Intelligent scheduling method and business model of grid side battery storage power station


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In response to the rapid development of the provincial power grid, the power grid can be further increased, the power grid peak ability and the difficulty of operating control is difficult to increase, improve the transportation capacity of special high voltage DC and power grid security power supply; at the same time, to solve the region The power grid load peak valley is large, the peak load is short, the load fluctuation rate is large, the power supply capacity is serious, and the power supply capacity is low, and the power supply is relieved in the summer, the temperature and power supply pressure, combined with the battery energy storage power station (referred to as "energy storage power station") Short construction cycle, flexible distribution, National Network Hunan Electric Power Co., Ltd. launched the construction and application of energy storage power station demonstration projects in regional power grids, exploring investment planning, operation and maintenance, dispatch management, analysis and evaluation of storage power stations.

Changsha reservoir demonstration project scale 60 MW / 120 megawatts (10 kV voltage level access), located in 220 kV pear, Yannong, Furong Substation, May 26, 2019, Six On the 5th, on June 14th put into operation. At present, the research of the energy storage power station has become increasingly mature, but the relevant experience of the operation of the energy storage power station also needs to be improved. In order to fill the gap in the actual operation of the storage power station, the supply of the power grid management, energy storage equipment manufacturing and investment decision-making reference basis, The author combined with the actual situation of the first phase of Hunan Power Grid and the energy storage power station, research and proposing the operating method of the energy storage power station, which has been applied to the demonstration project of Hunan Power Grid Reservoir Power Station.

The actual results show that the method can fully reflect the operation of the storage energy station, realize the regulation and operation of the energy storage equipment, and explore the business model of Hunan Power Grid Stations, and comprehensively improve the management level of Hunan Power Grid Reservoir. Relevant experience and reference related experience and reference can be used for other regional power grid construction storage power plants. The operating mode of the energy storage power station operating mode energy storage power station control mode is operated in accordance with the provincial adjustment, and the land adjustment is unformage.

It is important to ensure the principle of activeness. According to the load prediction and clean energy considering, considering the peak frequency modulation and safety constraints, after the calibration, the charging and discharging plan is made to ensure battery performance and service life, and give full play to the peak ability of the energy storage power station. AGC control mode.

According to the characteristics of the Hunan power grid load level, the energy storage power station is included in the AGC regulatory category. By saving the Adjustment command of the AGC master, the directive is automatically implemented, and the energy-saving power station has a powerful power, and gives full play to the adjustment of the storage power station Advantages, participate in real-time regulation of large grids. Independent power control mode.

Incorporate the energy storage power station into the automatic voltage control (AVC) system for unified regulation, reasonably set the energy storage power stations voltage regulation priority, and achieve cooperation control of the energy storage and traditional regulation. Industrial storage power station auxiliary grid emergency control mode. Incorporate storage power stations into accurate cut load systems, in an emergency, directly controlling the PCS of the energy storage power station with the highest priority, and give full play to the storage power plant startup time, fast response speed, high adjustment accuracy.

The storage and discharge mode of the storage power plant according to the operation of the energy storage and power plant and the actual demand of the grid, focusing on the peaks, promotes the two aspects of the cleaning energy, and has developed a medium and long-term, short time charge and discharge method, "one charge one Put "combined with" two charge and two "models, find the most economic benefits. Since the operation of Januaryday, 2020, three energy storage power stations (hibiscus, pear, Yannong) adopted "one charge and one release" plan to force mode, through operation safety analysis and economic benefit assessment, in April Adjustment to "two charge two" after three days. Since October 27, 2019, the upper and lower limits of the upper and lower limits of the upper and lower limits are set to 20% to 80%, followed by 10% to 90%.

As of June 2020, the accumulated charge of the storage energy station is 52.18 million, and the discharge is 41.43 million.

During the summer of 2019, the implementation of "one charge and one" operation strategy, the charging time period is 00: 00 ~ 08: 00, charging time is about 8 hours; pear, Yannong energy storage power station discharge time period is 20:30 ~ 22: 00, the discharge time is about 1.5 hours; the furcong energy storage power station discharge time period is 12: 00 ~ 13: 30, the discharge time is about 1.5 hours.

The overall integrated operation efficiency of the pear, Yannong, and hibiscus energy storage power station is around 80%. Currently, "two charge and two" operation strategies, against wind power, anti-tone peak characteristics and most powerful characteristics of photovoltaic power generation, storage power station charging period is 03: 30 ~ 05: 30 and 13: 30 ~ 16 : 30; Discharge period is the peak load period of the grid, from 10: 00 to 12: 00 and 18: 00 ~ 21: 00; when the amount of discharge is about 160,000 watts per day, the charging amount is about 213,000 kilowatts; hoes , The overall overall overall overall overall overall overall overall overall overall overall operating efficiency of the hibiscong energy storage power station is around 85%. "Two-Filling and Two Play" models are more efficient, and they can fully consider clean energy in Hunan Province.

It is more obvious with the peak use of the morning and evening peaks in Changsha. Investment and operation of China Hunan Integrated Energy Services Co., Ltd.

The way of operating and settlement, the same period is launched "New Energy Supplies Botility Rental Service + Electric Auxiliary Service Market" diversified business model, promoting storage energy value-added services. Electricity fee business income adopts "electricity electricity fee + spare capacity fee" two-unit electricity price mode, Changsha Power Supply Company pays energy storage power supply to integrated energy companies. Hunan Comprehensive Energy Company Annual Electricity Test Business Revenue is about 31.

2 million yuan, an annual spare capacity fee is 1.32 million yuan; electricity electricity bill is calculated according to the energy generation of the energy storage power plant, and the annual electricity fee is not less than 40 million kilowatts. 18 million yuan.

New energy supporting energy storage rental service business income "New energy supporting energy storage rental service" means that the power grid company will rent a storage power station to wind power, photovoltaic and other new energy companies, carry out wind power, photovoltaic grid supporting energy rental business, energy storage 60,000 kilowatts of power stations, more than 16 million yuan for business income each year. Electricity Auxiliary Service Market Subsidy Operational Income "Electric Auxiliary Service Market" is to refer to the power station in Hunan Province, in the Hunan Province, the power-aided service market transaction, obtain relevant auxiliary service subsidies, according to the needs and scale of the provincial auxiliary service market, according to the scheduling standards, annual Realize 6 million yuan business income. With the rapid development of the electricity market, according to the "Hunan Province Electric Power Supply Market Simulation Rules", the energy storage power station can add auxiliary service variety: depth peak, start and stop peak, urgent short-time peak.

Energy storage power station application effect storage power station can participate in the grid peak of the grid, meet the "lunch peak + night peak" in the Changsha area, effectively reduce the peak valley, optimize load characteristics; new energy and load abortion does not match time, storage power Promote new energy consumption; at the same time, the energy storage power station has millisecond response scheduling instruction capabilities, which can participate in the power network frequency modulation and pressure; in urgent conditions, it is possible to supply fast power support, improve the transient stability of the grid; incorporate the source network Management, cooperation with precision cutting system, realizing fast conversion of energy storage power stations, new power grid security stable margin, enhances Qi Zi DC conveyance capacity. In terms of improving the power supply of the grid, July 10th to August 30, 2019, the peak of the peak hours of the load of the Hunan province, the peak peak of the Hunan Provincial Network, and the 12th, 2019. On the 19/09th, the three energy storage power stations realize cross-provincial calls, and the peak support in Henan during the low valley period, the peak power is 26,000 kilowatts, lasting for 2 hours; June 14 to 18th, 2020 During the main changing power failure of the volt-final power station, the main change will be super stable control.

By adjusting the extension of the Yannong stations in advance, it relieves the trend of the provincial network section and 500 kV substation power supply area to a certain extent. (See figure). In terms of improving power supply stability in power grid, the energy storage power station has played an important use in emergency control of the auxiliary grid.

On May 6, 2020, the energy storage power station completed the elongated transmission test. After the DC power of Qiqiao was dropped from 800,000 kilowatts, the hibiscus energy storage power station immediately transferred from full power charging to full power discharge, realization Power support 52,000 kW. In terms of promoting clean energy consumption, as of August 9, 2020, accumulated in the low valley load period, the new energy power consumption of Hunan Province was 605.

555576 thousand watts, and at the same time, the dispersion distributed clean energy power generation is also improved in the peak period. Ability, promotes renewable energy. When configuring the storage capacity, it is expected that the province's Fengshui / Flat-Water year clean energy is 2.

67 billion / 1.89 billion kWh. According to the consumer capability, each configured 1 kW, the energy storage device can reduce the new energy to 400 kilowatt time, 120 MW, and the energy storage power station can reduce the province's clean energy to abandon the power of 0.

48 billion kWh. In terms of reducing carbon emissions, the energy storage system is charged during the fire generator set, which can add low-gravinal unit to reduce the peak depth of the fire generator set, and effectively reduce the unit of unit power consumption. Demonstration projects can effectively reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of 16,000 tons, reduce 480 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, effectively promote energy conservation and emission reduction.

Hunan energy storage power station can achieve peak-filling valley through a medium and long term "one charge and one release", "two charge and two" charges, mitigate the grid overload; for different application scenarios, different control strategies can be used to play auxiliary Power grid emergency peak, promoting clean energy, improved power supply reliability, etc., greatly improves the stability of Changsha and Hunan Power Grid. At the same time, explore the business model of operating operations in the energy storage power station, actively develop the transaction variety in the electricity market in the power market, realize the profitability of the energy storage power station, and enrich the trading model of the energy storage power station.

The operation management method of the Hunan Province's energy storage power station can be used to evaluate the supply of various manufacturers, exploring the supply of different application scenarios for the power grid side, for other regions construction management power network side energy storage power station supplies reference. This article is published in "my country Electric Power Company Management" 2020, No. 08, Author Peng Qingwen, Wu Donglin, Huanglunyuan Working in Guanda Power Supply Branch, Huangbo Wen, Huangbo Wen Wen, Huang Bowen, China, Hunan Integrated Energy Service Co.

, Ltd., Xu Min Yu National Network Hunan Electric Power Co., Ltd.

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