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Many people feel that their mobile phones are not used for a long time, this is because there is no attention to the maintenance of mobile phone batteries. The ultimate goal of mobile phone battery maintenance is to extend mobile phone battery life, so how to maintain a mobile phone battery to extend battery life? Let mobile phone for us for a longer service. The correct mobile phone battery maintenance should be taken after purchase, and several mobile phone maintenance methods summarized in this article.

How to maintain the phone battery 1, how to maintain the new mobile phone battery maintenance In the use of lithium ion batteries, it should be noted that the battery will enter the sleep state after a period of time, at which time the capacity is below normal, the usage time is shortened. However, the lithium-ion battery is easily activated, and the battery can be activated as long as it passes through 3-5 normal charge and discharge cycles, and normal capacity is restored. Due to the characteristics of the lithium-ion battery itself, it determines that there is almost no memory effect.

Therefore, the new lithium ion battery in the user's mobile phone is not particularly method and equipment. Not only theory is theoretical, from my own practice, from the beginning, the standard method is used to charge this natural activation method is the best. About the problem of activation of lithium-ion batteries, many statements are: charging time must be more than 12 hours, repeated three times in order to activate the battery.

This first three-three charging should be charged more than 12 hours, which is obvious to continue from nickel batteries (such as nickel-cadmium and nickel hydrogen). So this kind of saying, you can say that the beginning is misuse. The charging and discharging characteristics of the lithium-ion battery and nickel battery have a very big difference, and you can tell you very clearly.

All serious formal technical information I have been inspected emphasizes that the charge and over-discharge will pairs of lithium-ion batteries, especially Liquid lithium-ion battery causes huge damage. Therefore, charging is preferably charged according to standard time and standard method, especially for more than 12 hours of long charging. Generally, the charging method described in the mobile phone manual is to suit the standard charging method for the mobile phone.

In addition, the mobile phone or charger of the lithium-ion battery will automatically stop after the battery is full, and there is no so-called trickle charging for the nickel electric charge. That is, if your lithium-ion battery is full, it is also white charge. And we can't guarantee that the characteristics of the battery's charge and discharge protection circuit will never change and quality, so your battery will be in dangerous edges.

This is another reason why us oppose long charging. In addition, on some mobile phones, if the charger is charged more than a certain period of time, if the charger does not remove the charger, the system not only does not stop charging, but also starts the discharge - charging cycle. Perhaps the manufacturer of this practice has its own purpose, but it is clear that the battery and mobile phone / charger are unfavorable.

At the same time, long-term charging is long, often in the night, while in my country's power grid, the voltage in many parts is relatively high, and the fluctuations are large. As mentioned earlier, the lithium-ion battery is very delicate, it is much more resistant to the fluctuations in the charge and discharge, so this also brings additional dangers. In addition, another aspect of not ignored is that the lithium ion battery is also not suitable for over-discharge, and the over-discharge is also very disadvantageous to the lithium-ion battery.

This leads to the following problems. 2. When should I start charging and maintaining a mobile phone battery in normal use, we can often see this, because the number of charge and discharge is limited, so the electric battery should be charged as light as possible.

But I found a experimental table for lithium-ion battery charging cycles, and the data about cycle life is listed below: Circulation Life (10% DOD):> 1000 cycle life (100% DOD):> 200 times where DOD is discharge Depth English abbreviation. As can be seen from the table, the number of chargeable times and the discharge depth, the cycle life of 10% DOD is much longer than 100% DOD. Of course, if it is equally contrary to the relative total capacity of actual charging: 10% * 1000 = 100, 100% * 200 = 200, the latter's complete charge and discharge is still better, but the previous netizen's saying should be amended: in normal In the case, you should reserve the principle of recharging the remaining electricity of the battery, but if your battery is expected to stick to the whole day, you should start charging in time, of course, if you want to back Charger to the office is also.

And when you want to charge, it is expected that it is expected to lead to an important event that will lead to busy communication. It is 0.X, and often this X will be small.

The principle of battery remaining electricity is not to be tired to extreme. One statement on the same flow of long charging is the same, that is, try to use the battery's battery, it is best to automatically shut down. This practice is actually just the practice of nickel battery, the purpose is to prevent memory effects, unfortunately, it is also circulating on lithium-ion batteries.

Some people have appeared after the warning of the battery battery is too low, still not charging the use of automatic shutdown examples. Result The mobile phone in this example has no response in the later charging and boot, and has to send customer service inspection. This is actually because the battery causes the voltage to be too low due to excessive discharge, so that there is no normal charging and power-on conditions.

3, the correct approach to lithium-ion battery's mobile phone battery maintenance, I am the most important tips for the charge and discharge problem in the use of lithium-ion battery mobile phones are: 1 According to the standard time and program, even the top three times Performance; 2 When the phone is too low, you should start charging in time; 3 activation of lithium-ion batteries is not a special method, and the lithium ion battery will naturally activate in the normal use of the phone. If you insist on the three 12-hour long charging activation methods to be used in the first three times, it will not actually have effects. Therefore, all the practices that pursue 12 hours of super long charging and use lithium-ion battery mobile phone automatic shutdown are incorrect.

If you used to do it according to the wrong statement, please correct it in time, maybe it is not too late. Of course, in the case where the mobile phone and the charger itself protects and controls the quality of the circuit, the protection of the lithium-ion battery is still quite guaranteed. Therefore, the understanding of the charging rules is the focus.

In some cases, some concessions can be made. For example, if you find that the phone must be charged before you go to bed, you can start charging before going to bed. The key to the problem is what you should learn about the correct approach, and don't deliberately do it according to the wrong statement.

Netizen summed up mobile phone battery maintenance 12 coups 1. Develop good usage habits, don't wait until it is completely dead and then charge, don't continue to override for a long time, etc. Lithium ion likes shallow charge.

Of course, about when a normal user is always remembered, when the charge or shutdown software, etc. is very difficult. 2.

After the fast charging phase is completed, it has just completed about 80%, and the battery has a large charging space; in fact, lithium-ion batteries also have two processes of continuous charging and trickle charging, which can use third-party battery management software. To monitor the battery's charging status, let it play a bigger use at critical moments. 3.

In fact, usually develop good use of electricity, and put some unnecessary software can also save power, such as closing WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. without a network, can also extend the standby time. 4.

Many times, when the mobile phone is low, the power is often quite low. If you continue to use, it is easy to cause excessive discharge, which has a great impact on battery life. Jinshan Battery Doctor can remind self-mean low power, and intelligently switch power saving mode.

5. The mobile phone is almost all lithium-ion batteries, no memory effect, no need to charge 12 hours. In addition, the lithium ion battery excessive charge and discharge will cause permanent damage to the battery positive and negative poles.

Excessive charging makes excess of lithium ions embed the negative carbon structure, causing part of the lithium ions to releasably, shorten battery life, and there is also a safety hazard. 6. Mobile phone battery charges include fast charging, continuous charging, trickle charging three stages.

After the first two phases, although the system is displayed 100%, the actual battery does not really reach a saturation state. At this time, the remaining capacity can only be supplemented by tiny pulse current, and this stage is usually 30-40 minutes. All three stages are completed, the battery can really reach a good condition of the battery.

7. In order to prevent the user from being accepted, the mobile phone battery uses the design of the overchard protection circuit, that is, the charging process is automatically terminated after the charging is completed. However, the battery will start the self-discharge process at the same time, resulting in a decrease in electricity; the power is lowered to a certain magnitude, and the charging is started again, and the discharge is continuously discharged - reciprocating reciprocating.

However, the long time is in a high pressure state, there is a negative use of the battery and triggered crystals, but not only shorten battery life, but also there is security hazard. 8. Mobile phone edge charging edge use and other behaviors to cause injury to mobile phones, people and batteries.

Because the voltage at the time of charging is higher than standby, if the phone is simultaneously connected, the instant voltage of the network will exceed the usual times, which causes the mobile phone to be able to fail; second, when charging Radiation is also higher than usual. 9. Try to use the mobile phone when charging.

In addition, the lithium-ion battery does not require concern to interrupt charging multiple times, so you can disconnect the power when you call or play games. Normal use, but don't charge the charging environment, unstable voltage causes damage to the battery. 10.

Lithium-ion batteries do not have memory, and like shallow charge, you can follow. But if you can't full of the battery, it is very likely that the charger or battery itself has a problem. It is recommended to repair or replace it in time to avoid danger.

11. Although the IPAD charger can be compatible with the iPhone, it is best not to mix. After all, the iPad's charging adapter can supply relatively large power.

In extreme cases, it may cause harm to the mobile phone battery. 12. General factory charger, nominal output voltage DC5V, output current 1A; and general PCUSB port standard output voltage is also 5V, output current 500mA, according to these data, as long as the computer is grounded, the USB interface has no quality problem, with USB The data cable is fully feasible, but the theoretical charging time is 1 fold longer than charger, it is a slow charge.

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