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The life of the electric sedan is determined in the motor. The driving motor is different, and the cost is also very different. If the DC has a brush motor, the in-vehicle power supply can directly supply the motor, using this motor using a thyristor controller chopping mode speed.

The life of the battery has "dry storage life" and "wet storage life". These two concepts are only for battery self-discharge, not the actual use of the battery. The real life of the battery refers to the length of time that the battery is actually used.

For a battery, the life of the battery is characterized to give a working time (related to the magnification size). For secondary batteries, the life of the battery is born with two kinds of discharge cycle life and wet use life. The charge and discharge cycle life is an important parameter that measures the performance of the secondary battery.

Withmasting and discharging, called a cycle (or one cycle). Under a certain charge and discharge system, the battery capacity is reduced to a certain amount of charge and discharge, referred to as the charge and discharge cycle life of the secondary battery. The longer the charge and discharge cycle life, the better the battery.

In currently used secondary batteries, the charging and discharge of cadmium nickel batteries is 500 ~ 800 times, lead-acid batteries 200 ~ 500 times, lithium ion battery 600 ~ 1000 times, zinc silver battery is short, about 100 times. The charge and discharge cycle life of the secondary battery is related to discharge depth, temperature, charge and discharge electric system. The so-called "discharge depth" refers to the percentage of the capacity of the battery.

Reduce the depth of discharge (ie "shallow discharge"), the charge and discharge cycle life of the secondary battery can be greatly extended. Wet use life is also one of the important parameters of the measurement of the performance of the secondary battery. It refers to the time when the battery is added to the electrolyte until the time of charge and discharge cycle is terminated until the end of the charge and discharge cycle (including the time during the charge and discharge cycle).

The longer the wet shelf life, the better the battery performance. In the currently common battery, cadmium nickel battery wet shelves use life 2 to 3 years, lead-acid batteries for 3 to 5 years, lithium ion batteries 5 to 8 years, zinc silver battery is shortest, only 1 year. In addition, the performance of the battery is also: low temperature performance, over chargeable capacity, safety performance, etc.

How much is electric car changed battery? How long is the battery life - the price electric car battery 2 new energy vehicle is jumping development, according to official data, 2014 national sales new energy car is 75,000, of which Shanghai sales data is ranked first, 2015 More than 200,000 vehicles are expected. The more new energy cars run, but the battery as a "heart", but it has become a short board of the legs, chaos constantly, the battery should be calculated according to the calculation price. One level of electricity 2000.

Generally 150 kilometers of cars, is 20-25 degrees. 250 kilometers of cars 40-45 degrees. It seems that electric car changing batteries is not easy, battery maintenance has become "blocking road tiger" that is now popular in electric cars.

This is how much the electric car for electric vehicles introduced in Xiaobian, how long is the battery life, and for an electric car, the more convenient the battery life will bring more convenience, the greater the battery life means The higher the frequency of charging, the lower the life of the electric vehicle, in addition to the motor, secondly, the battery is the battery; the general motor has quality assurance, the battery is used, but the battery is used, the charging will greatly reduce the service life; so the battery Use specially to introduce; the following is the point of use of the battery: the battery should be stored after the battery is fully charged, take out to discharge or use one to twice in the left and right, and then recharge the service life of the battery. Generally, the first three times of the new battery is preferably 8-12 hours, and later can master it in 6-8 hours; the battery is charged fast, it doesn't matter; the key is the discharge time; the discharge time can continue to use; the battery is as long as it is Ability to charge, discharge can continue to use; if you purchase a domestic big brand; if you can identify the quality of quality, you can purchase the brand product of the small and medium-sized manufacturers; this cost is higher; the life of the general battery is charging, The number of discharges is determined; generally rework, the number of refurbished battery charges are around 50 times, so I have vowed to tell you, the warranty is three months, or half a year; one warranty is definitely not long; ordinary manufacturer produced The battery is charged, the number of discharges is about 100-180 times; the use period is about two years; good manufacturers produce battery charging, discharge number of 200-300 times; use deadlines for two or three years; import, The original battery is charged, the discharge can reach more than 500 times, the usage period is longer; the most ideal state should be to charge when the battery's electric energy is exhausted, preferably; the general battery is the most taboo is overcharge, Discharge; as long as these two principles can be used to maximize the use of the maximum life cycle of the battery. Life is usually 1-2 years, more than 2-4 years.

People who have a little car maintenance experience know that the battery belongs to the consumables of traditional gasoline vehicles, with an average life expectancy for 3 years, need to replace it. A small car battery will have hundreds of dollars, the electric car is driving a few hundred kilograms of batteries, isn't it a high price? After a few years, it is still enough to change the battery, it is not enough to change the battery! Many, and refer to the life of this accessory, there seems to be some truth. First, the classification of the power battery is currently used in the power battery, which is generally divided into lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, and nickel-hydrogen batteries.

Among them, the nickel-hydrogen battery is only used in Toyota's non-plug-in mixing vehicle. It is not suitable as a separate power source; the lead-acid battery is mainly used in low-speed electric vehicles, which is the "old man" that is as saying; the lithium battery is the most widely used. Electric vehicle power battery.

Lithium batteries are divided into many species depending on the material, and the currently used mature is three-dimensional lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries. The models of lithium batteries on the market are basically the two batteries. Second, lead acid may have dog belt, nickel hydrogen is a carnival of Toyota, lithium battery is king! Let's start from lead-acid battery.

In fact, it is the battery on the general car, multiple strings / parallel, directly as a power source. Such batteries, the discharge current is smaller (resulting in the result is what we usually say "), the model is not running, the fastest speed is about 60 kilometers, the life is relatively short, the cycle of about 3 years must be replaced In. The advantage is that the production threshold is low, the price is cheap, and the protection circuit and equalization circuit are required, and the workshop can be produced.

Disadvantages, slow speed, low power, short life . However, this battery has been impressed in people's hearts, many are directly transferred to the lithium battery. (Especially the big Shandong running through our low-speed car) lithium battery says that lead acid, there is something, you don't run, two lithium-ion batteries, also have different "temper", first talk about three yuan lithium batteries.

More representative cars are Tesla, Beiqi E200EV, Jianghuai IEV5, Chery EQ, etc., characterized by high energy density, same volume weight, large capacitance; battery consistency, production technology mature. Such a battery, theoretically cycle life is about 1,500 times, actually use, fully charge and discharge cycle in more than 800 times, and controlling battery discharge In a state of 25% -75%, the actual use can reach more than 1200 times.

Seeing this, do you want to say, 800, 1 day, 1 time, less than 3 years can't work? Here, I want to explain, the concept of full cycle. Refers to the battery full of electricity, then finish, calculate a cycle. If you use 100% from 100% a day, then full, then 4 days to count a complete loop, the life can reach 10 years.

With the general three-yuan lithium battery electric car, there is 200 kilometers, and the complete cycle can actually travel. It is also 180 kilometers, and 800 cycles can go 14,000 kilometers, count normal attenuation, and there is no pressure of 120,000 kilometers. 10 years can be used in the frequency of use of 60 kilometers 1 day.

And if you pay attention to shallow charge, maintain the battery, 1200 cycles, 150,000 kilometers, basically cover the service life of the household car, that is, the battery is with the car with the car, and does not need to replace the battery throughout the cycle. The battery is with the car with the car, and does not need to replace the battery throughout the cycle. Let's talk about lithium iron phosphate batteries, representing models with BYD Qin, BYD Tang, BYD E6, Teeng, Jianghuai IEV4.

This type of battery is a long-circulating life, which can reach 2000 cycles; charge and discharge retrieval, that is, more charge and discharge current; good security, bending puncture high temperature. The disadvantage is that the energy density is low. The same battery needs to use more batteries, which increases the vehicle weight and cost; the consistency is different, there is a better battery management system; the low temperature decline is more obvious, the capacity will be reduced by 10% when 0 ¡ã C Left and right, the -20 degree capacity reduces about 30%.

In winter, the same car is in the south and the north. Mr. Ma Di, a 2000 cycle of Beijing folk songs, has been surprised by pure electric vehicles.

Even if there is only 70 kilometers of Qin, the 2000 cycle can also support the Qin pure electric driving of 140,000 kilometers, count the mileage of the steam, covering the service life of the whole car is also no problem. Third, I really have a problem, how can some friends will feel that the car has not been used, once the battery has problems in the life range? Is it necessary to spend high maintenance costs? First, the state requires new Energy car key components (battery, electric control, motor) provide no less than 5 years or 100,000 kilometers warranty, and since 2016, it provides no less than 8 years or 120,000 kilometers warranty. During this cycle, the maintenance is completely free, and some manufacturers provide a good warranty than this long warranty, such as BYD, and battery life.

So, what should the battery failure? Is it necessary to change the battery pack? Do you want to replace it, but the cost is not tens of thousands of people in the hearts, because you don't need to change the entire battery. As long as you change the corresponding one or several fault batteries, you can. And the cost of a single battery is most expensive, there is only a hundred dollars, calculate the work hours, one or two thousand dollars, should be cheaper than the fuel car repair.

At this point, there will be a high battery replacement fee during the use of electric vehicles. You can rest assured that the new energy car is right for you. Almost no additional cost is required for the battery throughout the use, you can enjoy the different experiences of the new energy car.

The above is the electric car battery that is introduced by the electric border today. At present, the state requires a new energy car key component (battery, electric control, motor) to provide no less than 5 years or 100,000 kilometers warranty, and since 2016, it offers no less than 8 years or 120,000 kilometers warranty. During this cycle, the maintenance is completely free, and some manufacturers provide a good warranty than this long warranty, such as BYD, and battery life.

I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of our questions.

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