Dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling is difficult, is it continued to perform messy? Or is it a new scam?


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In recent years, the domestic new energy vehicle market has continued to rise, and the demand for dynamic lithium-ion batteries is constantly rising. Since the new energy vehicle power lithium-ion battery is 5-8 years, it is expected that new energy vehicles and power lithium-ion batteries will enter the peak period of 2020, and thereafter, the scraps of new energy vehicles will become new normal, dynamic lithium-ion batteries. Recycling will determine the efficient cycle of the new energy industry chain and can continue to develop.

Although the relevant departments of the state did not take precautions for the series of dynamic lithium-ion batteries, the recycling of new energy vehicles and dynamic lithium-ion batteries has emerged with policy policies, developing messy phenomena, even because of subsidies. Hidden danger, worry. I.

Domestic power lithium-ion battery recycling status and trend, continue to introduce heavy policies, dynamic lithium-ion battery tradder utilization and recycling policy system tend to improve in recent years, the state attaches great importance to the construction of new energy automotive industrial systems, in industrial planning, The processing admission, special planning, demonstration promotion, etc. clearly proposed the requirements of the recycling of dynamic lithium-ion battery, which clearly determines the development direction of related industries. With the 1% market share of new energy vehicles, the national authorities have announced the "Interim Method for the Administration of New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling Management", "Processor Responsibility Extension System" and other regulations, the automotive processing and power lithium ions The recycling of the battery has made detailed requirements, and the policy requirement is more detailed and clear.

2. Domestic scrap dynamic lithium-ion battery is more than 10 billion. The high-speed rising of lithium iron phosphate has driven a large increase in the amount of lithium-ion battery.

Since 2010, my country's new energy automobile industry has developed rapidly, and sales from 5900 vehicles from 5.07,000, new energy vehicles have exceeded 1 million. After nearly ten years of development, many new energy vehicles will be in the face of elimination.

At present, the current domestic new energy vehicle lithium-ion battery has basically entered the small peak of scrapped. It is expected that the 2018 movement lithium-ion battery market will exceed 14GWH. Surprised by the technical level, the powerful lithium-ion battery in 2010, the commercial vehicle according to the 3-year battery life, the passenger car is estimated to use the battery life, assuming that the lithium-ion battery recovery is 0.

3 yuan / calculation, estimated 2020 theory The discharge will reach 37GWH, and the power lithium-ion battery recovery market will exceed 11 billion. Because domestic phosphate ion battery is earlier, the technology is relatively mature, there is a widely used in commercial vehicles, and most of BYD also uses lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, so the scrap time is relatively more. 3 The layout of the category, basically form a hemond of the lithium electrical material, the dynamic lithium-ion battery system, the third-party mechanism.

From the perspective of industrial health development, the recycling of power lithium-ion batteries has extended the industrial layout, enhances the competitive strength of related companies, and effectively guarantee the supply of raw materials, and gradually constructs resource recycling industry chain. From the perspective of the dynamic lithium ion battery, the retired dynamic lithium-ion battery ladder is ladied by self-built or cooperated with third-party institutions, and the recovery of the lithium-ion battery is recovered to a certain extent help to alleviate the price increase of upstream materials and downstream vehicles. Company compaction and other stress.

From the Lithium Electric Materials, the recovery of the power lithium-ion battery must not only expand the supply channel of the raw material, which guarantees the supply of raw materials, but also reduces the procurement cost, improve the product profitability, and further improve the layout of the industrial chain, and build the material system closed loop. From the third party recycling, through cooperation with professional lithium-ion batteries and raw materials, adequate recycling with non-ferrous metals such as cobalt, nickel, manganese, lithium, iron and aluminum, and enhance the added value of the company. The premise is that the volume of the large-scale lithium-ion battery reclaims.

4, the dynamic lithium-ion battery ladder utilization / recycling has accelerated promotion and use (1) "Substation mode" + ladder utilization is limited to power lithium ion battery life, theoretical, "Substation + Ladder Utilization mode" can be efficient Release the value of the power lithium ion battery. The key point of the electric shock is to open the value chain. It should be considering the vehicle development design, the use of power-on institutions, the battery pack operations, and the battery is used to help improve the environmentally friendly environment of the electric vehicle environment, and Reduce industrial chain cost.

The advantage of this "modulation + ladder use" mode is tightly in the vehicle, electrical separation, can be maintained by operators, anywhere, is maintained, medical examination, recycling, reuse, and update. At present, domestic Beiqi new energy, car and home, and the company, the company use such a model, but the scale promotion and operation mode will face huge challenges. (2) Ladder utilization + recycling utilization of dynamic lithium ion battery ladder is also in the range of scenes.

Bosch Group built 2MW / 2MWH large-scale photovoltaic power storage system with BMW's Activee and I3 pure electric vehicles; Hangzhou Tu Technology will have 80% -30% battery to use the battery on low-speed express logistics car, function , Performance can be comparable to lead-acid batteries, but also reduce use costs. Therefore, the attenuation power lithium-ion battery can still be promoted to use the low-speed electric vehicle, energy storage, distributed photovoltaic power generation and some household power, and use the value prospects. And recover for a thorough discarded battery, can be separated from pure metal, sufficient release of metal sales value.

By integrating various resources such as automotive maintenance companies, battery processing companies, and scrapped car dismantling companies, establish a perfect recycling channel, carry out discarding battery dismantling technology reserves, and is also a desirable initiative for the recycling of lithium-ion battery in the future. Such as domestic Bangu Group, Greenmei and other companies have completed related layouts. Second, policy requirements and actual deviation decomposition 1, traditional car scrap recycling messy disorder, new energy automobile and power lithium-ion battery difficult, although the domestic introduction of systemified car recycling policies, my country's traditional car scrap recycling rate is much lower than The uniform level of developed countries such as the United States, Germany, France has been ignorant.

Due to the low influence of car recycling industry, industry supervision is not enough, "quasi-reported truck" is low and scrapped, and used cars and illegal business companies are flexible, and high-priced high-priced acquisition of scrap vehicles, leading to old cars The owner is more likely to find buyers in the second-hand car market rather than active scrap. The traditional car is likely to occur in new energy vehicles and dynamic lithium-ion batteries. According to statistics, the current domestic 90% of the waste batteries have not recycled from regular channels.

On the one hand, domestic new energy vehicle power lithium-ion battery products have not yet formed a national battery unified code. The loopholes of the recycling link is very likely to flow to the people, and the folk recovery is actually based on individual private workshops, and the recycling is irregular. The ladder utilization of low-speed electric vehicles, charging treasures, etc.

, either do not standardize and extract valuables and extract valuables, causing hidden dangers. On the other hand, new energy power lithium-ion battery recovery is emerging things, and the recycling cost is high. Most of the company's technical means relatively backward, the equipment is simple, the recovery of dismantling operation is not standardized, not environmentally friendly, no saving, etc.

; the dismantling efficiency is not high, resulting in waste and dismantling site environmental pollution. Overall, my country's new energy vehicles and power lithium-ion batteries are not yet mature in recycling, transportation, dismantling, and ladder utilization. 2 same.

From the technical route, lithium iron phosphate has a long life, good cycle performance, high safety, to the energy storage category, and the ladder utilization has a comparative advantage; from the product structure, Super Wei battery research results Statement The product is relaxed to more than 0.3C or higher is low in the storage category. Therefore, the power lithium-ion battery is adequately considering the battery's electrical performance and safety performance during the actual ladder, and it is possible to include the energy storage battery.

3. At present, despite the number of companies with powerful lithium-ion battery recovery, dismantling and re-use qualification, lithium-ion battery material recovery technology is constantly it, but the battery dismantling recovery is not optimistic. Although the lithium ion battery such as lithium iron phosphate and lithium manganganate is good, it can perform a large-scale disassembly, but some small-scale recycling manufacturers are tightly detachable to obtain positive, negative electrode sheets, and break sorting, Recycling copper, aluminum and battery materials, no longer refining the power lithium ion battery precious metal, because not refining your metal can keep loss.

Because the current recovery cost is higher than the extraction material value - takes a general recovery company as an example, the value of materials extracted in a ton of lithium iron phosphate waste batteries (uniform recovery rate of 90%) is about 8,000 yuan, and the recovery cost can be The level of 8500 ~ 9000 yuan, so the phosphate ion battery recovery is difficult to achieve earnings at this stage. And the three-dimensional lithium-powered lithium-ion battery covers a noble metal element such as nickel, cobalt, manganese, and lithium. It is theoretically capable of achieving a profitable - a ton of three-lithium waste cells (90% uniform recovery rate) about 37000 Yuan, recovery costs (including various artificial, equipment, etc.

) will exceed 20,000 yuan. If the power lithium-ion battery upstream raw material cobalt, nickel prices continue to rise, the scale-based effectiveness of the resource-demand recovery will be much larger than the cascade utilization. However, the three-yuan material waste battery still contains a high pressure of 300 ~ 1000V.

If it is recycling, dismantling, the operation is not operating in the process, it may cause a variety of problems such as fire explosion, heavy metal pollution, organic waste emissions. Therefore, the recovery income of different lithium-ion batteries is completely different. The current stage, recovery of lithium iron phosphate and lithium manganese acid may also have to promote the national biological subsidy.

After all, the front-end processing of power lithium-ion batteries has rely on subsidies development. The rear end also subsidies to promote, otherwise, the scale and order development of dynamic lithium-ion battery dismantling recovery will be greatly reduced. Third, the impact of deviations can not be ignored 1.

The powerful lithium-ion battery recovered potential environmental risk is still in fact. Many new energy vehicles in China have not had actual actions in the recycling of dynamic lithium-ion battery, more And battery manufacturers are entangled in "Responsibility of Recycling and Utilization", resulting in more staying of dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling. If new energy vehicle power lithium-ion batteries cannot achieve effective dismantling recovery, there will be hazardous solid waste, resulting in organic substances and heavy metal pollution.

Despite the strong environmental protection characteristics, new energy cars, the recovery of dynamic lithium-ion batteries is more targeted, and the scientific and effectiveness of the recycling of lithium ion batteries should be established as soon as possible. First, the traditional car scrap and recycling market mess has not yet effective governance, the number of revisitors and lead-acid batteries have been informal acquisition, informal dismantling, and the recovery process has not been effectively supervised, and the recycling place is remote; second, the lack of lack of 2013 Qualified individuals and small workshops illegally recycle lead-acid batteries, straight discharge waste acid solution, has caused severe pollution in some regional environments, and after the end of the disease. 2.

The formal reportability of the power lithium-ion battery depends on the supervision law enforcement intensity. Domestic new energy vehicle power lithium-ion battery life is inoxic, and the problem of charging is continued. The dynamic lithium-ion battery quality has affected the residual value of second-hand new energy vehicles.

Such as 2 years of Beiqi EV150, the residual value is only 26,000 yuan, Jianghuai new car uses only 46% of the new car after the use of the new car. Compared with the traditional fuel truck 2 years, the residual value is compared, the new energy car residual value of the same period is doubled. The new energy car is too fast to depreciate is something that the owner is extremely reluctant to see.

Then the owner hopes that the power lithium-ion battery of the recovery is high, so that the value of the vehicle will be high. Although the "Interim Method of New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling Management" has clarified that the dynamic lithium-ion battery design, access, processing, sales, maintenance is replaced to a series of requirements such as scrap and regeneration utilization, but also proposed a punishment mechanism, but Regulatory execution will determine the effectiveness of the recovery of the power lithium-ion battery. It is also necessary to be alert, there have been a large number of waste batteries that have flowed into the informal channels.

The unregarded recycling company has cost advantages, and this chaos bringing the industry will soon appear, and the supervisors urgently need to enhance the new energy vehicles and power lithium. Regulatory efforts of ion battery recycling channels. 3, scrap the dynamic lithium-ion battery or will have a sprouting of new energy cars in some areas, this and new energy vehicle power lithium-ion batteries, endless car and new energy vehicles and dynamic lithium ion batteries Closely related.

In general, the general fuel truck is scrapped, and the residual value of consumers is generally low. For example, the accident car, if the traditional car collision is distinct, the maintenance is not strong, the general pen will sell the car as a scrap iron to the recycling company or the car repair factory, and the practical revenue is about 500 yuan; if it is the maintenance value , The automobile recovery company or automotive maintenance factory is generally evaluated by the best-selling, guarantee, etc. of the model and then priced, most of the price of several thousand yuan, and then waiting for useful parts to disassemble the sale of sales, left Most of the parts are all taken when scrapped.

Normal annual restricted car is also the same way of operation, most of the products price is around 10,000 yuan. Then there is a new energy car, and the price is close to the price of traditional product prices without the national subsidies. The insurance bought is also the price before subsidies.

Then this will give a few opportunities for a few consumers. Combined with existing vehicle loss insurance policies, if it is in an accident (including manufacturing accident), the loss of new energy vehicles will reach 50% to 80% of the new car, enough to allow consumers with "subsidized bonus" Re-purchase a new new energy car. The new energy vehicle has low value rate, and the dynamic lithium-ion battery recovery and ladder is not high.

The profit margin of "fraudulent" is enough to allow consumers to walk. After all, the country does not purchase new energy vehicles for private consumers. Quantity and time Request.

Overall, the use value of new energy vehicles is also difficult to compare traditional cars. The end consumers are difficult to obtain enough residual benefits, and the income of recycling and re-manufacturing companies is not high. This may be to lead to new energy vehicle power lithium-ion batteries.

Fundarability. IV. Relevant proposals With the acceleration of new energy automobile commercialization, the annual production and sales of new energy vehicles in China will reach millions of grades, and new energy vehicle power lithium-ion battery annual report will continue to innovate, and it is expected that 2020 will be Over 100GWH, this will bring huge pressure and test to the domestic ecological environment.

Although the dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling series policy has been introduced, the traditional car recycling and remanufacturing of lasting messy situation, the new feature of new energy vehicles and power lithium-ion batteries recycled the industry, challenging the future health development of the industry, To address the challenge, the following proposals are in the following proposals: 1. Establishing a traceability, monitored waste-based lithium-ion battery recycling system, focusing on the production, circulation and recycling of power lithium-ion batteries, the scrap and recycling of non-formal channels untie. 2, actively explore the ladder utilization technology of the power lithium-ion battery, with the principle of safe and high efficiency and low cost, and take different ladders to use restructuring strategies for different models.

3. 4, highly attach great importance to the "fraud" phenomenon of new energy vehicles and dynamic lithium-ion batteries, and take a good prevention measures in advance. .

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