Dynamic lithium-ion battery market pattern change how to find a domestic company?


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August 3 news, LG chemistry surpass Ningde era, becoming the largest supplier of global electric vehicle battery in the first half of the year. At the same time, the Ningde Times will be officially launched in July in July, Ningde Times. So far, the market share of the two is 0.

9%. In the first half of the year, it has been affected by the production and sales volume of new energy vehicles, and the domestic supporting power lithium-ion battery installed volume exhibits the same trend. On July 10, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology showed that the new energy vehicle output was about 352,000 units in the first half of the year, down 42.

2% year-on-year. The amount of power lithium-ion battery is charged by about 17.5 g of, down 41.

7% year-on-year, which is almost uniform. The overall sales decline, the domestic power lithium-ion battery market is not calm. With the drama of Saslan's domestic sales, cooperative battery companies LG chemistry, Panasonic quickly ranked among the forefront.

LG chemistry has rewritten the original market in the same year of 44,64.1% in the same year. 2020 power lithium-ion battery market: electric car brand competition violent, Japan South Korea company breaks, market ranking position rotation, orders continue to gather towards head companies, Helliphellip in different technology routes Helliphellip will undoubtedly a year of turmoil and change.

On July 25, my country Electric Motors will convene the overall trend of dynamic lithium-ion batteries and re-judgment, and the representatives and experts have published their respective views on the current powerful lithium-ion battery market. The new energy vehicle will drive the lithium-ion battery take off, and the industry's survival of the fittest is one of the three core parts of the new energy vehicle. The overall survival of the power lithium-ion battery industry is basically dominated by the new energy vehicle.

In the end of the industry, the lithium-ion dynamic lithium-ion battery technology leaps, with new energy vehicles, water rose high: the energy density is more than twice, the cost is reduced to more than 80%, and the leading battery represented by Ningde Times, BYD, etc. company. In the first half of this year, because of the influence of the epidemic, the new energy vehicle market has poor performance.

At this seminar, Sun Xing, deputy general manager of my country's headquarters, said that the epidemic has a certain impact on this year's industrial development, but will not change the fundamental development of new energy automotive industries. In the future, the demand for new energy vehicles in the future will remain more than 30% of the rise, and the consumer-oriented product quality and brand influence will prompt the new energy car company to reshape the new style of the automotive industry, and decide the battery. Industrial pattern.

From the market share, the dynamic lithium-ion battery market in the first half of the year has a significant change in the ten years: Ningde Times continues to exclusively alone half-Wanjiang Mountain (48.7%), LG chemistry is on the upper speed, with BYD pair and shoulder 2 ( Each accounted for 14.2%).

In addition, Panasonic ranks among the top ten, ranked seventh, Japan Korean company performance. In the original, Tesla sales of fire belt fly with battery manufacturers. The public data shows that Tesla sales exceeds 45,000 in June, accounting for more than one-fifth of all new energy vehicles in China, as a battery provider, LG and Panasonic output, the total amount of battery market 16%.

In this case, the competitive pressure in my country's powered lithium-ion battery companies will be larger. In 2020, my country's first half of the dynasty dynamic lithium-ion battery installed volume TOP10 data source: Industry and Information Technology In fact, the advantage of the domestic power lithium-ion battery market has been continuing. On the one hand, the market installed demand is large.

On the other hand, low-end products lack competitiveness, leading to industrial production, quality products and needs continue to be close to scale companies. By July 2020, nearly 13,000 domestic powered lithium-ion batteries, but the top 10 head companies have mastered the total share of 93.8%, and the industry gather can be seen.

Since these years, the market that does not occupy the middle and high-end markets is no way out. Not only does sales have no way out, but there is no way to the profit. Zhao Weijun, President of my country, pointed out the current situation of domestic power lithium-ion batteries, many car companies, especially the car companies above millions, but only to the high-end (route), can develop.

According to his resolution, the international project orders received in the vision have the same commonality, and the battery must have high energy density and have fast charge. So in the perspective, the technology evolution path of the power lithium-ion battery should be relatively clear. my country's car companies have a deep aware of the taste of the brand, realizing that the high-end brand is very important to the car enterprise.

The same is true for battery companies, is to do it to brand, high-end valuable areas. Zhao Weijun emphasized. With the overall improvement of battery technology, the threshold and requirements of the power lithium-ion battery industry are also increasingly high.

At present, there are 3061 registered capitals of domestic battery-related companies in 500-10 million, accounting for 20%, 4438 companies with more than 10 million copies of capital, accounting for 29%. In the middle of the year, with the new energy car market, the power lithium-ion battery market is simultaneously returned, and the number of new registered companies has begun to increase. In addition, it is a pressure from the international market.

From a global perspective, this year's new energy car probability will exceed our country, Germany is likely to exceed our country next year. In addition to the total amount, the market structure of domestic new energy vehicles has also changed great changes in the first two years. The proportion of independent brands in the first two years is very high, and this year, foreign brands and joint venture brands account for more than one.

Meng Xiangfeng, assistant Meng Xiangfeng, a chairman of Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. August 3 news, LG chemistry surpass Ningde era, becoming the largest supplier of global electric vehicle battery in the first half of the year.

At the same time, the Ningde Times will be officially launched in July in July, Ningde Times. So far, the market share of the two is 0.9%.

Find the location of the industrial chain, how to adjust the strategy to face the current fierce competition situation at home and abroad, how to participate in the future more brutal competition? my country's battery company representative is also trying. In addition to the first condition of the world's largest new energy vehicle market, the advantages of domestic power lithium-ion battery companies are also more complete industrial chains, from materials, equipment, and production to recycling. In particular, the domestic phosphate industry chain advantage is that the Japanese and South Korea did not have, and the market share can be occupied by its lower cost.

At the study, the President of the President of Li Shen Bi said that the disadvantage is the number of domestic battery plants, the technical and management levels are uneven, and some of the quality poor quality can lead to new energy vehicles to invest new, even safety accidents. Added, affecting market consumption confidence, so this is currently striving for this hurdle. Although the processing of batteries has a significant advantage of raw material procurement costs in my country, the scarcity materials rely on imports are also a clear disadvantage, especially the cobalt elements required for triple lithium ion batteries.

Under this situation, we must ensure the safety, health and robust development of the power lithium-ion battery industry. At least we should have a self-sufficient mechanism. Liang Rui, Vice President, Xinwangda Electronics Co.

, Ltd. For this, he proposes: To gain a cost advantage by improving the good rate, material utilization, consistency,. Panasonic, Samsung, LG, the raw materials used by LG are not cheap, but the yield is very high, and the battery cell is multi-string and used, the consistency is very good.

For example, 18650 batteries, more than 90% of domestic shipments, but Samsung can do 99.8%, less than 10% of gross profit. It can be seen that we have a considerable gap, to practice internal strength, improve the competitiveness of lean processing, in order to get location in the international market.

In addition, it is also very important to lay out in the global supply chain. Zhao Weijun believes that in the future, my country's battery industry is to serve globally, especially the European market. The epidemic has made many countries and OEM vendors aware of the criticality of the global layout, and even more than battery performance issues themselves.

This also gave the opportunity to lay out early in my country: 5-10 years in the future, it is a key time point in which this fundamental transformation can be achieved. At the same time, in order to long-term implementation of electric strategy, seize my country's huge market, the foreign car factory has already gained the domestic battery market and took action. In the first half of the year, Volkswagen and Daimler screwed the huge summers of stocks, Quan Xuan, Fu Can, added a fire to the PK situation in the domestic power lithium-ion battery market.

In the founder of Fu Can Technology, the electric car is already the road that traditional cars cannot pass overmoon. The overall development has met most of travel needs. But how to make the society and the people are more accepting the biggest obstacles.

The whole vehicle factory, the government must coordinate, form a consensus on the accurate positioning of electric vehicles, business model, supporting facilities, policy orientation. In 2020 my country Electric Automobile Market, the battery supply will be further aggregated. Ma Zhonglong, deputy general manager of Honeycomb Energy Technology Co.

, Ltd., predicts the overall situation of the market: the number of manufacturers above 1GWH will increase, and the battery manufacturers who have sustained in the electric vehicle market may reduce 20 households. Some foreign investment will continue to send force.

Obviously, there is a significant advantage of the industrial chain resources, the chain is complete, the cost is low, but the scarce resources are small, the sleeper technology is not enough, the product quality is also a clear constraint. In the double violent competitive environment at home and abroad, my country's powerful lithium-ion battery companies must carefully think about their own position in the industrial chain. How to grow up, improve quality, and do a good job in participating in international competition.

The future fulcrum smart battery of the power lithium-ion battery is the focus of the battery technology. To dig the theoretical capacity of the dive battery and more energy, improve development efficiency, it is to rely on the intelligence of the whole chain, including the genome, simulation, big data, etc. of material development.

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ouyang Ming, deputy chairman of the 100-person charter of my country, mentioned in the concluding speech in the conference. The intelligence of electric vehicles not only in the long-term strategic layout of the whole vehicle, but also covers a desired core component MDashmdash battery. In the new technology era represented by big data, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence technology, the power lithium-ion battery should get rid of the potential risks of the size of electric vehicles to seek development, keep up and even lead the digital transformation of electric vehicles.

Why is the cost problem in the battery industry so LSQUO pain rsquo? Compared to other industries, it is relatively weak software capabilities. Zhao Weijun believes that although the industry has made a lot of chemical trials in research and development perspectives, many data have been accumulated, but it is less than other industries. For example, the mixing homogen is also only 2-3 characterization parameters, but at least 6 or more can be achieved for quality and cost.

Our current online monitoring ability is relatively weak, and it is impossible to do real-time negative feedback. If there is no way to each cell, each electrode does the real quality control, it is easy to show a so-called batch problem. For example, many problems with new energy vehicles are gathered on the battery management system.

Through data management batteries, you can promptly understand the use of residual power of the battery. This is a very important purpose for delaying battery life and improving driving safety of electric vehicles. The intelligent test and large data decomposition management capabilities of the power lithium-ion battery have also become one of the core competitiveness of the battery company, even kicked off the level and distance between different companies.

In the view of Zhao Weijun, the battery industry cannot have no big data support, but the current overall data level still needs to be improved. At this point, the cooperation between the open and automation levels is higher, and the investment of software can create more value and go out of the business model of traditional manufacturing. In the scope of information on information, regardless of operation monitoring of smart plants or market vehicles, it is inseparable from data and information, which is also the future investment focus of the battery.

Ding Zhite means the same point of view. Grasp the future trend of intelligence, get out of traditional comfort, seize the advantages of industrial chain, constantly innovate and break through key technologies and business models, in order to have a place in the open international competition. In this regard, my country's powered lithium-ion battery companies still have to keep the alert and enough understanding.


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