From the battery to the integration, there is "new cooperation" after the opening of the whole vehicle, Wang Chuanfu Wei Jianjun is shaking hands.


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From the battery to the points, there is no sign of "new cooperation" after the passing of the King of the whole vehicle from the battery to the integration. At noon on March 21, the broadcasting of the Great Wall Motor ( was rang, and the company announced the company's chairman Wei Jianjun to accept important visitor, requiring high-ring and test mountain to ban any vehicles from entering, and the heavy penalty.

Soon, the mystery was revealed, and the Baodi, who came to Baodi, Wang Chuanfu, Chairman, BYD, Shenzhen, Di Di, and Wang Chuanfu, who said in the afternoon, "Chatting", Tested to the Great Wall's Weyp8 New Energy SUV. Two people's remembers of this time. The outside world guess, Wang Chuanfu's person visited the battery to sell the company to the Great Wall - in 2017, Fujian's battery Shangning Germany Times exceeded BYD, became the world's largest battery shipping company, and Ningde Times The battery orders of many car companies, including BMW, the public, and even BYD's partners, if this year, Ningde Times success IPO, its market value will not be more than BYD.

This makes BYD feel huge pressure. Wang Chuanfu himself will reflect on this. Wang Chuanfu believes in an internal speech that the previous vertical system has been established, and the strategy for the sale of the battery is not correct.

In the second half of 2017, Wang Chuanfu began to open the battery and other parts. "To absorb Nokia's lessons, change the lessons of the traditional car companies, relatively closed business models. "Wang Chuanfu said in recent days that BYD decided to open its own intelligent development platform.

But no matter how it changes, the question that is first to face is how to find buyers for BYD batteries. For many car companies, buy BYD's batteries seem to mean that the risk - BYD has a whole-vehicle manufacturing business, becoming a prostitute. But this time may not be the first proposed by Wang Chuanfu first.

The Economic Observer reporter learned that this is not the first contact between the Great Wall and BYD. In this case, the Wei Jianjun has sent people to the headquarters of BYD, "Take the Bicycle" and contact in Shenzhen, "In BYD's hexagonal building, the Great Wall visiting BYD is not a secret. "Informed people told reporters.

For Wei Jianjun, he has urgent to see Wang Chuanfu, and carry out a honest heart to exchange with the latter. my country's automobile industry will officially begin to implement the average fuel consumption points assessment in "Double Points" policy (ie, the average fuel consumption and new energy vehicle points). The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is announced in the 2016 car enterprises accounting in March.

The Great Wall Motor has already carrying huge integration, and its average fuel consumption has reached 2.345 million, but the new energy points are only in the district. In 2019, the assessment of new energy points will also begin, Great Wall Automobile pressure will further increase.

As the world's largest new energy car manufacturer, BYD holds a large number of new energy vehicles, totaling nearly 300,000 points. The Great Wall "Going out" and BYD have made different choices under the background of the new stage of the new stage to open to the open stage. It can be seen that this opportunity not only gives the opportunity to fix the fainile strategy in the two valuables in BYD and the Great Wall.

On March 21, Wei Jianjun did not appear on the listing scene of the heavy model H4, and the day of turn, there was a starting ceremony located in Yongchuan production base in Chongqing, Great Wall. The construction of Chongqing Yongchuan production base is called the Great Wall Car "The First Step". The problem of Great Wall cars in growth is that because of its starting from Baoding, almost all investments are placed in Baoding, but it is a very conservative decision to grow into the internationalization company of Wei Jianjun.

Although Great Wall cars also have branches, it is basically a form. On the production base, the Great Wall has never been staged. In Yongchuan set up the base, it is a step in the Great Wall true.

From Wei Jianjun himself, there is also a view of new energy cars. In February this year, Great Wall Motors announced cooperation with BMW MINI, and the cooperation between the two sides was set as new energy vehicles. In fact, in a long time, Wei Jianjun has been a serious questioning for new energy cars - even though he is also laying off in the new energy vehicle field, but he is still in the new energy vehicle "pseudo-environmental protection".

There were no new energy in the real car listed in BYD in the past few years, was so far behind BYD, whether it is technology or market level. Great Wall Motor announced new energy vehicle development plan in 2018. According to Wang Fengying, President of Great Wall, Great Wall plans to sell 2 million cars in 2025, of which 700,000 will be electric cars, accounting for one-third of the annual sales.

In addition, the Great Wall Motor will plan to invest 20 billion in R & D electric vehicles before 2020. The Economic Observer reporter learned that Great Wall cars officially announced the new electric car R & D center in Austria, and will plan to invest in the center to 20 million euros for this center before 2020 (15.7 billion yuan).

The Great Wall Motor will put the electric car R & D center in the current electric vehicle's penetration rate, the exterior is not optimistic. In particular, in the development of the Great Wall Motor, the core of the electric vehicle core component is used as the core of the electric vehicle core - the power lithium-ion battery has not progressed. From April, the "Dual Points" policy assessment will be officially launched.

In the face of this stringent assessment, the consequences of the non-standard company face is serious, even to adjust the production or import plan of the passenger car, otherwise you will not enter the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "Road Motor Vehicle Production Company and Product Notice". Whether it is a new energy point in the Great Wall Motor, it is also its shortage of new energy core technology such as power lithium-ion batteries. BYD with the above-mentioned double advantage seems to have become a non-two candidate for Great Wall.

For BYD, the Great Wall also shows its unique significance - although Guangzhou Automobile and Beiqi and other companies have reached cooperation with BYD, but BYD "selling" batteries is still difficult to speak easily. Byadi urgently wants a real heavyweight partner to break the deadlock in the battery sector, while the fuel trass has more than 1 million Great Wall, but there are very few Great Walls that new energy vehicles can be a great choice. This is like a good feet of "on the wrong sedan married".

For BYD, further openness is on the road. The Economic Observer reporter learned that BYD's power lithium-ion battery service split method has passed the pass of Wang Chuanfu and management. After subsequent notice processes, the split list is also a great choice.

"At present, BYD's photovoltaic and dynamic lithium-ion batteries belong to the Second Division. It is necessary to list the power lithium-ion battery and photovoltaic split, and BYD in the dynamic lithium-ion battery area has been docking all major car ownership, definitely constantly Progress in the direction of marketization. "BYD insiders told economic observation reporters.

In fact, BYD has the opening of the dynamic lithium-ion battery field, on the one hand, in order to seek new performance rising points, on the other hand, in order to occupy the dynamic lithium-ion battery industry standard development and output. "The pace of BYD will be more faster than everyone, whether it is traditional car companies or Internet products BYD hopes to reach a strategic cooperation, but not only the cooperation in the dynamic lithium-ion battery, in many core technologies and zero In terms of parts, BYD is willing to cooperate. "The above internal person revealed.

The Great Wall or Purchase of BYD is together, and the two car big hands are holding together. Cooperation may not only be limited to the business of power lithium-ion batteries and new energy points, may also open the depth of autonomous car enterprises. The Economic Observer reporter learned that Great Wall Motors have clearly stated that it will consider using BYD's power lithium-ion batteries in recent performance announcement.

"Price is talking about because the production and cycle of battery supply is critical, and these details are implemented. "The above knowing. At present, the planning and brand layout of Great Wall Motors in the new energy car product layout is accelerating.

The Economic Observer reporter learned that in the upcoming Beijing Auto Show, Great Wall Motors will officially announce the pure electric brand "Ou] and new energy vehicles and shared travel brands -" Ou] Travel ". In terms of high-end models of new energy vehicles, Wang Chuanfu's first new energy model P8 will also formally appear. Under the comprehensive layout of new energy car products, the Great Wall Automobile relates to the demand for BYD power lithium-ion batteries will further accelerate.

In addition, the economic observation reporter is exclusive that BYD wants to pack with Great Wall Motors in the new energy vehicle field. "At present, BYD promotes dynamic lithium-ion battery is a comprehensive core automotive parts promotion and technology exchange meeting, not only the core technology of dynamic lithium-ion batteries, motor, electric control and chassis is also conducting cooperation. "Signer revealed.

The Economic Observer reporter learned that on March 28, BYD will host a core auto parts promotion and technical exchange meeting in Beiqi New Energy R & D Building. In addition to the sale of parts, BYD is more hope that "selling" is our own platform. In March 2018, BYD held an automobile developer conference that open its own vehicle platform and sensor.

BYD said that under the premise of platform agreement, global developers can participate, design the various specialization software required by users, such as BYD supply to various control, air conditioning, sunroof, etc. The system developed by the outside handover. This is also attractive technology for the Great Wall, etc.

For Great Wall Cars, BYD, holding a large number of new energy points, accounts for a certain initiative, and Wei Jianjun faces the new energy points with a temptable and transaction value, may choose to cooperate with BYD in the new energy vehicle field. At present, the new energy car points are worth 800-1000 yuan worth 800-1000 yuan. But with the consumption and decrease in points, the points price will rise.

It will not reach 6,000 yuan in a year. It is expected that if the sales volume on the market maintains the status quo, the points can be up to 8,000 yuan. This will be a huge expenditure.

In addition to the cooperation of new energy points and new energy core components, the Great Wall car visits BYD can also spoke some spider silk on the same day. At the same day of BYD, Shanghai Si's Automotive Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

(hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Si") has also appeared in the Hexagon Building of BYD Headquarters. Foreign speculation, Shanghai Si Zhifei as a company supplied to automatic performance testing and development of automotive industries, which appeared at the same time as Great Wall, let BYD and Great Wall Motor to carry out the possibility of cooperation with the Great Wall. (Economic Observation News / Liu Junjing).

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