Example of use and maintenance precautions for lithium ion batteries


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First, common sense popularization 1, memory effect: common phenomenon on nickel-hydrogen rechargeable battery. Specific performance is: If you start using a battery for a long time, the battery will be significantly declined, even if you want to be full, it is not full. Therefore, the important way to maintain the nickel-hydride battery is that electricity must be used up before they can start charging, full of electricity is allowed to use.

The memory effect of the commonly used lithium-ion battery is now small to ignore. 2, fully charge, complete discharge: is for lithium-ion batteries. Complete discharge is to refer to the process of electricity, such as a mobile phone, adjusting to the lowest power state, and the process of automatically shutting down the mobile phone.

Complete charging refers to the complete discharge of electricity intelligence equipment, such as mobile phone, picks up the charger to the process of prompting the mobile phone. 3, over-discharge: is for lithium-ion batteries. There will be a small amount of power inside the lithium ion battery after full discharge, but this part of the battery is crucial about the activity and life of lithium-ion batteries.

Excessive discharge: After full discharge, if otherwise continues, such as: forcibly turn on the phone, the battery picks up the small lights, this is over-discharge, which will cause irreversible damage to the lithium ion battery. 4. This chip also has functions of recording battery capacity and correcting battery capacity.

Now, even if the cottage mobile phone battery does not save this key to protect the chip, otherwise the cottage mobile phone battery cannot be used for a long time. 5, overturned release protection circuit: the chip and circuitry of fully managed battery work with electricity smart device. For example, on the phone, there is such a circuit, and the probably function is as follows: (1) When charging, the most suitable voltage current is supplied to the battery.

Stop charging in a suitable timing. (2) When not charging, the time checks the battery residual electricity, command the phone to shut down at the appropriate timing, prevent excessive discharge. (3) When booting, check if the battery has been completely discharged.

If it has been completely discharged, then prompt the user to charge, and then shut down. (4) Prevent battery or charging wire electricity from abnormality, discover an abnormal disconnect circuit, protect the mobile phone. 6, overcharge: is for lithium-ion batteries.

Under normal circumstances, the lithium-ion battery is filled with a voltage (which is full) will be cut off the charging current by the superior circuit, but due to the different voltage current parameters of the overwheld protection circuit built into some devices (such as mobile phone battery charger) Although it is full, it has not stopped charging. Overcharge can also cause battery performance damage. 7.

Activation: Lithium-ion battery long-term (more than three months) does not use, the electrode material is passivated, the battery performance is lowered, and it can be used three times fully charged, fully discharge to relieve purification, and play the highest performance of the battery. Second, the common error point of view: View 1: First use must be fully discharged, then fully charge, repeat three times to facilitate activation. Otherwise the battery will never use it! ! Answer: If you don't do it, you can do it, but it's not necessary, because the activation operation is not necessary to put it in the first time.

As long as the electrode passivation does not need to be deliberately activated, it can slow down without deliberate use. Overview 2. Solution: Whether the phone is used to use the phone to be harmful to the battery.

If this article will be explained later, it can be determined that the phone can never use mobile phone when charging will never have multiple radiation. View 3, the lithium-ion battery can only charge and discharge the XXX times in the life cycle, so you will use it automatically to automatically shut down every time, you will charge it to full power. Solution: The first clause is right, back is wrong.

Every time in this number of times, it refers to a complete time. For example, from 20% to 30% stop charging, this is only 1/10, from 80% to 60%, can only be considered 1/5 times. View 4, the first three charge must reach 12 hours, otherwise it affects battery performance.

Answer: If it is to activate the battery, as long as the mobile phone is full of electricity, it is enough. Generally, the mobile phone will be prompted within 5 hours, after completion, then the charger will override the protection circuit will cut off the mobile phone charging current. After that, the battery is in a non-operating state, and the effect of dialing the charging line immediately after it is full.

The top three charging must reach 12 hours to the nickel-hydrogen charged battery, and the results are habitually written in a lithium-ion battery user manual by many manufacturers, ignorant of lithium-ion batteries. International Factory, such as Dell, Lenovo, ASUS, Apple's products are absolutely no 12 hours of writing. And about the lithium-ion battery, this is common, and it is part of the working principle.

It is impossible for manufacturers to produce 12 hours, some manufacturers don't. It should be noted that if the seat is charged, the charging time may exceed 6 hours, but as long as it is full of electricity, the seat will be automatically powered off, and the line Filling is the same. View 5, full of electricity, it is best to dial the charging line immediately to prevent over charge.

Answer: The overlink is not a vegetarian, OK! ! ! If you have an overcharge, most of them are damaged by the overshoot protection circuit, but this probability is really low in the current electronic product technology and the power resistance, do not want to hang. View 6, once the mobile phone starts to prompt users to charge, you must charge it immediately, or turn it immediately, prevent overwork. Overlifting the protected circuit is not vegetarian, OK! ! ! This circuit will force shutdown when necessary (before being overplay), and will not damage the battery.

The phone's tips are to let users know in advance, prepare for handling or mental preparation in advance. It should be noted that if the mobile phone has automatically shut down, it will not be turned on for a call, because it is very likely to cause more overwork, and because the presence of protection, most of the boot will be blocked by the protection circuit before the boot is not completed. Forced power out.

Third, properly use the lithium-ion battery to process: 1, the new factory battery: No need to handle any processing, such as activation, etc., can directly put it normally. 2, the battery idle for a long time (within three months): No need to handle any processing (such as activation, etc.

), can be directly put into normal use. 3, a long-term battery (more than three months): can do activation, so that the battery activity is highest, or not, so that it will naturally return to the highest activity. 4, the evaluation personnel of electronic products, in order to ensure the correct statistics of battery life, it is necessary to activate the process before testing.

Fourth, the normal charging method of lithium ion battery: charging at any time, and can stop charging at any time, do not have a scruple. This is an important advantage of lithium-ion batteries ---- No memory effect is determined, please face this advantage, and let your lithium battery try to show this important advantage. V.

Working lithium-ion battery is most afraid of what: 1,100 ¡ã C or more high temperature: will seriously affect battery life and storage capacity, and may result in melting of batteries, or explosion. So, please let the lithium ion battery away from the fire and other heat sources. 2, 35 ¡ã C to 100 ¡ã C high temperature: Yes, you don't miss the wrong, starting from 35 ¡ã C (human body temperature is generally 36.

2 ¡ã C-37.2 ¡ã C) battery life begins to be significantly affected, the higher the temperature, the greater the influence. The lithium-ion battery has the least 400 complete charge and discharge, and the phone will be charged once every three days, and a battery should be at least three and a half.

But the vast majority of batteries have not lived so long, the reason is that the reason for the battery is affected by the body temperature of the battery, because the heating of other chips of mobile phones. Why is the battery of the laptop feel that there is no durable mobile phone, that is because: one, laptop works, more than mobile phone, computer chip is very easy to transmit to the battery, more than 40 ¡ã C easy. Second, in order to charge faster, the charging current of the notebook is generally higher, the battery capacity is large, and the charging discharge battery itself will heat.

Third, the battery is typically located at the bottom of the board, not easy to heat. Again, if your device will have more calories in use, such as calling, mobile phone playing large games, laptop playing games, and this heat will be transmitted to the battery, plus charging When charging the battery itself Although there will be no safety risks, it will also affect the battery. Therefore, if it is found that the equipment in the charging is clear (such as the iPhone mobile phone side charging while playing 3D games), you can consider the first is full of electricity, and then play with the charging line.

3, -40 ¡ã C lower temperature: will arrive at the freezing point. 4, 10 ¡ã C to -40 ¡ã C low temperature: will reduce battery life, but will not cause permanent damage to the battery, as long as the temperature is returned to room temperature, the power will automatically recover. Sixth, the lithium-ion battery is most afraid of the idle: 1,35 ¡ã C high temperature, the same lithium battery.

2, full of electricity, the battery aging is faster than usual. 3. 4, -40 ¡ã C under low temperature, will reach the freezing of freezing.

Seven, lithium ion battery Ideally: The temperature of the lithium battery in the work is about 20 ¡ã C (almost indoor temperature), and the battery discharge charging performance can maximize the battery. If you want to idle battery for a long time (more than three months), please be filled around 40% (for a short time, the key is trouble). Because of this, when the battery is shipped, the battery factory is basically charged to 40%.

The lower the idle battery temperature, the slower aging, but don't be lower than -40 ¡ã C. Eight, lithium-ion battery five most most tangled lithium-ion batteries: laptop lithium-ion battery, because useful heat, heat must be crucial. The most helpless lithium-ion battery: car wearing portable navigator lithium-ion battery, in the summer, portable navigation battery must be baked by high temperature.

The longest-lived lithium-ion battery: the lithium-ion battery, the power is small, small capacity, small current, less charging, not hot, not personal. Lithium-ion battery most want to reincarnate to take the tire: African equatorial area Lithium-ion battery most homestened ion battery: Arctic South Lithium Ion battery Nine, application case test questions: 1, you bought a new mobile phone, 38% of the rest after booting Is this normal? Very normal 2, then you return to the home to pick up the wire charging, can you? Very 3, charge to 70%, there is something to go out, can you bring a mobile phone? It can be 4, before going out, I am not going to go out, go home, can you charge it? It can be 5, full of electricity, go out the next day, because there are more games, the electricity is less than 15%, the mobile phone is charged, but the charger does not bring, must you charge it right away? Do you have to shut down right away? Don't charge right away, don't shut down right away. 6, less than 3% electricity, must be charged immediately? Do you have to shut down right away? Don't charge right away, don't shut down right away.

7, the phone is automatically turned off, but you must make a call, forcibly boot and find that you can boot, do you do right? No, don't boot after automatic shutdown. 8, return home, in order to call, replace the charged battery, no electric battery is not charged, directly put it directly, I only think of this battery after one month. No, the idle battery will cause overwork.

If you are not lucky, this battery is directly abolished. 9, mobile phone electricity is full, charging cable has not been pulled, want to play games, is it to pull online, or don't pull it? Don't dial, this case is the least, the battery life is also most advantageous. 10, I bought a laptop, because it is generally fixed in the study, so the power is in the computer, the battery does not take it, do you? No, it will be half a year, your battery capacity will become 70%, most laptop batteries are so abolished.

Notebook long-term connection power must all set out the battery! If it is commercial and or cares about data security, you can match a UPS to prevent anti-electricity. If it is just a home, you can do any protection, and the power outage will let him stop. Now the computer stopping electricity will not be bad, even if it is bad, it is a bad hard drive, you can keep the warranty, there are longer than the battery.

11, go out for half a year, charge all lithium-ion batteries to 40%, sealed, put it in a friend's home appliance refrigerator fresh room, can you? You are right, I am very happy that you can get carefully, seal you for the battery. But to remind you, this can only be taken to keep your life, can not increase and restore the old batt.

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