Radiality lithium ion battery maintenance and use


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Prepare equipment, power, B6 charger, cable, model lithium battery. B6 charger plugging up the cable, then connect the power. Then connect the battery, first insert the balance head, and then connect T-by.

After the connection is good, press the left and right options button to go to the "libodatt" interface, as shown in the following figure, press ENTER to enter. After entering the charging function of the lithium battery, there is a quick rush, balanced a few options. I am used to choosing balance.

The direction button selects the balance rush mode, as shown in the following figure, "libalance". The arrow keys and ENTER key adjustment parameters, ENTER key selection parameters, and the direction keys are adjustable. Here, the current is transferred to 2, .

1, adjust to 3s, press the ENTER button for 3 seconds, then press ENTER to confirm charging. The lithium battery of the electric vehicle is not a thing, the electrical cell is different, the chemical composition is different, the maximum current of charge and discharge is different, and it cannot be compared. If the lithium battery of the model is connected in series, it is easy to overflow, and the characteristics between the plurality of cells cannot be completely consistent.

The series charge can cause the voltage unbalanced in each of the cells, and even charge it in. The principle of balance is very simple, such as 3S battery, constructed from three 3.7V batteries, filled with electricity, 10V, 3V, and equilibrium charge, rectification, rectification, to achieve 13V direct power, use 3 electrolytic capacitors, homophoblock resistors to 13V partial pressure, each capacitor obtains 4.

33V, then use a simple closed loop circuit with a triode, you can control the switch of the charging and the current size, so that the three batches can be Independent charging. The so-called balanced charging is the charging of the balanced battery characteristics, refers to the battery-end voltage imbalance during the use of the battery, and the temperature difference, etc., in order to avoid this imbalance trend, it is necessary to increase the battery.

The charging voltage of the group activates the battery. It is mainly called battery life, the actual electric vehicle is actually balanced the rated voltage 48V and the charging pressure is finally floating with 60V. To buy a special lithium battery charger, if used 2S, 3S, 4S.

., you need to balance the charging. If you only charge a piece, you will be enough.

If you buy the charger, there will be instructions. If you do not buy a charger, you can also use your mobile phone charger to power it. You need to store a battery head, a piece of land, pay attention to the time that the time cannot be too long, the mobile phone charger output voltage is 5V, larger than the battery saturation voltage 4.

2V, Otherwise it is easy to damage the battery. The lowest voltage is set to 3.3V.

If it is low, it will be released. The battery can be broken. Lithium battery is not like a nickel-hydrogen battery, can not put the amount of power in the rush, can be followed.

Generally 4000 mAh lithium-electricity balancing charges for more than 6, 7 hours, the balance is filled with the indicator light. Large-capacity battery suggests that you use B6 charger, fast charging speed, can set the charging voltage, and you can fix it later. Try not to put it, sometimes the repair solution is not.

After we get a lithium battery, we should not be urgent to charge it, this is blind. Before this, you must carefully read the battery of the battery, the charging current, the voltage and charging temperature must not be greater than the standard written in the specification. So what can happen if it exceeds the standard written in the specification? 1.

Using higher than recommended current charging will cause charging and discharge performance, mechanical performance and safety performance of the battery, and may result in fever or leakage, which will greatly reduce battery life. 2. The charging voltage is higher than the recommended voltage may cause the battery to be overcharge, which is generally caused by the user's wrong charging method (such as DC charging), and the figure is the most serious consequence of using DC excessive charging.

3. Charging temperature, the charging temperature referred to herein is not the temperature generated in the battery charge, but the ambient temperature during the battery charging, and when the battery surface temperature is found to end charging immediately. Discharge article: 1.

Discharge current: The discharge current must not exceed the maximum discharge current specified in the battery (formula is "mA number ¡Â 1000 and multiplied by C" = limit discharge current. ) Excessive current discharge can cause the capacity to reduce and cause battery overheat expansion. In the words of the model friends, don't take the battery too much, so it is not put, the life of the battery will also decline.

2. Discharge temperature: The battery must discharge within the operating temperature specified by the specification. When the surface temperature of the battery exceeds 60 ¡ã C, it is temporarily stopped until the battery is cooled to room temperature.

3. Over-discharge: Over-discharge will damage the battery, so it is best not to make the voltage of the monomer battery when discharge is less than 3.7V.

Battery storage: The battery should be placed in a cool environment. When the battery is stored for a long time (more than 3 months), it is recommended to be placed in a temperature of 10-25 ¡ã C and low temperature without corrosive gas. Battery charge and discharge the battery activity every 3 months during long-term storage, and ensure that each of the electrical cores is within 3.

85V. Finally, if a battery is not intended in the short term, save it before remember that it is not full of electricity, so it is easy to generate a battery drum during the save process. The best storage method is the optimal storage voltage is 3.

8V single sheet. Different kinds of batteries are not the same, summarizing the reasons for the expansion of the rechargeable battery: Poor, charging current is excessively caused by battery expansion 4. The battery is high-magnification large current continuously.

5. The battery itself is designed, and there may be such a case of general battery cell expansion is: a, raw material is not pure B, Electrolytic liquid exit C, storage of wet lithium electro-electricity test (mobile phone battery as an example) If the user wants to extend the effective use of the battery, in addition to the quality of the charger, the correct charging technique is also indispensable, because of the quality Poor charger or error charging method will affect the battery life and cycle life. The following is the relevant charging skills that netizens organizes: 1.

Before the battery is factory factory, the manufacturer has been activated, and precharges, so There is a price of the battery. There is a friend saying that the battery is charged according to the adjustment period, and the standby is still serious. It is assumed that the battery is determined by the genuine battery.

In this case, it should extend the adjustment period and then 3-5 complete charge and discharge. 2, if the new mobile phone battery is lithium ion, then the first 3-5 times charging is generally referred to as the adjustment period, and should be more than 14 hours to ensure that the activity of lithium ions is fully activated. Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, but there is a strong inert, it should be fully activated to ensure optimal performance in the future.

3. Before charging, the lithium battery does not require special discharge, and improper discharge can damage the battery. Try to charge electricity in slow charging, reduce fast charge mode; do not exceed 24 hours.

The chemical substances inside them will be all "activated" to achieve the best use effect after three to five complete charge and discharge cycles. 4, please use the original factory or reputable brand charger, lithium battery to use lithium battery special charger, follow the instructions, otherwise the battery will damage the battery, even hazard. 5, many users often drive the phone while charging, in fact, this will easily hurt the life life, because during the process of charging, the phone's circuit board will fever, if there are foreign calls, it may be generated Instant reflow current, damage to parts inside the phone.

6, the life of the battery is determined in the number of repeated charge, so it should be avoided when the battery is charged, which will shorten the life of the battery. When the mobile phone shutdown time exceeds 7 days, the mobile phone battery should be completely discharged, and then use it to use it. 7, when charging is not time, the better, the battery should be stopped after the battery without the protection circuit, otherwise the battery will affect the performance of heat or overheating.

1. How to charge new batteries In the use of lithium batteries, it should be noted that the battery is placed in a sleep state. At this time, the capacity is below normal, and the usage time is also shortened.

However, the lithium battery is easy to activate, as long as it passes through 3-5 normal charge and discharge cycles, the battery can be activated, and normal capacity is restored. Due to the characteristics of the lithium battery itself, it determines that there is almost no memory effect. Therefore, the new lithium battery in the user's phone is in the process of activation, it is not required for special methods and equipment.

Not only theory is theory, from my own practice, from the beginning, I use standard methods to charge this "natural activation" mode is the best. For the "activation" problem of lithium batteries, many statements are: charging time must be more than 12 hours, repeated three times in order to activate the battery. This "first three-three charging 12 hours more" said that it is obvious to continuing from nickel batteries such as nickel-cadmium and nickel-hydrogen.

So this kind of saying, you can say that the beginning is misuse. The charging and discharging characteristics of lithium batteries and nickel batteries can be very different, and you can tell you very clearly. All serious formal technical materials I have reviewed emphasize that they will overcharge and over-discharge will for lithium batteries, especially liquid lithium.

Ion battery causes huge damage. Therefore, charging is preferably charged according to standard time and standard method, especially for more than 12 hours of long charging. Generally, the charging method described in the mobile phone manual is to suit the standard charging method for the mobile phone.

In addition, the mobile phone or charger of the lithium battery will automatically stop after the battery is filled, and there is no "trickle" charging for nickel electric chargers. That is, if your lithium battery is full, it is also white charging on the charger. And we can't guarantee that the characteristics of the battery's charge and discharge protection circuit will never change and quality, so your battery will be in dangerous edges.

This is another reason why us oppose long charging. In addition, after the charge is over a certain time, if the charger is charged, if the charge is not removed, the system will not only stop charging, but will also start the discharge - charging cycle. Perhaps the manufacturer of this practice has its own purpose, but it is clear that the battery and mobile phone / charger are unfavorable.

At the same time, long charging takes a long time, often needs to be carried out at night, while in my country's power grid, the voltage in many parts is relatively high, and the fluctuations are large. As mentioned earlier, the lithium battery is very delicate, it is much more resistant to the fluctuations in charge and discharge, so this is a dangerous danger. In addition, another aspect of not ignored is that lithium batteries are also not suitable for over-discharge, and over-discharge is also very disadvantageous to lithium batteries.

This leads to the following problems. 2, when normal use should start charging online, you can often see this, because the number of charge and discharge is limited, so the electric battery should be charged as light as possible. But I found an experimental table for lithium-ion battery charging cycles, and the data on the loop life is listed as follows: Circulation Life (10% DOD):> 1000 cycle life (100% DOD):> 200 times where DOD is discharge Depth English abbreviation.

As can be seen from the table, the number of chargeable times and the discharge depth, the cycle life of 10% DOD is much longer than 100% DOD. Of course, if it is equivalent to the relative total capacity of the actual charging: 10% * 1000 = 100, 100% * 200 = 200, the latter complete charge and discharge is still better, but the previous netizen's saying should be amended: in normal In the case, you should reserve the principle of recurring with the remainder of the battery, but if your battery is expected to stick to the whole day 2nd, you should start charging in time, of course, if you are willing Charger to the office is also. And when you need to charge to cope with the urgent event that will lead to a busy communication, even when there is still a lot of balances, then you only charge in advance, because you don't really lose "1" times charging cycle life That is, "0.

x" times, and often this X will be small. The principle of battery remaining electricity is not to be tired to extreme. One way to circulate as long is the same, "Try to use the battery's battery, it is best to automatically shut down".

This practice is actually just the practice of nickel battery, the purpose is to avoid memory effects, unfortunately, it is also circulating it on the lithium battery. Some people have appeared after the warning of the battery battery is too low, still not charging the use of automatic shutdown examples. Result The mobile phone in this example has no response in the later charging and boot, and has to send customer service inspection.

This is actually because the battery causes the voltage to be too low due to excessive discharge, so that there is no normal charging and power-on conditions. 3, the correct approach to the lithium battery mobile phone, I am the most important tips for the charging and discharging problem in the use of lithium battery mobile phones are: 1, according to the standard time and program charging, even the top three times; 2 When the phone is too low, it should be as prompted to start charging in time;. If you insist on "the first three 12-hour long charging activation" method, it will not have effects.

Therefore, all the practices that pursue 12 hours of super long charging and use lithium battery mobile phone automatic shutdown are incorrect. If you have done according to the wrong statement, please correct it in time, maybe it is not too late. Of course, when the mobile phone and the charger itself protect and control the quality of the circuit, there is a considerable guarantee of the lithium battery.

Therefore, the understanding of the charging rules is the focus. In some cases, some concessions can be made. For example, if you find that the phone must be charged before you go to bed, you can start charging before going to bed.

The key to the problem is that you should know what the correct approach is, don't deliberately do it according to the wrong stateme.

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