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About riding an electric car friend, particularly like a friend of a big power motor, generally replacing the battery half a year, how to extend the battery life to extend the replacement of the battery is very concerned about each car. The problem. First look at their reaction equation: negative material: PB positive material: PBSO4 electrolyte solution: H2SO4 negative electrode: PB-2E- + SO42- = PBSO4 positive: PBO2 + 2E- + SO42- + 4H + = PBSO4 + 2H2O total reaction: PB + PBO2 + 2H2SO4 = 2PBSO4 + 2H2O Cathode: PBSO4 + 2E- = PB + SO42-Anode: PBSO4-2E- + 2H2O = PBO2 + 4H ++ SO42-Total reaction: 2PBSO4 + 2H2O = PB + PBO2 + 2H2SO4 lead-acid battery It is a sponge-shaped lead as a negative electrode, and the lead as a positive electrode, we refer to the two substances as an active substance, use a aqueous solution of sulfuric acid as an electrolyte, and they participate in chemical reactions.

As can be seen from the above reaction principle, when discharge, the positive and negative electrode material is reacted with sulfuric acid in the electrolyte. Under normal circumstances, the resulting cell structure is loose, and its crystals are very small, and the electrochemical activity is very high. In charging, the lead of this activity can regenerate the nose of the neutral lead and negative sponge lead under current applications.

Through this stable reversible process, the battery is used to store electrical energy and release electrical energy. How to make the electric car battery life (precautions) About the batteries and charges, we are divided into two categories: absolutely not allowed (prohibition) and best do not (suggestions): 1. Prohibit the positive and negatives of the battery Short-short circuit 2, it is forbidden to use the use of undervoltage protection circuits to charge 3, prohibiting the use of electric vehicles 4 for unloading the charger, prohibiting the idle time (not more than three The sky, and the remaining electric power should be more than 40%), the loss of loss is prohibited, if it is found that there is no turning light after 10 hours of continuous charging, should immediately stop charging, check if the temperature of the battery is hot.

If the words should be repaired as soon as possible, they cannot be sent to the repair, and the total charge time should not exceed 8 hours, otherwise the battery will damage due to expansion deformation. There are three reasons for not turning the lights: 1. The charger parameters do not match, drift; second, line problems; three, is battery factors: downtime, there is a single short circuit in the battery, vulcanization is more serious.

Test method: 1. Check if the charger is damaged, whether the charging parameters meet the requirements (some people use 48V chargers to charge the 36V battery pack), see if the voltage is high (14.8V / or more) or trickle conversion The current is low 2.

Check if the charging circuit fuse is in good contact, the fuse holder has a burnt traces, check whether the connection plug is good, including the socket of the plug of the charger. 3, check if there is dry phenomenon inside the battery, that is, the battery is absent. The dry battery should add pure water or 1.

05 g / cm3 dilute sulfuric acid to maintain the charge and discharge, and measure the monobic voltage to see if there is a single short circuit. 4, should also check if the polar is inversely reversible sulfate. If the vulcanization is severe, the internal resistance increases, and the charging will cause serious heat.

The non-reversible sulfate of the plate can determine the change of its end voltage by charge and discharge. At the time of charging, the voltage of the battery has a rapid increase in the voltage, and some single-grid voltage is particularly high, and the voltage drop is particularly fast. In the above case, it can be determined that the battery has irreversible sulfate.

If it is found that there is irreversible sulfate, a balanced charging method shall be repaired. 5, the maximum discharge current of the battery is more than 150% of the rated capacity, that is, if it is a battery of 6-DZM-10 (often said 12ah battery), its maximum discharge current is 10×150% = 15A, if it is a 6-DZM-17 battery, its discharge current is 17×150% is about 25A, if it is a 20AH battery max discharge current is 30A. This also limits the size of the controller limit value: 1.

It is best not to use electric vehicles without uncharged electricity. It is also noted that the turning light does not mean that the battery is already filled with electricity, almost 95% -99%, to continue to float 2-3 hours to full. 2, make timely charging, the idle time is preferably no more than 12 hours, and the corresponding floating time should be added.

3, less use, it is best to use 50% -80% and then charge, which is conducive to extending battery life. 4, after the battery is used, each 2 months, preferably constant current charging once, the current size is C / 15, time 20 hours. 5, less pull, speed does not open too fast, reduce battery discharge current.

6, slow acceleration, reduce the impact of the large current to the battery, controller and motor. How to make the electric vehicle battery life (Summary of the method) first caused by the battery itself and battery production, this is what we can't control, what we can do, then only choose. The current battery manufacturer is dazzling, the quality is different, how to choose a battery to become a problem.

First, we consider the brand (I refer to the battery brand, not electric car brands). Why have some electric car brands? Because, even if there is a famous brand! Nowadays, many dealers are often used for interest and returns, often not using the original factory-supported brand battery. So, everyone will leave a heart when buying a car, can ask what brand of batteries.

If the money is allowed, try to choose a brand battery, don't be cheap. Second, consider the after-sales service. After-sales service is guaranteed.

Clear the real warranty of the battery. Some maintenance organizations will be treated as a warranty period of the battery, especially the time to replace the new battery. Generally, the new electric bicycle, generally a year warranty, the amount of half a year is less than 60%, can be replaced new, half a year to one year Replace the battery after re-enrolling the group; and electric motorcycle, generally for half a year to eight months warranty, three months of content, less than 60% can be replaced, three months to warranty end replacement by manufacturers Battery.

I once asked me why 14ah's battery was light than 10ah battery! The larger the battery of the same rated voltage, the larger the battery quality (weight), the bigger the 14ah battery is a fake 14ah battery, in fact it is 10ah, this is a promotional means of the merchant (say it's deceived Not entirely, because it is possible to use the 20-hour rate (20HR) to discharge the result, but according to the national standard is 2 hours (2HR), it should be 10ah), because the capacity is more The battery, the more expensive, and the distance runs farther. Regarding the battery, I just talk about the above, because of the biggest problem with us, let's keep the use of electric car battery longer. About lead-acid batteries, what is the most important reason for its life? vulcanization.

The right is vulcanization. We have already said that as long as it is a lead-acid battery, it will vulcanize during use, but we have a solution to reduce the emergence of vulcanization, this is what we can control, and we are As mentioned earlier: the cause of vulcanization: large current discharge, can not be charged in time, depth discharge, frequent charging, overall charging time, factor caused by the charger itself, etc. To reduce the vulcanization of the battery, extend the battery life, first improve the environment of the electric bike: 1, carry less heavy object, control the speed and brakes, prevent large current discharge.

When acceleration, especially when starting, the turn should be slowly turned, sometimes you can stop, continue to accelerate when the speed is coming. During the driving process, it is not appropriate to start, brakes, if the brakes are in the case, can release the turn in advance, try to let the car drive against the inertia. In this way, it can prevent the damage of the battery from the battery, but also the mileage of the battery.

2, timely charging. After use, it should be charged in time, preferably no more than half an hour, if necessary, if you don't have to use it, you have to ride a few, and the interval is relatively long, then you can choose to charge at night, and should appropriate Extending the charging time is 1-2 hours, that is, after the light (because each charger is full of indication, I don't have the same way, so I am trying to turn the light, I don't say that the green light does not jump green light, or the other, the same) 3 -5 hour. If the mileage of the day's riding is greater than or equal to 50%, then it will be charged every day (determining that if you are no longer used), if your ride is less than 30% of the last mileage, you can choose to charge it for two days, if Less, you can extend proper, but you can't over 3 days.

It should also be appropriately extended. In general, pay attention to: It is best not to unplug the power to use it when you use it, you can use it to use 50% -80% rechargeable. It is not appropriate to frequently charge the battery because the charging and discharge cycle of the battery is certain, generally 300 times, frequent charging of the battery will increase the active substance of the battery positive panel to soften, which will cause the grid corrosion to accelerate.

Regular depth discharge. Regular deep discharge is also a good way to maintain battery capacity, what is this? It is not to say that the lead-acid battery has no memory effect, why is it deep to discharge? For specific reasons, you can publish a comment at the end, and you have seen it. At this point, I would like to wait for everyone to say my opinion, please don't see it! As for the cycle, the battery is generally purchased for three or four months, starting from four months to eight months, every two to three months, once a year, one year.

In fact, this method is more suitable for those who have a small number of days, because many people are very irregular, who can guarantee that there will be no time to sit in under pressure protection. So you don't have to completely follow the imitation, you will know how to have such a thing. Perhaps someone will ask, don't you charge it in time? Otherwise, it is easy to cause vulcanization.

That's right, but: When shallow is discharged, the primary concentration of sulfuric acid is not very large, the crystal is slow, less, has not become a large crystallization, compare can be used to remove vulcanization. For example, when charging, it is positive and negative pulses, over charge method, etc. And we rose floating time, you can have a certain prevention of vulcanized batteries.

3, do bad undervoltage protection, prevent depth discharge {12V lead-acid battery is 10.5V, if it is a 36V battery pack, the minimum protection voltage is 31.5V, currently most of the vehicle factory uses controller undervoltage protection voltage Are 31.

5V. It is feasible on the surface, however, when only 36V battery packs are left, only 31.5V voltage is left, due to the difference in the battery, there is certain that a battery voltage has been below 10.

5V, the battery is in an over-discharge state. At this time, the battery capacity of over-discharge has dropped sharply, and the concentration of sulfate has increased, salted, and the damage to the battery is very large. In fact, the impact is not only the single battery, but affects the life of the whole set of batteries.

In practice, when the battery voltage is less than 32V, until 27V, the newly added continuation mileage is two or three kilometers, but the damage to the battery is very large. Therefore, although the controller has undervoltage protection, it is best not to charge when it is. Suggestion: To prevent battery over discharge, the undervoltage protection is preferably set between 0.

5V-2V, this value is different, and the undervoltage protection of nominal 24V is 21.5V to 22V, about nominal 36V Set 32V ~ 33V, should be set in 43V ~ 44V about nominal 48V. Such voltage reduction is only less than 2 km, but can effectively extend the battery life of the battery.

} Do not use the car for a long time, it should be filled after it is filled, and the total switch is disconnected, and the battery will be added once every 1 to 2 months. 4, don't charge frequently. The charging time is too short.

Some people use electric cars when they use electric cars. When they are not in use, they will be charged. When they want to use, they will unplug the power, and no matter if they are full (really full, it will continue to float 2-3 hours after turning the light.

) The battery life like this is very short. 5, charger factor. Check the respective parameters of the charger, such as the highest charging voltage (the voltage of the constant pressure stage, is also called constant voltage value), the constant voltage value is high, ensuring the charging time, but sacrificed is lost water and vulcanization.

The constant voltage value is low, the charging time and the charge are difficult to ensure. The light current, too big or too small. Some charger manufacturers' products In order to reduce the instructions of charging time, improve the current of constant voltage transfer, so that after the charging indication is filled, it has not been filled with electricity, relying on improving the floating voltage to make up for.

This is still in a large amount of oxygen in the floating stage. The oxygen circulation of the battery is not good, so it is also constantly exhausting in the floating stage. Control charging the highest charging voltage should be at 2.

42V per grid (12V battery is 15.2V per), that is, under the hydrogen supply potential. If it is charged in a state where the large current is charged at this time, the charging reception capability of the battery can be improved.

Otherwise, once it is higher than the hydrogen, the battery will quickly lose water.

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