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From Shenzhen North Railway Station, take the C7290 Intercity High-speed Rail 54 minutes, it has arrived at Yumen Town, Shenzhen Special Cooperation - Here is Shenzhen Dihai Energy Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. (known as Shenzhen Dihai) Industrial Park.

The company established in July 2015, the company's new energy automobiles, has been dismantled from scrapped new energy vehicles, to retired dynamic lithium battery dismantling, recycling, ladder utilization and elements regeneration qualification and production. Shenzhen Dried Thai waste battery Physical environmental protection separation yield line August 29, I visited Shenzhen Dihai's factory, I saw the shocking used dynamic lithium battery inventory, and interviewed Zhang Shuqian, Chairman of Shenzhen Diantai Company, study Dr. Li Dongjie, Dean of the Institute.

From the competent department, to investors, to electric car owners, they want to create economic benefits and help solve costs. But Shenzhen Thai first wants to say that waste-powered lithium battery processing cannot be simply disposed of, but should be delivered to qualified, capable companies, and even taking regional franchise management. Any company wants to have a franchise business, what explores Shenzhen Diantai in the recycling of power lithium battery? Does their appeals, is it reasonable? 1 Industry Chain Recycling Processing and General Power Lithium Battery Recycling Company Different.

According to the planned Dry Thai, it will build an industrial park covering an area of ​​130,000 square meters. Currently, there is a vehicle dismantling demonstration plant, battery demand factory, material recycling factory, and the four production lines of Pack Factory, and some Affiliated building. The four major production lines arranged in the northern end of the industrial park in the north side of the industrial park are suitable for the process of recycling for new energy vehicles.

The two factory buildings in the northern end are new energy vehicles and large car demolition lines. "Dry Thai is a priority to make a total vehicle scrap disassembly, core parts re-manufacturing, battery steps, truly enable resource re-use of new energy vehicles. "Zhang Shuzheng said that the life cycle of the power lithium battery and the life cycle of the whole vehicle and other parts.

"For example, the new energy logistics car, the popular logistics platform will be scrapped in a year and a half to two years. However, the life of the whole vehicle is eight years, ten years, and the motor electric control is 80%. It is directly used to return to the scrap iron.

How much waste is it for resources? "Dien New Energy Car Cars dismantled the pretreatment area Dry Thai vehicle disassembly factory, can't see those large unpacking clamps and hydraulic shears, but like a reverse car coal. The vehicle that is scored in the door is recycled here, and it is finely dismantled. The parts under dismantling, after inspection or remanufacturing, qualified will flow into the automotive maintenance channel, re-use.

In the middle of 2019, Shenzhen Diantai took the "Guangdong Province Scrapped Auto Recycling Disassembly Company Qualification Certificate" issued by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce. Zhang Shu said that Dry Thai is the first company that is approved to carry out new energy vehicles to recycle dismantling business. After the power lithium battery system is removed after the vehicle disassembly workshop, it is sent to the power lithium battery system dismantling workshop.

The system demolition line automatically unscrew the upper cover, etc. Highly automated disassembly line Dry Thai's dismantling line, has flexible, combined with a variety of models of battery systems. The disassembled battery, one of which will be used to be used, and one of them will be broken.

Screening that the recyclable battery is determined to be the battery that can be used, and the step of the dry Thai will use the PACK production line, such as the new battery is generally detected, separated, and group, and then use. The drytime recycling battery PACK production line is determined that the battery is not ladder, it is necessary to enter the physical environmental protection separation of Dry Thai. Dry Thai physical environmental protection separation has multiple processes.

The product of the first step is a steel shell, and when it is broken, it is separated by magnetic selection and battery other material. The second step of steel shell debris is harmless treatment, which is treated here for electrolytes that affect the environment. On the outside of the factory, Die set an environmentally friendly treatment device, using advanced processing processes to achieve environmentally friendly treatment.

This kind of impact on the environment will have a huge impact on the environment. The third step of the environmental protection processing device, the selection system, separating the diaphragm paper, copper aluminum mixture and positive and negative electrode material powder. Copper aluminum mixture is sold to metal recycling company, and the positive and negative powder is sold as a price element.

Isolated on the diaphragm paper. Positive and negative powder 2 is the model of the first half-tier city, why don't you do the second half? Zhang Shu is said that the model of Dry Thai is designed for the latter market problem designed to solve the developed line, second-tier cities, and the number of new energy vehicles. The model of Dry Thai is to use high levels of industrialization, fully utilize the available resources of new energy vehicles, and the waste battery that cannot be utilized, first do high standards of harmless treatment, and then produce semi-finished products that can be recycled.

Shenzhen Dihai founder, Chairman Zhang Shu. Zhang Shuqiu entered the Bike Battery in 2003, and he served as President of the Bike Battery. Zhang Shu all believes that my country's first-line second-line cities, like Shenzhen to develop to this extent, the population is intensive, if you do material recycling, the dry method is also good, the wet method is good, because the environmental issues, the project is uneven.

At the same time, regarding waste batteries that cannot be used, on the one hand, the cost is high, and on the other hand, there is also a safe risk, so it is not suitable for long-distance transportation, so the local dismantling is suitable. Relying on a second-line city, new energy vehicles dismantled parts, power lithium battery cladding, also have near market. 3 What is the old battery? "That may be the most places where the old battery is stored on the earth.

". "Zhang Shu is all said, it is a 13,000 power lithium battery pack in the Dry Thai factory. This batch of power lithium batteries is produced by Watma, and property rights are Putian New Energy.

Putian New Energy in Shenzhen is the earliest pure electric bus operator. Dry Thai's waste battery inventory "Putian is a social responsible company, it is said that the value of the power lithium battery is used to make a form rate through Drytai. Zhang Shuquan.

The current dynamic lithium battery recovery market, the important circulation method is that the property rights are bidding for useful power lithium batteries, and the price is high. Li Dongjie said that the current cost of Dry Thai is to obtain the use of used power lithium batteries. "Many retired batteries take a bidding method.

Everyone does not understand how the battery is in order to get the battery, which leads to a high cost. "Zhang Shu all believes that the principle of high prices is difficult to ensure that the power lithium battery is reasonably disposed. "How is the battery after the battery? There is no way to effectively control the use, processing flow, etc.

, and it is also a major hidden danger of environmental issues. "Dian Thai practice is the priority of the tradder, then disassemble the recycling. And the battery is also established on the battery, and the traceability system is also established.

However, some recycling companies may directly use wet, dry, and extract them with valuable things, and the rest is treated as garbage. "This is actually the biggest waste of resources. And what is the battery material is used? What is not used? What is garbage disposal? Especially what is the hazardous substance treatment? "Zhang Shu all believes that the power lithium battery is manufactured and used as ordinary solid waste, but in processing concentration, it should be processed as a crisis waste.

He pointed out that there are two hazardous waste items in the lithium ion battery, one is lithium hexafluorophosphate in the electrolyte, one is a nickel-containing positive material. Zhang Shuquan appeals that the environmental protection department has the practice of power lithium batteries to be treated in a dangerous waste. In addition, Zhang Shu has considers that the labor-based unit is used to deal with waste power lithium batteries, and it is contrary to the new energy vehicle production responsibility system.

In 2017, the State Council announced the No. 99 "Producer Responsibility Extension System", involving new energy vehicle production responsibility extension systems, requiring the establishment of a dynamic lithium battery recycling system to ensure that the waste battery specification recycling and safety disposal. The relevant provisions of the "Producer Responsibility Extension System" related provision Zhang Shu all believe that this method should be transformed into policies and regulations to ensure implementation.

However, "Now this kind of marketing '" marketization "is actually distorting this industry, and will make the new energy car after the market management is passive. "He pointed out," Now many people hoard the car in order to hoard the battery, resulting in some new energy car fire camps. "The scrap dynamic lithium battery is scattered into the environment, and its pollution is a continuous process.

When we discover soil, the river is not packed when the battery wastewater is polluted, how much money can be made Restore the environment? "Zhang Shu said that the current powerful reporting of the powerful lithium battery has not been coming, and there is no catastrophic impact on the environment, but the policy must keep up with it. 4 Advocate the regional franchise model "Tendering this model, we firmly believe that must be improved and must be corrected. Otherwise, my country's new energy cars are not far away.

Zhang Shuquan. He believes that the powerful lithium battery is recycled, and there are both social responsibility requirements, and there are also elements of commercial operation. Zhang Shu is all advocated, and a new energy vehicle in a region should be scrapped through a unified pathway.

"Bicard: Shenzhen Di Thai is the crematorium that scrapped new energy vehicles and scrapped batteries. We can't go to the market to promote the 'bodies' for processing, but should assume social responsibilities with public interest attributes. "This is a special industry, franchise, regional management method is necessary, and from the industry must have certain conditions, the business scope must also provide a professional management.

"There is no doubt that Zhang Shuquan hopes that Dry Thai has become a franchise company for Shenzhen dynamic lithium battery recycling. At present, Die Thai has been docked with the new energy car information of Shenzhen Vehicle Management Office. "As long as the car is running in Shenzhen, what state, key components, there are docking.

"Moreover, the drytime and Shenzhen Standards Institute have developed powerful lithium battery recycling standards, which specifies the admission threshold for recycling company, including what kind of venue, investment scale, equipment technology, business scope, etc. So, can the power lithium battery recycling can make money? Dry Thai recycled battery raw materials Shenzhen Diantai has been invested nearly 400 million yuan, built into a powerful lithium battery dismantling and recovery of 30,000 tons, physically crushed production (the other half is basically used for cascading). This year's goal is to dismantle 5,000 new energy vehicles, and the most important goal is to deal with 13,000 battery packs.

Zhang Shuquan said that the biggest concern is the efficiency and cost issue at the beginning of the construction plant. "In practice, now the cost may still have a little high, but after a large-scale industrial practice, our efficiency will further increase, cost reduction. "However, he still emphasizes the non-commercial element of the power lithium battery recovery process.

". "New Energy Automobile Industry, while cultivating many car companies, key parts companies, also to train matched recycling, can make industrial resources to get good applications, in order to let everyone enjoy convenience, no Because of the safety problem of the battery, environmental issues bring unnecessary concerns. ".

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