Driving operation and use maintenance of pure electric vehicles


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New energy vehicles refer to automotive vehicles that use new power systems, complete or important relying on new energy-driven vehicles, important include pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and fuel power batteries. Developing energy conservation and new energy vehicles is to reduce automotive fuel consumption, alleviate the contradiction of fuel supply and demand, reduce exhaust emissions, improve the air environment, promote automotive technological progress and optimization upgrades. my country's new energy vehicles have begun to exceed 10,000 in 2012.

It is less than 20,000 in 2013. Among them, the sales volume of pure electric vehicles is relatively large, with 14,600 vehicles, 2015 sales volume of 500,000 vehicles. In recent years, my country's government has also introduced relevant policies to support and encourage the development of new energy vehicles.

By 2020, pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles can reach 2 million, and the accumulated production and sales will exceed 5 million vehicles. Therefore, pure electric new energy vehicles will increasingly enter families, scientifically maintaining maintenance vehicles, undoubtedly extending vehicle service life. I.

Basic structure and function of pure electric vehicles 1. The important function of the power lithium battery pack is: supply power; battery calculation; temperature, voltage, humidity detection; leakage detection, abnormal case alarm; charge and discharge control, precharge control; battery consistency inspection and system self-test. 2.

The drive motor and motor controller have an important function including: converting the DC electrical electric power supplied by the power lithium battery into alternating current, then delivers to the motor; through the motor speed, correction or reverse to achieve vehicle acceleration, deceleration and reverse; by effective Control strategy, control power assembly work with best mode. 3. DC-DC converter DC-DC converter is installed on the front cell position, and its important function is to charge the high voltage electrical electric charge input by the power lithium battery to the battery after the vehicle starts, to ensure the low pressure electrical equipment when driving normal work.

4. Entire Circuit Controller (VCU) part of the vehicle controller and the control unit of the vehicle such as power lithium battery control unit, motor control unit, peripheral drive module, etc., linked through the CAN bus.

The important function is to determine the willingness of the manipulator. According to the vehicle driving status, the battery and motor system, the information transmitted by the system sensors, according to the procedures and data, the operation, the operation, and then outputs the instruction to the motor controller. Control the steering, speed and torque of the drive motor, control the operation of the electric air conditioning system and other peripheral systems.

5. Each electric vehicle is equipped with a car charger per electric vehicle for charging power lithium battery. 6.

The auxiliary system auxiliary system is important including auxiliary power source, power steering system, cab display control table and various auxiliary devices, etc. Auxiliary power source is the power supply to which the electric vehicle is required to supply electric vehicles, generally 12V or 24V DC low-voltage power supply, important to power steering, braking force adjustment control, lighting, air conditioning, electric window door and other auxiliary Device supply required power supply. The cab display is similar to the instrument panel of the traditional car cab, which indicates more selection of numbers or LCD screens.

Second, the driving operation consideration (1) Summer Precautions 1. Before the rainy season, you should do a good job before driving. Important to check the wiper, the vehicle air conditioner is normal.

2. When the vehicle has a failure of the vehicle when driving, the tripod should be rescued by parking, and it is strictly forbidden to repair it. 3.

When driving on the muddy road, don't step on the accelerator pedal to avoid side slip. 4. Do not drive into deep water to avoid leakage short circuit accidents.

5. When the vehicle is soaked, do not consider continuing to travel, it should be quickly powered off and left in the car, try not to contact the body metal to avoid electric shock. 6.

Prevent high temperature charging, due to the temperature characteristics of the power lithium battery, the vehicle is high-speed, and after the summer is recommended to park for 30 minutes, charging at the cool ventilation. Sign in. When weighing the rain, try not to charge; when the vehicle is charged when the open air or the low terrain is low, the charging should be terminated after the rain, so as to avoid a short circuit in the charging port.

8. Prevent vehicle from exposure. It is recommended to park the vehicle in a cool and ventilated style, in the car, the temperature is too high, causing safety hazards.

9. It is strictly forbidden to use high pressure water gun in front of the front and fills. It is strictly forbidden to spray water from the front grid in the cabin with high pressure water gun.

(2) Winter Precautions 1. Pure electric vehicle drifts in winter, it is recommended to charge in time to prevent low-temperature lithium battery temperature due to long-term stop, resulting in waste and charging delay. 2.

When the vehicle is charged, it is recommended to store the vehicle as much as possible to the wind and high temperature. 3. Prevention of snow-shaking charging interface during charging, do not expose the charging plug directly under the snow to prevent short circuits.

4. Prevent the occurrence of abnormal charging abnormality due to winter temperature, it is recommended that the vehicle charging is turned on when the vehicle is charged. Check the charging pile charging current, if the charging current reaches 12A, charging has been opened.

(3) The vehicle's fire vehicle is driving, which is important: the motor controller fails, the element temperature is out of control, the wire connector is poor contact, when the wire insulation is broken, the fire and power lithium battery internal fault fire. When the vehicle is fired, it will be calm and processed as follows: 1. Quick parking.

2. Then cut off the power. 3.

Remove the car fire extinguisher. 4. Adopt different fire extinguishing methods in accordance with the actual situation.

(4) Trailer 1. At the time of the requirements, the vehicle should first choose a professional trailer company or a hanging traction (front wheel is lifted), and must not be blindly dragged, so as not to cause irreversible damage to the vehicle. 2.

If there is no professional trailer company, and the vehicle must be trailed in four rounds, it should be noted that the start switch is turned off in 1, and the direction is unlocked. Then, the starting switch is turned on position 2, which can use brake lights, wiper and steering lamps. If an electrical failure occurs, the 12V battery negative electrode cable is disconnected and the start switch is turned to position 1.

Place the shift lever in the empty block N position, release the parking brake. 3. If there is no professional trailer device, it is recommended to use the hard drag, select the appropriate trailer bar, and disconnect the motor controller to the motor to the motor and the motor controller and the hood (cable head) with the insulating cover or insulating tape and secure Then, the trailer will be made; when the trailer is short-distance, do not disconnect the motor cable or the driver wheel is not landing, and it can be slowed down.

Prerequisites. (5) When the vehicle reserve is encountered by a concave convex uneven pavement, it should be slowed down, try to prevent the inventory of the bottom, once a serious reserve occurs, the operation is as follows: 1. Check if the appearance of the battery is damaged.

2. If there is no damage, restart the vehicle. 3.

If the vehicle can't start, you should call the after-sales service phone in time, waiting for the rescue person to go to the scene. It should also be paid to: The vehicle charging is as shallow and shallow, and when the battery is approaching 30%, please charge it immediately, so you can improve your car battery life. When the battery is close to 10%, the vehicle will speed limit 9km / h.

Pure electric vehicles should be charged in time after winter, and should be charged in time to prevent low-power lithium battery temperature due to long-term stop, resulting in waste and charging delay. Regular vehicle maintenance in accordance with maintenance regulations. The long-term parking of the vehicle should guarantee 50% to 80% of the power, disconnecting the 12V low voltage power line, at least 1 charge for the battery every 2 to 3 months to ensure battery life.

Non-professional maintenance personnel will never disassemble, adjust, install, and modify itself. Third, the pure electric car safety accident emergency plan 1. The car personnel can take the accident vehicle (1) after the accident, the car personnel can take the accident vehicle, and the driving passenger should immediately set the safety three-legged to approximately 50 ~ 150m behind the road.

Guarantee to have space deceleration or avoidance measures. (2) Dial the alarm call (describing the accident location, indicating the brand model of pure electric car, pure electric car, current vehicle and personnel), if someone is injured, you need to transfer the injured to the safe area, the injury must be Judging the diagnosis, others must not blindly judge, blindly rescue. (3) The first eyewitness or the ride (after the vehicle is separated from the accident vehicle), the accident is simple to detect the accident site and accident vehicles (protective site, maintain a certain safety distance> 3M), and immediately take the car fire extinguisher.

If smoke, coke, electric spark, fire, should immediately stay away from vehicles and use phosphoric acid to fire extinguisher. 2. In-vehicle personnel cannot be separated from the accident vehicle (1) When the cab is seriously deformed, it will cause the car to escape from being blocked, even the limbs or some part is clamped.

If the person's consciousness is clear, you can call the phone alarm or call for help. Since the vehicle damaged deformation has a potential risk of short-circuit leakage, even fire or explosion. therefore.

It is not recommended to call to save and save the fire or other body equipment by pressing the speaker. (2) In the process of executing all the ambulance operations, we must guarantee our safety and do safety protection work. 1) After the accident of electric vehicles, rescuers, first eyewitnesses, firefighters, law enforcement traffic police, and ride from the car, the vehicle, the vehicle, the vehicle, the vehicle, the vehicle can lead to high voltage system.

2) The ambulance person (firefighter, law enforcement traffic police) arrived at the scene, if the high-pressure system should be broken or removed during the rescue process, the specific operation should follow professional (refer to the manufacturer engineer or technical personnel of the accident vehicle, firefighting The guidance of experts, instructors, prohibiting blind operations. 3) When the vehicle is deformable, the power lithium battery is damaged, even causing the battery case to rupture, and the electrolyte leakage. Electrolytic solution is very strong.

Liquid electrolyte 铿 ion batteries will halene, explosion, etc. When the battery is fired, the sand or solid fire extinguisher (phosphoric acid is used in salt fire extinguisher or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher), and the unfire of electrical equipment is isolated in time. (3) When the accident vehicle is removed, if the electrolyte or electrical remains on the ground can be neutralized with lime water, or use the sand mask (absorbing the electrolytic solution to be saturated to remove the sand and carry out environmental treatment ), Then flush with water.

3. Service station and maintenance personnel processing method (1) Electric vehicle service station or manufacturer special maintenance company should set up accidents 48 / J, stopping detection stamps or venues, the station should have a high-definition camera, smoke sensor, Infrared temperature measurement system, monitoring alarm system should be with a duty room or door hunt pavilion interaction. Fire prevention (fire extinguisher, automatic spraying, fire hydrant) explosion-proof facilities, no flammable and explosive products nearby, decoration decoration should take flame retardant materials, do not use glass partition wall.

(2) The detection technician or person in charge of the accident vehicle should be measured at the on-site visual measurement every 3 hours, and the high-voltage components and batteries are measured to measure each high pressure component and record the value of each detection temperature. Phase temperatures can be used to reduce water temperature and tightening detection. (3) After 48 hours, there is no abnormality (smoke, high temperature, electric spark, and ambitious) can enter the workshop maintenance, maintenance personnel must pass the manufacturer's professional training and hold low-voltage electrician operands.


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