New energy cars have spawned a hundred billion-in-return market, where is the retired dynamic lithium battery?


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Sanxiang Metropolis Daily ¡¤ New Hunan Client Reporter Hu Rui Our country has moved from the auto power, and new energy cars is the way. It is a solid base of new energy vehicles sustainable development. On the 7th, July 7, the National Development and Reform Commission and other ministries announced the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the" Tenth Five-Year Plan "Circular Economic Development Plan, and proposes to promote the recycling action of waste dynamic lithium-ion battery, strengthen new energy vehicle power lithium-ion battery traceability management platform construction, Improve new energy vehicle power lithium-ion battery recycling traceability management system.

For a while, the recycling of waste dynamic lithium-ion batteries is again pushed to the wave. In fact, in the early 2018, the industry has set off a "waste dynamic lithium-ion battery recovery is about to usher in the outbreak". Thousands of "Blue Hai" market attracted new energy car companies, environmental protection companies, and allocation.

Statistics show that 2015-220, my country's lithium-electric recycling related companies have rapidly rising, currently existing "powered lithium-ion battery recycling" related companies reaching 15,000 households. However, over the years, the industry still has a "formal army" to receive retired batteries, but the small workshop is quietly high-priced "grab". In the relevant industry standards have not yet been formed, the market is mixed under the market.

It was originally considered that the efficient ladder has brought product safety hazards, and the dismantling recovery under no environmentally friendly measures has also triggered people's concerns about environmental pollution. The problem is currently, how is the loop utilization of waste dynamic lithium-ion battery? What role is Hunan playing? The new energy car is rapidly developed, and the dynamic lithium-ion battery welcomes the retirement tide. In the first half of this year, my country's new energy automobile production and sales volume is doubled over 1.

2 million units, and it has risen by 200% year-on-year. China Automobile Association is expected that domestic new energy vehicles have completed sales of 2.4 million units, up 76% year-on-year.

The executive vice president and secretary-general of the Automobile Industry Association, the Chairman of the World Automobile Organization (OICA), is expected, and the growth rate of electric vehicle production and sales will remain more than 40% in the next five years. With the rapid development of new energy vehicles in my country, the dynamic lithium-ion battery will also usher in the outbreak, and the waste power lithium-ion battery recycling industry is sent to the expectations. "With the continuous increase in the demand for power lithium-ion battery, the key material of imported battery will increase the price, which will affect the sustainable development of my country's new energy automotive industry, and improper use of waste batteries will also pollute the environment.

Li Zhongyang, the person in charge of the "Lithium Huitong" platform of Changsha Mine and Metallurg University, said that the powerful lithium-ion battery recovery is an important part of the new energy vehicle industry chain. "Without this ring, the entire new energy vehicle industry chain value chain is not Complete, unable to form an organic closed loop. "Industry insiders expect that this year, my country will usher in the first batch of dynamic lithium-ion battery retirement period.

"The life of the power lithium-ion battery is generally 5-8 years, the effective life is 4-6 years, according to this measurement, in 2014, the powerful lithium-ion battery started in 2018, which entered the decommission period this year. "2030, or will form a hundred billion-level market size" is divided by the source of raw materials, and the power lithium-ion battery recovery can be divided into three stages. "Liu Xiaoli, executive deputy general manager of Hunan Jinyuan New Material Co.

, Ltd., said that when the first stage is to manufacture a dynamic lithium-ion battery, the waste and side angle appear; the second stage is the use of the battery after the battery is used. Battery; the third stage is the use of 10-15 years after 10-15 years.

According to data, 2015 to 2020, my country's annual power lithium-ion battery installed capacity increased from 16GWH to 63.6GWH, with an annual composite rate of over 50%. According to my country's automobile technology research center, 2020 domestic accumulated retired power lithium-ion batteries over 200,000 tons, the market size reached 10 billion yuan.

According to the "Research Report on my country's Power Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Industry Market", in 2021, my country's dynamic lithium-ion battery recovery market is expected to reach around 14.3 billion yuan. "With the outbreak, policy norms of recycling, the continuous layout of the industry faucet, the dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling market is about to open.

"Industry experts are expected to be 2030, the three yuan and lithium iron phosphate ion battery recovery will become 100 billion markets. Among them, in the case of the current, the cumulative recovery space of the three-yuan battery in 2020 and 2030 will reach 1.3 billion yuan; 2020 - 2030 lithium iron phosphate ion battery ladder will reach 68 billion yuan, 16.

3 billion yuan "A 100 billion yuan new industry is budging. "Capital struggle, SMEs also come to" Nuggets "in the face of power lithium-ion batteries to recycle hundreds of billion" cake "market, all the capital has flooded, the vehicle company, the powerful lithium-ion battery production company is also actively participating in. On the 18th of June 18, BMW announced that it will establish a sound reseller high-voltage power lithium-ion battery recovery process in my country, that is, the dealer reclaims high-voltage batteries, and then transported it to the qualified company assessment.

Assessment results, decide whether the battery is used as electricity storage, or other uses, or after disassembly, raw materials reuse. In addition, the public, Audi, Tesla, Honda, Toyota and other foreign car brands have also announced the online battery recycling service. In order to bind the upper downstream company resources, domestic cars have earlier layout.

As early as January 2018, there were 16 car and battery companies such as Changan, BYD, and Yinlong, and my country's Tower Company to solve the problem of recycling and re-use of retired dynamic lithium-ion batteries; March 2018, March 2018 SAIC Group and Ningde Times have signed a strategic cooperative understanding, jointly promoting new energy vehicle power lithium-ion batteries recycling; October 2018, Geely Group and Shanfu Co., Ltd. Using business; November 2018, Beiqi Group's Beiqi Penglong and Guanghua Science and Technology signed a cooperation framework agreement, and both sides will cooperate in the retired dynamic lithium-ion battery ladder using and the waste battery recovery system and other services .

Currently, domestic creation The new power of the car, Xiaopeng Automobile, etc. also launched the powerful lithium-ion battery recovery, and BYD has established more than 40 dynamic lithium-ion battery recovery outlets in the country, and builds a dynamic lithium-ion battery ladder recycling center. Ningde Times, China Aviation Lithium Electricity, He Front Lithium, Huaxiao Cobalt Industry, Greenmeal, etc.

In addition to large vehicle and battery companies, small and medium-sized companies in some environmental protection are not willing to show weakness. "This year, I participated in the financing roadshow of many battery recycling companies. "A Venture Agency Investment Manager said that the recycling industry is still in its infancy, and the battery recycling industry will also usher in the outbreak period with the peak period of battery scrap, and they want to invest in some Sino-cell company with potential.

And some small companies, in the field of industry, through financing construction, a large number of recycled outlets, more production lines, can achieve rapid expansion of the company. The hidden dangers "small workshop" high-priced goods, "Regular Army" is difficult to recycle according to my country's automobile technology research center, 2020 my country's power lithium-ion battery accumulated retirement is about 200,000 tons. "These retired dynamic lithium-ion batteries, only 20% are recycled through regular channels.

"Changsha Mine Research Institute Co., Ltd." Lithium Huitong "platform person in charge of Li Zhongyang estimates.

In the industry, people who have the same point of view with Li Zhongyang are not a small number. According to GGII data, 2020 national retired dynamic lithium-ion battery recovery is only 42,000 tons. The retired dynamic lithium-ion battery recovery is much lower than the theoretical quantity, and the gap between it is 160,000 tons.

Where is these retired batteries? "Most flow into informal channels and cannot statistically. "Li Zhongyang said that the regular dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling company is strictly operating in accordance with the country, not only has a complete set of equipment, technology, and professional technicians, so the recovery cost is not low. On the contrary, small workshop-style company does not have relevant qualifications, the processing cost of processing, and can take most of the waste lithium-ion batteries in the capsule with high-priced "grab".

my country Automotive Industry Association General Engineer, Vice Secretary General Ye Yeji also agreed with this point of view. In his opinion, although policy clarified that car companies undertake the main responsibility of dynamic lithium-ion battery recovery, the retired dynamic lithium-ion battery flows to more prices, and the industry lacks recycling company access management, "Some operations are flexible, normative Small workshop companies have low operating costs and more competitive, resulting in the 'Regular Army' is difficult to recycle the retired battery. "Sanxiang Metropolis reporter has been recycled to multiple dynamic lithium-ion batteries.

Channel, the recovery price is only 6,000 yuan per ton. "The highest price gap is 50%. "Industry insiders say.

The retired dynamic lithium-ion battery recovery is lower than the theoretical quantity, in addition to the factors for competition in non-formal channels, there are other reasons. "2020 retired 200,000 tons of dynamic lithium-ion batteries, is calculated according to the installed capacity at the time. However, many companies and individuals will make batteries over-term service.

"Chen Peng, director of Hunan New Energy Automotive Electric Battery Recycling Industry Alliance Secretariat, said that some of the retired batteries directly flow into the consumer market, or bypass the recycling channel to return to the battery company. Recycling market fish dragon mixed, cause safety hazards, current environmental pollution, derived "ladder utilization" and "dismantling recycling". When the power lithium ion battery capacity is attenuated to 80% or less, it is no longer suitable for electric vehicles, but it can still be stored, distributed photovoltaic, household electricity, low-speed electric electricity, low-speed electricity Car and other fields of tradder.

When the battery cannot be used, the recovery dismantling is required, and resource processing is required. "The ladder uses the technical bottleneck, such as the low-use efficiency of the ladder, low battery, and consistency assessment. "Industry insiders pointed out that the system of recycling and circular utilization of my country's power storage battery is still uncomfortable.

The relevant battery recovery standards have not formed, and the unregulated ladder is easy to lead to safety hazards." Many battery cars in life are not excluded. Since the use of battery ladder.

"" The power lithium-ion battery contains a variety of heavy metal elements, and improper treatment will endanger human health, which will cause pollution to soil, air. Liu Xiaoli, who is executive deputy general manager of Hunan Jinyuan New Material Co., Ltd.

, said from the resource level, the metal contained in the waste battery, the metals such as non-use, will result in the great resources waste. According to relevant information, 1 20 grams of mobile phone battery can pollute 1 square kilometers of land for 50 years. "More Heavy automobile power lithium ion batteries include not only a variety of heavy metals, but also lithium hexafluorophosphate in the electrolyte is easy to hydrolyzate in the air environment, which has a harmful substance such as pentafluoride and hydrogen fluoride, which has great harm to the environment.

"A person in an electric car industry said. "At present, the dynamic lithium-ion battery recovery market is not standardized, and the supporting policy is not perfect, and the complete traceability system has not yet established. "Insider said that whether it is a ladder utilization or dismantling and utilization, the dynamic lithium-ion battery recovery industry still faces high recovery costs, low utilization rate, and imperfect industry technical specifications.

Rapid development. "Chen Peng said. The operation of the action, the industrial chain is complete, Hunan is in the forefront of the country, and 17 provinces and cities in the country are selected as the pilot zone of lithium-ion batteries.

Hunan is one of them. Hunan is the most complete province of dynamic lithium-ion batteries and new energy auto industry chains. In the field of advanced energy storage materials, Hunan has formed a complete industrial chain, with more than 100 large-scale companies, including Hunan Shanni, Changyuan Lithium, Hunan Zhongwei, Hunan Bangpu and other advantageous energy storage materials companies, Zhongke Star City graphite Key materials and battery production companies such as lithium, Sandon new energy in Hunan.

In 2019, the province's advanced energy storage materials company achieved an output value of 45 billion yuan, up 30.42% year-on-year. In the fields of waste batteries, positive materials, precursors, etc.

The status; Hunan Shanno continued the first six-year ranking industry competitive brand list, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was identified as a national manufacturing single champion demonstration company; the power lithium-ion battery recycling industry has Changsha Mining, Hunan Bang, Hunan Jinyuan , Jin Kai, Shunhua and other recycling companies . Among them, Hunan Bangpu has become the largest waste battery resource bridge in Asia, recycling scale and resource cycle production ranks first in Asia. According to its official website, the total amount of waste batteries in Hunan Baonu has exceeded 6,000 tons.

The annual production of nickel-manganese hydroxide, lithium nickel-watery, cobaltate, cobalt chloride, sulfate, sulfate, cobalt sulfate, cobalt oxide 3 4,500 tons. According to the public information in 2018, the pre-output of the three-way three yuan in Ningxiang High-tech Zone is approximately 36,000 tons / year, ranking first in the world. Last year, 2020 my country's dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling industry technology and market annual meeting held in Changsha, from the national battery and materials, automobile main factories, automobile dismantling, metallurgy, resource recovery, environmental protection technology, etc.

300 companies Representatives and experts scholars gathered together. "Choose in Changsha, it is to see the Hunan dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling industry to walk in the national forefront. "In an interview, Hunan has industry representative in the field of power lithium-ion battery recycling.

Recycling the Xiang Army accelerated layout, the sword refers to the industry leader in recent years, Hunan has developed rapidly in the field of recycling and utilization of dynamic lithium-ion battery, and the company has a sword to lead the industry. In 2019, Hunan established a new energy vehicle power lithium-ion battery recycling industry alliance. At present, Hunan Bangpu has completed 5 constructions in Ningxiang.

Last year, the sixth construction was officially launched. The project is also called "Power Lithium Ion Battery Revitalization Reconstruction Expansion Project (Phase II)", planned to invest 1 billion yuan. At the end of March 2020, the battery recycling platform developed by Changsha Mine Research Institute - "Lithium Huitong" officially launched.

It is reported that this is the first domestic dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling platform, with "Transaction + Supply Chain Services" and "Information + Industrial Big Data" as the core, supply retired battery third-party recycling and information traceability services, but also has supplied demand docking, online Transaction, detection, warehousing logistics, industry analysis, technical consultation, financial empowerment. "By material flow, information flow, capital flow, continuously improve the efficiency of recovery links, reducing recovery costs. "The person in charge of" Lithium Huitong "introduced that the platform is" global retired dynamic lithium-ion battery integrated recycling and information traceability service provider ", last year recycling of 900 tons of battery, the first half of this year has exceeded last year, reached 1,000 tons.

"The team is more than 80% of the technicians, and the relevant recycling technology is being fully equipped. Li Zhongyang told reporters that according to the Plan of Changsha Mine Institute, by 2025, the "lithium Huitong" platform will recycle 10,000 tons of waste batteries, 2030 recycling over 600,000 tons, market share reached 40% -50%, Become an absolute faucet in the domestic industry. In the 27 lithium-ion battery recovered in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Hunan Jinyuan is one of the Hunan.

Hunan Jinyuan is important for cobalt waste and waste lithium ion battery integrated recovery, and produces high-end battery materials. The relevant person in charge of the company introduced that after the technical reform of the Anhua bus company, the day-handed battery powder was 35 tons; the land of 200 mu was added in Ningxiang, carrying out 100,000 tons of waste battery dismantling and comprehensive recycling project. The construction of the project can achieve an annual output value of 3 billion yuan; it is planned to start the second phase of the project construction in 2023.

The comprehensive output of 5 billion yuan will be put into production. "2023 plans to plan 100,000 tons of lithium iron phosphate waste battery integrated recycling wet factory, Create lithium iron phosphate ion battery testing, energy storage, regeneration complete industrial chain. "The government policy first, helping to recover the Xiang Army, on January 11 this year, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology issued" Hunan Province Advanced Instruction Materials and Power Lithium Ion Battery Industry Chain Three-year Action Plan (2021-2023) ", proposed By 2023, Hunan Province advanced energy storage materials and dynamic lithium-ion battery industry chain output value exceeded 100 billion yuan, and Hunan has built Hunan has become the national industrial industry concentration, complete cataury, industry chain, industrial chain, industrial-and-medium-oriming Production gathering area, gradually complement expert-level advanced manufacturing industrial cluster.

In terms of dynamic lithium-ion battery recovery, the "Three-Year Action Plan" will further standardize our province's powerful lithium-ion battery recycling industry, so that the industry is healthy and rapidly. Next, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will be equipped with the Ministry of Science and Technology, Energy, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Communications, and the development of the provincial power battery recycling management rules, implement the rights, and develop corresponding penalties, and promote our provincial power storage battery recycling. Using ecological sustainable development.

"Government to regulate, more maintenance of industry order, attract, and integrate market resources. "Introduction of people in love. In fact, in April 2019, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Execution Method of Recycling of New Energy Automobile Power Battery Battery in Hunan Province), requiring basic completion of shared recycling network system, guiding more than 80% of new China Energy car retirement scrap dynamic battery enters recycling network system.

The notice also pointed out that a number of key technologies, forming technologies, economical, strong, environmentally friendly new energy automobile power storage battery recycling new technology system; basic construction of new energy vehicles used to use technology standard standard normative system; Batch ladder use and regenerate the lead demonstration company, guide the formation of "recycling - tradder utilization - resource regeneration circulation" industrial chain and industrial park. Links in our province has built 466 dynamic lithium-ion battery recovery service network points according to the provincial system, as of the end of April this year, there are 466 dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling service outlets in the province, 72 new energy automobile production companies have established recycling Service outlets. At the end of May this year, at the end of June, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology went to Nanjing, Wuxi, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Zhangzhou, etc.

Battery recycling service outlets, continuously improve third-party recycling service platform related functions. According to preliminary statistics, January-June this year, the provincial pilot unit regeneration uses the company to handle 8480 tons of waste battery and powder, handling 3,792 tons of retired lithium-ion batteries, of which 530 tons of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries.

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