Maintenance of UPS Battery Use Maintenance Status and Countermeasure


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I. Currently, the market status of the UPS battery has a heavy pollution industry. The main raw materials are lead and sulfuric acid.

The production process will harm the employees and the environment. All countries have strict restrictions on such industries, and even some developed The country is not allowed to be produced in their own country, and its market base is built in countries and regions in economic undress. my country's production of batteries also has corresponding laws and regulations and strict environmental protection requirements and labor security requirements.

Many domestic battery manufacturers have more than one thousand. In addition to importing brands such as Panasonic, strong gods, Tang Shao, most of them are domestic brands and some unknown American brands, Hong Kong brands, Taiwan Brand, etc. The author visited many regular battery manufacturers, its production scale, production equipment, product design, process, quality management, raw material procurement, workers' quality, etc.

, and the products they produced are also different. Most international and domestic well-known brand batteries can be trustworthy, only some small-scale battery manufacturers steals the body to reduce costs, with a second, resulting in quality unstable. Since the battery is all in a plastic sheath package, the user cannot directly see its internal structure and the raw materials used, and most users do not have equipment and means of battery detection, so they can only be identified from the appearance, thereby giving some unscrupulous manufacturers.

Production of counterfeit brands and fake batteries, although major brands have certain anti-counterfeiting means and market oversight methods, these lawsmen are still able to make a chaotic product, which gives users a big difficult problem. Second, the current use and maintenance of the UPS battery is generally used in the battery design life for 5 years. However, some batteries can use 6-7 years, while some have problems in 1 year.

It is mainly due to product quality and daily maintenance, so the choice and maintenance of the battery is especially important for its service life. The maintenance of the UPS battery is similar to the general low-voltage battery storage. When introducing a new battery, the engineering acceptance is required, depth discharge; when the new battery is put into use, it is required to maintain a suitable battery operating ambient temperature, requiring periodic measurement of each battery-side voltage.

When each battery pressure difference is too large, it is necessary to carry out the battery regularly to test the battery to test the performance of the battery pack and maintain the activity of the battery. However, in practice, due to various conditions, there are few people's maintenance of the UPS battery, which is fully carried out in the above. First, the new battery is accepted, due to long, there is no convenient tool for utilization, there are quite a few people at all Do this is to put the battery in use.

According to statistics, about more than 95% of the UPS batteries in mainland China lack the necessary maintenance, this is a hidden danger for the UPS power supply failure in the future; secondly, new batteries are put into use, due to general UPS batteries It is installed in the cabinet, measured, detached is inconvenient, rarely measuring the end voltage, periodically depth discharge is not carried out; there is a condition (more than 98% UPS battery without monitoring equipment), the majority of maintenance personnel can carry Only every other time, close the city power to discharge the UPS battery for a while, in order to activate the battery group to maintain the activity of the battery, and the performance of the battery and the remaining capacity of each battery Data is still unable to know. Third, the necessity of UPS battery maintenance In a uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, it can be said that the battery is the pillar of this system, and the UPS without the battery can only be called a regulator, a CVCF. The UPS can achieve uninterruptible power supply, because there is a battery, in the mainstream abnormalities, the inverter directly converts the chemical energy of the battery into an alternating current, and the use of electrical equipment is running continuously.

At present, the maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery extensively used in small and medium-sized UPS power supplies exceeds 50% of the total cost of the UPS power supply, and there is a data show that the production technology of UPS has matured, about 50% UPS power failure and UPS battery related. At present, my country's power supply is more perfect, especially in the city, rarely occurring long-term power outages, and many important departments use dual power supply and diesel generators to ensure power supply, which makes people relax the daily day of the UPS battery. Maintenance, most UPS batteries are not clearly unclear from the health of the UPS battery due to usa, causing working in design delay in the long-term power failure.

On the other hand, the user's load is constantly increasing, and the power density is increasing, so that the load of the UPS also increases accordingly, the problem of insufficient battery delay will be highlighted. The failure of the UPS battery is mainly based on insufficient end voltage, insufficient capacity or instant discharge current does not satisfy loading startup requirements. In the process of using uninterrupted power systems, people often think that the battery is maintenance-free and not paying attention.

It can be seen that the correct use and maintenance of the UPS battery is enhanced, and the service life of the battery is extended, and the UPS system failure rate is reduced, and there is an increasingly important significance. Fourth, the traditional UPS battery test maintenance means generally UPS power supply requires the battery requirements: satisfying a certain end voltage; the battery should have the characteristics of the high current in the start of the discharge; satisfy certain capacity to ensure the time of inverter power supply. 1, the multimeter measures the end voltage practice of the battery, the floating end voltage of the UPS battery is not determined whether the old battery has failed.

Therefore, it is generally necessary to measure the end voltage of the battery from the line or online, and the end voltage of the battery is about 12V (for 12V batteries), the minimum cannot be less than 10.5V. Battery that is less than 10.

5V is under voltage or has failed. If this battery is still less than 12V after charging or activating the rear end voltage, that is, the failure battery. 2.

Test if the UPS battery has a characteristic of the start-up to output a large current of the UPS power supply is less than 7 ms by the main switching time of the market power supply inverter, generally designed to 4-5 ms. That is to say, once the power supply is interrupted, the UPS battery must output the current required to be loaded within 4-5 ms. Some failed batteries can meet the requirements of end voltage and capacity, but they cannot reach the requirements of the large current less than 4-5 ms.

The Characteristics of the UPS battery instantly output large currents are only tested in the maintenance of the mains. If you don't know if the battery performance has a certain risk, it is generally not performed. The UPS battery instantly cannot output a large large current, generally because the battery has no discharge, often discharged or has periodically discharged UPS batteries substantially there is no such problem.

3. Dictation of the capacity of the UPS battery Traditionally discriminate the UPS battery capacity, as in the method of discriminating a general battery, the entire set of battery packs is detached from the load and powdered radial wire, with an eight or ten hour constant current, then at the first arrival discharge The discharge time and current of a single battery battery termination voltage are derived. The traditional capacity test has the following shortcomings: Testing work is not very easy;.

V. Correct use and maintenance of UPS batteries In addition to selecting a regular brand battery, the UPS should be used to properly use and maintain the battery from the following aspects: 1. Maintain a suitable ambient temperature.

Important factors affecting battery life is ambient temperature, and the best ambient temperature required by general battery manufacturers is between 20-25 ¡ã C. Although the temperature rise has improved on battery discharge capacity, the cost of pay is a big shortened battery life. According to test assay, once the ambient temperature exceeds 25 ¡ã C, 10 ¡ã C per liter, the battery life should be shortened.

At present, the battery used by the UPS is generally maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery, and the design life is generally 5 years, which can reach in the environment required by battery manufacturers. Without the prescribed environmental requirements, the length of life is very different. In addition, the ambient temperature increases, causing internal chemical activity in the battery to produce a large amount of thermal energy, which will reverse the surrounding ambient temperature, this vicious circle, will speed up the life of the battery.

2, regular charging discharge. The floating voltage and discharge voltage in the UPS power supply have been debugged to the rated value during the factory, while the size of the discharge current increases as the load increases, and the load should be reasonably adjusted, such as controlling the electronic device such as microcomputer. Number of users.

Under normal circumstances, the load should not exceed 60% of the UPS rated load. Within this range, the discharge current of the battery will not excessive discharge. UPS is connected to the market due to long-term power supply, and the battery will have a long period of floating electricity for a long time, and the battery will cause a large amount of sulfate internally to produce a large amount of sulfate in the battery.

On the upper, the so-called cathode "sulfate" is formed. As a result, the battery internal resistance is increased, and the activity of battery chemical energy and electrical energy is reduced, accelerated aging and shorten service life. Therefore, it is generally discharged every 2-3 months, and the discharge time can be determined according to the capacity of the battery and the load size.

After the full load is complete, it will charge more than 8 hours according to the regulations. 3, use communication function. Currently, most large, medium-sized UPs have operational performance such as microcomputer communication and program control.

Install the appropriate software on the microcomputer, connect the UPS through the string / parallel port, run the program, you can use the microcomputer to communicate with the UPS. Generally have information queries, parameter settings, timing settings, automatic shutdown and alarms. Through the information query, you can get information on the mains input voltage, UPS output voltage, load utilization, battery capacity utilization, temperature and market frequency; through parameter setting, the basic characteristics of UPS can be set, the battery can last time and Battery for agency, etc.

Through these intelligent operations, it greatly facilitates the management of UPS power supplies and its battery. 4, timely replacement waste / bad battery. At present, the number of batteries equipped with large and medium-sized UPS power supplies, from 3 to 80, or even more.

These single batteries constitute a battery pack through a circuit connection to meet the needs of UPS DC power supply. In the continuous operation of UPS continuous operation, due to performance and quality, individual battery performance is lowered, and the storage capacity does not reach the requirements and is inevitable. When certain batteries in the battery pack are damaged, the maintenance personnel should check each battery to exclude damaged batteries.

When replacing new batteries, you should strive to purchase a battery with a model of the same model, prohibiting an anti-acid battery and a sealed battery, a battery of different specifications. 6. UPS Battery Maintenance Comprehensive Solution This program consists of three parts: battery pack capacity monitoring, monomer battery charge and discharge, battery-specific intelligent protection.

Battery Group Capacity Monitoring: You can monitor the floating voltage, current, and charge and discharge voltage of the UPS battery, the current; if the discharge data can be monitored, it can determine the advantages and disadvantages of the battery pack performance, find a backward monomer and give each monomer. Remaining capacity. Monomer battery charge and discharge generation: for discovery backward monomer battery, charge and discharge, to activate the failure active substance, reduce internal resistance, compensate pressure difference and supplement the remaining capacity, to avoid further deterioration of the backward monomer and affect other single The body, that is, early treatment and prevention of the battery, and replacing the unit battery that cannot be compensated.

Special intelligent protection of battery cells: Special intelligent protection of lead-acid battery is electronic pulse technology, the first generation of high-tech techniques for automatic daily maintenance of lead-acid batteries in use. The protector has a resilience of the lead-acid battery that produces sulfate salting sulfate salts of sulfate, fatigue, and grass. It cleverly utilizes battery itself to generate electronic pulses and feed back the battery, effectively preventing battery stable capacity output, improves the productivity of the battery, fundamentally improving the working performance of lead-acid batteries, greatly extending battery Life, saving funds and energy, and also playing a positive role in environmental protection.

These three processes work together, solve problems such as the current UPS battery lack of necessary maintenance means and tools, not only to test battery performance, find backward monomers, but can help you activate back-behind batteries, early treatment for battery, effective Preventive failur.

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