to change the current situation to carry out deep cooperation.

In addition, the rapid development is constantly obtained by mergers and acquisitions. Although the outside world is less announcaping, it has already gained "phased outcomes". At the Shanghai Auto Show 2 years ago, the "Daile Starter" functional sample car has been displayed; in this year's Shanghai Auto Show, the Swalls Technology debuted in its first A-level pure electric concept car "Dai Le pioneer".

Products with Dongfeng Yulong - New Energy Products Yulu EV2 is coming soon. From the shape of these two products, the slightness of the slightness technology is trying to lay a "scientific skill" and "high-quality" label on the product. "We are listed companies, we use our own money to do products.

We must be responsible for the company, to be responsible for shareholders. "In the conference room after the booth, Wang Yapo, Vice President, Guangdong Swall New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

, President of the New Energy Vehicle Division, for the reporter. But obviously, the environment of the outside world is not "friendliness" in such new students. On the other hand, traditional Motor companies continue to add original brands.

On the other hand, there is also a new brand running horses, such as Geely's packet, Beiqi new energy Arcfox. In addition, the new car is energized. Today, how is the planning of Swallow Technology? How did it come all the way? Can you really "reliable"? From the growth path of motorcycle to the car Swageng Technology, the growth path of China is the standard "my country's independent brand component growth road": from the small processing company, adapt to the demand and good development momentum of my country's travel market, gradually grow to a listed company.

In 1986, the Pearl River Delta Motorcycle Market was aimed at the Pearl River Delta. The founder Chen went to hire technical personnel from Shanghai high paying, and founded the project of Swalls Technology in Shantou - Shanghai American Battery Factory, Making Motorcycle Start Battery Business. Since then, through cooperation with Shanghai Battery Factory, it is constantly introduced, developing new technologies, the company has developed rapidly, in order to meet the production needs, its second factory is built in 1990 in 1990.

Thirty years later, a third plant was built in Chenghai Hua Fu Industrial Zone, named "Swum Battery Factory". However, in the same period, the domestic motorcycle lead-acid battery products gradually showed more than seeking, and the malignant competition is an endless, so it starts to put forward the processing management model of "nothing to pursue big and strong, but requires small". In 1998, the founder Chen Ri Zi Chen Leyi graduated from the University of Georgia, returning to the general manager of the company, and brought new "blood" to the company management.

Immediately, the leum began to seek overseas markets. In 2003, it realized exports. Just 3 years later, the Lion Technology became the largest company in China's motorcycle starting battery, and the products were sold to more than 70 countries and regions around the world.

Since then, all the way is smooth. In 2010, the Lion Technology was ranked first in the national motorcycle start battery export sales. In 2012, the company was successfully listed in the Shenzhen SMS board.

At this time, the topic of motorcycle batteries is not "sexy" compared to new energy vehicles, and it is obvious that the latter is the new direction of government support. So, after the next year, the Swage Technology officially invests into the new energy vehicle and the clean electric industry. Chen Lewei put forward a "three driving carriage" belonging to the Swong Technology - from the traditional lead-acid battery processing and manufacturing company transition to multi-clean energy companies, based on battery business, vigorously develop clean energy power generation, energy storage and new energy vehicles Industry, forming "high-end battery manufacturing, cleaning electric power and new energy vehicles" three business sections.

Vice President, Guangdong Sports, New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., President, President, President of New Energy Vehicle Division, has joined the Swall Technology in this background.

Titting at low speed in 1994, Wang Yapo received an undergraduate degree in automotive design and manufacturing in Harbin Institute of Technology, from 1994-1999 at the Harbin Institute of Technology Research by the Harbin Institute of Technology, engaged in the study of smart mobile robots, and obtained a Ph.D. From 2001 to 2004, he also learned from Gao Wen, in my country's Institute of Computational Technology Research Institute, a digital multimedia research work, and won the postdoctoral certificate - an unrelated engineer.

Before joining the Swall Technology in 2014, he was engaged in mobile Internet research and use development in my country Institute. After John Technology in April 2014, Wang Yapo undertakes the task - responsible for the development of small pure electric vehicles and power lithium-ion battery management systems. In these studies, the lesh has an approximately 220 people research and development team, and has been investing in research funds 150 million yuan.

In these two, the power lithium-ion battery management system achieves industrialization, 2015 and 2016 accumulated sales income of 150 million yuan, profit contributes 20 million yuan. In terms of pure electric vehicles, the lens starts from small electric vehicles, and the name of the first electric car is called "Dai Le Starter". Why choose a small electric car when starting? In addition to the relatively low threshold, it is a more important market space.

"I think domestic low-speed electric vehicles, quality is still relatively bad.". "Wang Yapo said," If the low-speed electric car like 3.

15 is exposed, one, two years have rustful, or press the quality of the car to do low-speed car. "The Starter" function sample cars debuted in the Shanghai International Auto Show in April 2015, and has been produced in 2016, driving the maximum speed of 70km / h, one charging life is 110 kilometers. At the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2017, the lesh is further - officially announced its first A-class pure electric car concept car in the autonomous dominant research and development - the whole car is 4450mm, the shaft distance is 2710mm, and the endless mileage is 310 km.

At the same time equipped with fast charge, slow charge and new energy car wireless charging three charging methods. In the process of processing research and development, there is a role to not be ignored, that is, Tongji Automobile Design Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Tongji steward found in the end of 2009, with Tongji University Automobile College, New Energy Automobile Engineering Center, Shanghai Ground Transportation Tour Tong Center, Shanghai Fuel Power Lithium Battery Automobile Power System Co., Ltd., has more than 200 people, and it is necessary to be domestic and foreign.

System processing of product design, product development, performance development, experimental technology and equipment development of automotive vehicles and parts. On August 30, 2014, the Swirgar Technology and Tongji steam have signed the "New Energy Automobile Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement". The validity period is five years, and the two sides jointly developed.

"Swallow technology is responsible for power lithium-ion battery, motor, electricity Control, in-vehicle information system, etc., and Tongji steam research is responsible for battery management, electric drive, vehicle design, etc. "In 2016, the cooperation between the two sides further, March 9, Shanghai Tai Ding Automotive Engineering Technology Co.

, Ltd. jointly established, the company's registered capital of 100 million yuan. Daile series products are the cooperation products of the lens and Tongji steam.

Creating "Yulu" is different from the cooperation with Tongji stewardestics, as a "new forces" and traditional car business Dongfeng Yulong's cooperation product - Yulu EV2 has been processed in Hangzhou, October 2016 Base offline. Dynamic system, it adopts the same AC asynchronous motor, maximum power 27kW, peak torque, 140N ¡¤ m, maximum speed of 105km / h, the maximum battery life beyond 150km. The cooperation between the two parties is a "need for each take" under the high environment of fierce competition.

In recent years, Dongfeng Yulong's development is rough. It has been high, the power is poor, and the brand has been lacking in new products in recent years. In the first five months of 2017, Dongfeng Yulong only sold 7,300 cars - 2016 sales of 40,000 vehicles, and 60,400 vehicles in 2015 in sales in sales.

At the same time, under the strategic command of Dongfeng Auto Chairman, Zhang Yanfeng, "Gathering Advantages, East-wind, Search, Dongfeng, made adjustments in Zhengzhou Nissan and Dongfeng Yulong". After Dongfeng Shares, the price of 788 million yuan was finally peeled off from Zhengzhou Nissan, Dongfeng Yurong began a comprehensive reform of "dismalling.".

On June 17, Dongfeng Yulong official website announced a news that it plans to start from July, "reorganizing the company, things, wealth, and things, all aspects of all aspects of the company, open a new two-strait cooperation model in the domestic market". After adjustment, new car R & D and technology is dominated by Yulong; future personnel appointment from Dongfeng Yulong, except for general manager and financial executives, other professional managers will no longer be sent to two major shareholders - the current Dongfeng Yulong General Manager Wu Xinfa Social talents are selected, which is equivalent to formal announcement Yulong will actually lead Dongfeng Yulong to operate. This adjustment does not mean the evacuation of Dongfeng Yulong, it is the opposite, it wants "salted fish turned over".

Previously, Dongfeng Yulong's capital increase has just passed, Dongfeng and Yulong two sides maintain the original shareholding ratio, and the increase of RMB 396.7 billion, a total of 793 million yuan, and the two sides of the capital will still hold 50% equity to Dongfeng Yulong. On the model, at least a new model will be placed every year in the future.

2022 years ago, at least 10 new models were launched in October 2017 will be launched in the new small SUV. In 2018-201, 4 new models were launched, covering SUV, MPV products; 2020 - 2022, will launch new 5 full range of products created by modular platforms. At the same time, in the channel, Dongfeng Yulong will sink to the 4-6-line city blank jurisdiction, let the dealer have low cost operation, high income returns.

And with the slogan technology to develop Yuru brand, just make up for its short board in electric vehicles. Wang Yapo said: "We are exclusive distributors. "Currently in Hangzhou, Xiamen, Ningbo, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Kunming, Xi'an, etc.

In addition to the personal consumer market, the new energy car under the Swallow will also enter the rental market. In December 2015, the Lion Technology Investment has established Xiamen Chao People's New Energy Automobile Service Co., Ltd.

to carry out new energy car rental services. April 2016, 90% of Zhengzhou Dakar Auto Leasing Co., Ltd.

After only 2 months, the Boatsu Science and Technology Board of Directors also increased the capital of 120 million yuan in Dakar rental - with the increase of the slogan technology, after the increase of the capital increase, the registered capital of the Dakar car was 50 million yuan from RMB 50 million. Increase to RMB 1.7 billion.

Today, there are more than 6,000 cars in the two leasing companies, including nearly 1,000 cars in Xiamen. Broadening the entire industrial chain from the processing battery, the car, to the rental service, the lesion technology hopes to have a closed business chain. At the same time, in order to achieve these links, the slogging technology has some "short board" to make up.

The chairman Chen Lewu once said, as "intrusive", may have a "one shortcut to obtain strategic related experience" - that is a certain basic technology company. In terms of the battery, the Lion Technology, who is relying on the lead-acid battery, still retains some lead battery business, but after the implementation of the strategy transformation, this part of the business has declined year-on-year; with this, increase the investment of high-end lithium plates. In this part of the business, the Lion Technology has been able to process lithium electrical cells, PACK, battery system management (BMS), including lithium battery recovery.

In 2016, its lithium-ion battery business achieved 177 million yuan revenue, with 126% rising. At present, the Lion Technology is building a lithium-ion power lithium-ion battery processing base that can reach 6GWH in Hubei, and invests 3 billion yuan. In 2017, 2GW production will be completed, and the material is tightly processing square aluminum shell lithium-ion battery cells.

In the Qian'an base, a 6GWH cylindrical battery production was also built. In March 2017, the first phase of the battery is produced by the first phase of the project has achieved mass production. In high-end battery manufacturing categories, Swalls Technology also keeps choosing appropriate companies.

In November 2016, the Lion Technology subscribed for Lionanoinc.a-1 sequence priority stocks with $ 3 million. Lionanoinc.

It is a company that uses high-performance lithium-ion battery materials. Its development of positive material can greatly improve the multiple properties of lithium-ion batteries in power. The Lion Technology Select this company, which is undoubtedly wanted to get a more advanced lithium-ion battery positive material technology to enhance the company's power lithium-ion battery performance, improve product competitiveness.

In the category of fuel power lithium battery power system, in April 2017, the Lion Technology announced the progress of 51.01% equity for the bid for Shanghai Fuel Power Lithium Battery Automobile Power System Co., Ltd.

The power-in power is tightly engaged in the research and technical services of fuel power lithium batteries and automotive power systems, and the lesion technology hopes to acquire them, improve the company's layout in the new energy industry chain, for new energy vehicles. Preparing for the technical route after entering the lithium ion battery era. In terms of new energy vehicles, in early 2016, the Lion Technology took over 80% of Taizhou Eagle electric vehicles with 60 million yuan, as a new energy vehicle industry chain, the whole vehicle manufacturing and processing base.

Through these mergers, the Lion Technology attempts to improve the entire industrial chain, and saves the time spending related research and development. If compared to some high-stricken new car companies - strong capital, well-known managers around the world, and the super-run models as the first product, the slightly "high-end" is not "high end". From the low-speed electric car, joint research and development with schools, car companies, M & A related technology companies - it tries to find a way that is more in line with it.

Why not take high-end? Wang Yapo's answer is very Tan: No brand awareness and trust. "Why do everyone trust the Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi? My brand can do the same thing, but the same price will definitely sell it. For cars, consumers are relatively high.

"I want to create a brand," I have to grind a sword for 10 years ". And why didn't you please have a well-known star manager, Wang Yapo believes that team integration may be a big problem. Obviously, for the Swong Technology, those who have some personnel may "come", but it is difficult to stay.

"The chaos caused by past subsidies is not very good. "The situation of the new energy car development of these years, Wang Ru said," I hope that the whole pure electric car will be subsidized at 2020. I don't think it is quite good, and I will return to the market itself.

"I think, after 2020 pure electric full subsidy canceled, I believe that the development of pure electric movement is really ushered in a new day. So we have a layout, and there are still four years, we have made the foundation. .

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