The power lithium battery large-scale retirement is coming to the recycling system needs to be established.


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Since the first large-scale use of electric buses in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, my country's new energy automotive industry has gone through ten years. During this decade, new energy automotive production and sales have repeatedly innovated high, and also driven the development of the dynamic lithium battery industry. In February this year, the "New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling Research Report" (under the referrandry report "announced in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) shows that my country's power storage battery has more than 131GWH, and the industrial scale is ranked first.

According to the prediction of my country's Automobile Technology Research Center, the national accumulated scrap dynamic lithium battery will reach 120,000 to 200,000 tons in 2018-2020, and by 2025, this number will have more than 750,000 tons, and the market is more than 10 billion yuan. Corresponding to the market size, my country's dynamic lithium battery recovery model is immature, industry fish dragon mixed, etc., the industry is also a real problem, and the large-scale waste lithium ion battery is improperly handled, but also waste valuable resources, it hinders the sustainable development of the industry.

Become a hidden danger to destroy the ecological environment. "my country has been eaten by the management of battery recycling.".

For example, a lead-acid battery, which is applied to a number of scenes including automotive engines, and there have been some problems with scrap and recycling. "The academician of my country Academy of Engineering, the professor of Beijing Institute of Technology" said Sun Fengchun. He believes that from environmental protection and green sustainable development, the recycling and traceability management of the power storage battery has a very important meaning.

From the policy level, it is necessary to guide the recovery industry system of retired dynamic lithium batteries to ensure the entire new energy industry. Chain health development. Recycling uses the original "1 20 grams of mobile phone battery can pollute the water of 3 standard swimming pools, if abandoned on the land, can make 1 square kilometers of land pollution for about 50 years.

Imagine, if a few tons of electric vehicle power lithium battery discarded in a natural environment, a large number of heavy metals and chemical substances entered nature, and will cause much pollution to the environment. "Beijing University of Science and Technology Professor Wu Feng's point of view, once caused a big discussion in the industry. my country's Automobile Technology Research Center Data Resources Center, Li Longhui, Minister of Recycling, said that the "Finance National Week" reporter said that the lithium-ion power battery is different from the positive electrode material, which contains lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese and other metals.

From an environmentally friendly perspective, if the recovery is improper, it will cause heavy metal pollution, and enter the human body through the biological chain. At Cao Hongbin, a research firm in the Institute of Engineering Institute of Sciences, Cao Hongbin, once contaminated the soil, more harmful than waste water pollution. Simple organic pollution, the repair cost of one other soil is 600 ~ 1000, but he is a six-price chromium repair one floor to be one or two thousand yuan, and this is only fixed, the pollution metal is fixed, reducing the activity, and has not contaminated metal from the soil.

Remove completely. "In addition to environmental pollution, the power battery is retired, if there is no standard recovery, there is also a public safety hazard. "Li Longhui said.

He said that if there is a short circuit in the waste battery, the positive and negative poles will cause high current, causing high heat, causing positive and negative combustion, due to the combustion of the electrolyte, exploding in the event of a rapid reaction. Xu Huahua, Chairman of Greenmetan Technologies Co., Ltd.

, Shenzhen, China, said: "This (this (recycling of waste-powered lithium battery) is not only a technical and business problem, it is a social problem. Fuel cars to new energy cars are from black to green, do a good job in battery recovery, turn green back to green closed loop, not do it, then go back from green to black. "" In the country, the company and the institute, the power storage battery recycling is a more urgent problem.

"Sun Fengchun said," the first batch of power storage batteries installed on the ten cities in the top a few years, the public domain demonstration and household electric vehicles have been retired, although the quantity is not a lot, but how to dispose of attention. "Before the recovery of new energy car lithium iron phosphate, three yuan lithium, China's industry industry has actually layout for many years in the battery recovery area, but did not achieve the ideal effect. In the early years, under the driving of low-speed electric vehicles, my country has become the world's largest lead-acid battery market, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that in 2018, the production of metal lead in my country is 5.

11 million tons, up 9.8% year-on-year, global More than 40%. In the new version of the National Hazardous Waste List, the waste lead-acid battery is identified as a hazardous waste.

However, Li Xinli, deputy president of the Non-ferrous Metal Industry Association Recycling Metal Branch, Li Xinliu, deputy general manager of Henan Yugukkin Lead Group Co., Ltd., said that my country's annual report is about 6 million tons of lead-acid battery, which is increasing year by year, although recovery rate Higher, but in the process of recycling, storage, disposal, and utilization, there is still a certain environmental pollution phenomenon.

In the view of Zhang Tianshi, Chairman of Zhejiang Tianneng Group, one of the important reasons is that my country's lack of recycling and transportation standards and car route controls in the waste battery. The production person's responsibility extension system is difficult to advance, leading to the company. Containing lead dangerous waste is nowhere to go, there is no problem such as over-term stacking or even illegal transfer.

It is understood that the state is currently a 4% battery consumption tax on lead-acid battery companies. It is intended to prevent pollution behavior, but in the actual recovery process, the acquisition price of waste batteries and small workshops in the waste battery are not dominant. Weaken the regular company competitiveness to a certain extent.

In such a market pattern, a part of the waste lead-acid batteries flowed to "black market", and also became the focus of the public security organ in recent years. For example, June 2017, Jiangsu Nantong Tongzhou District Environmental Protection, Public Security and other departments were jointly cracked by 5 illegal to pour the waste of waste lead-acid batteries; in January 2018, the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Organs took off a waste lead-acid battery as Raw materials, disassemble, smelting, selling lead ingots "one dragon" criminal gang. "Illegal recycling mode, if it occupies the leader of the recycling market, will make the legal regular recycling company have a small survival space, form the situation of 'inferior coin expulsion.

"Zhang Tianshi said that this is a question worth paying attention to the current and future new energy dynamic lithium battery recycling. The new "wind" dynamic lithium battery recovery is a typical double-edged sword, and improper disposal will cause the ecological environment harm, but if the orderly standardization treatment, the recycling of the waste-based power lithium battery also contains non-small business opportunities. The industry generally believes that my country's new energy vehicles maintains the preceding position in sales accounts, insurance, etc.

, and future market share continues to expand and is a probability event. This is a broad prospect for power lithium battery. Further, the substance of cobalt, nickel and lithium carbonate in the power lithium battery can bring economic benefits to dismantling recovery.

Eastern Securities Counterpass analysis believes that different types of dynamic lithium battery metals are different, in accordance with my country's future motivational lithium-ion battery scrap volume, by 2023, the market value of the recyclable price can be reached: cobalt 7.3 billion yuan , Nickel 8.4 billion yuan, lithium 14.

6 billion yuan, manganese 850 million yuan. According to the analysis of the prospective industry research institute, my country's lithium resource supply is limited, and the demand of more than 90% is rely on import. In the waste battery represented by the lithium iron phosphate ion battery, the lithium content reaches 1.

10%, which is significantly higher than that of my country's development and utilization. Lithium mine. "Recycling, although the ultimate end of the dynamic lithium battery industry chain, it is actually the source of the industrial chain.

Gao Weiqiao, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Huayou Circular Technology Co., Ltd., said that battery recovery makes upstream raw material prices become controlled, reducing costs, safeguarding resource supply, and sharing the industry's health development through income.

"Power Lithium Battery Recycling Industry Report (2018)", battery recycling market scale will reach around 6.5 billion yuan in 2020, then, with the arrival of the battery scrap, the market scale will soon break through 10 billion yuan. It is observing the opportunity of the circular economy industry, the national and related authorities have also launched the construction of the recycling system of the power battery, and encourage the battery to recycle the market, which allows relevant companies to join the ranks of battery recycling.

The development of Guohai Securities is predicted. From 2019 to 2025, the powerful lithium battery recovery is expected to exceed 60 billion yuan. In addition to the rise of battery recovery companies, under the system requirements and market drivers of the competent department, many vehicle companies have also added the ranks of battery recycling, Changan, BYD, Beiqi new energy, Knowing beans and other car companies are active.

, Starting with battery recycling companies to intensively cooperate, build a preliminary recycling system. Break through the bottleneck, although my country's power storage battery recycling industry has started, but there are still some specific problems in actual work. On the one hand, from the technical point of view, some technical difficulties in the recycling of power lithium batteries have to be broken.

According to experts, there are two core technical difficulties, one is a variety of designs of the power storage battery pack (group), the internal and external structural design of the battery pack, the module connection method, the process technology is different, the battery The type structure is complex and diverse, and the life of the battery is also diverse, which causes dismantling difficulties. Second, the ladder utilization and reproduction of the power lithium battery is evaluated in the retired battery residual value, the compatibility processing of a variety of batteries, and the recovery of the negative electrode, and there is no more mature technology route. On the other hand, from a cost point of view, the current power storage battery retirement has not yet been fully formed, the company is difficult to achieve scale effect, the profit is difficult.

A battery recycling company told reporters that the first batch of retired dynamic lithium batteries in my country, the model is complicated, and a single model battery is difficult to form a scale. In the recovery scenario, although the energy storage project is not high, the overall demand is large, and even the MW, the power lithium battery that is eliminated is difficult to achieve the consistency required for the energy storage. In terms of home energy storage projects, domestic demand is not high.

Moreover, due to the poor quality of lithium iron-ion battery, there is a poor metal element, and the company is basically in a loss of loss, the company is insufficient. In addition to the scale of recycling, the power battery is used as a dangerous goods, and the cost of transportation is 5 ~ 6 times the main transportation costs, plus the cost of purchasing and warehousing, and the overall cost of recovery is higher, resulting in the company "unwilling to collect". In addition, the construction of power lithium battery recycling channel is also improved.

Zhang Ying, secretary general of my country's Renewable Resources Recycling Association, said that new energy vehicle battery recovery has just started, many reportable batteries have not entered regular channels, market lack of norms. Since the industry is in "barbarism growth", a large number of car companies have a high price, resulting in a part of the waste-powered lithium battery failure to flow into legal treatment channels. New Energy Vehicle Power Lithium Battery Circular Utilization The Director Yun, director of the National Local Joint Engineering Research Center, said the "Finance National Weekly", now recycling the subject, including the five flowers, including battery companies, second-hand assembly companies, metal smelting companies, electronic waste demolition Solve the company, scrapped car solitary companies, traders individual households, etc.

"Since various companies are uneven in size, technology, equipment, safety, environmental protection, the comprehensive cost difference is far, this is also an important reason for the high price of recycling front ends often have huge differences. Yu Navy said. Promoting the system construction in my country Automotive Technology Research Center Policy, Director Li Yumei, the relevant policy and industrial system construction work must be prepared in advance in advance to meet new energy power lithium batteries Peak arrival.

Ensure that the battery is recycled and environmentally friendly, it should be the weight of existing policies and improvement. In September 2018, according to the "Interim Measures for the Administration of New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling" 5 companies such as Hapeng. Liang Rui, Vice President of Xinwangda Group, said, in addition to 10 companies, other power lithium battery companies have about 13% of the market demand, but accounting for about 55% of industry production And most of them belong to low-end production, and its yield utilization rate is about 10%, and the industry's production utilization index is lowered.

In this regard, Beiqi Penglong believes that government-related departments can strengthen review based on the company's scale, technical treatment strength, and make more clear requirements for companies to prevent mixed phenomena of fish dragon. The relevant person in charge of Guangdong Bangpu Circular Technology Company believes that it is necessary to strengthen the host factory recycling responsibility main body to the full life cycle, not limited to the recovery responsibility during the three-package period. If you don't do it, you will be able to list it with its new car.

Under the premise of ensuring safety, how to guide existing companies to cultivate a large-scale recycling system, the long-term issue to consider during the recovery development of the battery. Wang Bing, the head of the National New Energy Automobile Innovation Project Group, believes that the state can be supported in terms of land, funds, etc., forming a battery recovery plant, forming a certain scale, forming economic effects.

In addition, some company believes that the policy intensity should be further increased in the construction of scale-based standard platform construction. The relevant person in charge of the Bike Battery said that the country can require the design and production standards of industry unified dynamic lithium battery systems, including size and capacity, and national and local platform data entry interfaces can be docked, or combined with the industry's actual presence. At present, such battery recycling platforms are gradually establishing.

Li Wei, deputy general manager of my country's Automobile Technology Research Center, said that in the future, the China Auto Center will turn the center of gravity to the guarantee management method, and the implementation of the regulations of the source management, strengthen the traceability information ratio verification system, ladder use battery product identification and standardization management Measures Studies on supporting management measures. In 2019, the Minister of Electric Motors, Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is promoting the real-time online monitoring system of the power lithium battery, and also encourages battery companies, the vehicle company is dismantled in the design phase, and the recycling is given enough attention. And to strengthen the development of the operating instruction, the user, the ladder is used to use the company and dismantling recycling company to get effective technical guidance.

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