Do you really explode at any time? 4 paradoxes used in lithium-ion batteries


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In May of this year, the 7-year-old girl in Kazakhstan was played in the pocket when playing in the yard, and the fried is of course a lithium-ion battery. The hospital's examination showed that the little girl's leg burns hurt the leg bone, even Performing skin transplantation - this is only one of a large number of battery explosions, and the lithium-ion battery is developing rapidly with the global efficiency. But all mobile phones that have batteries can be considered bombs.

In this way, the presence of mobile phones is not limited to the brick, it is really a good helper. Of course, the battery is of course power supply for mobile devices. Originally, its life is also attenuated at a point of time.

Preventing battery abnormal deaths and non-predictive self-explosion becomes the focus of our research, after all, is controlled is good. Octrole 1: Battery and charger extremely easy to explode electricity? Use the charger that is not known to charge the mobile phone battery, or simply use the cottage battery to achieve the effect of explosion. Not only that, the charger that does not match the parameters can be charged, and the same effect can be caused, the key is on the "output voltage" parameters labeled on the charger.

Most of the output voltage of the mobile phone flat charger is 5V. Usually, as long as this parameter is unified, even if the number of output currents is different, it is generally not problematic. (See the Apple's 12W charger output voltage 5.

2V, Apple is known as all iOS devices, but we really don't recommend that you use it to charge iPhone or even ipadmini), if you want to explore an explosion, you can choose the output voltage larger. Charger charging for mobile phones. However, there are some exceptions, such as the iPad charger output voltage 5.

1V, Apple's official claims to charge the iPhone is also no problem, perhaps this is not a problem, and Apple charger has its own safety solution. In addition, there is no way to do in the inside of the cottage charger, so that the battery exploded is just a minute of minutes. However, in the current development of lithium-ion battery technology, as well as the layer security features added by the manufacturer for the battery, it is not only the power management chip's control of the battery is quite perfect, and some batteries and mobile phone themselves are in danger.

Cut off design. Non-cottage batteries and chargers have difficulty exploding, saying that when charging, answering phones can cause mobile phone explosions, all of the good things. Octrole 2: Charge can extend battery life when no electricity? Most of the small partners have a memory effect like a lithium-ion battery that has a memory effect like a front nickel-nickel-chromium battery.

So the guidelines used by lithium-ion batteries are: It is not enough to charge, don't wait until no electricity is charged, don't come into peace of mind. Do not override the basic use of lithium-ion batteries. Most people after the old generation of 70, 80 have left such a truth to modern people: because with the accumulation of the charging cycle, the battery maximum power is the battery life at decline, so cherish the charging cycle, and each time the battery is used.

The phone is charged again, and it is advisable to charge once, which ensures the maximum battery life. Even the mobile phone, tablet and written instruction manual said: First charging is "activated" battery, charging time needs to reach XX hours. (Over-charge will also cause the material such as electrolyte and other materials, the pressure valve drum rupture battery housing, if lithium ions and oxygen reactions occur, the explosion will be reopened by the day.

Generation revolutionary and manual. However, the battery cycle life is largely determined by the charging cycle - that is, the number of charging is increased, and the battery life is in loss. Only they understand the meaning of "charging cycle".

For example, the electricity consumption is used from 90% to 40%, and we charge the battery to 90% - this does not count a cycle, because only 50% of electricity is charged, if it is another process Complete a charging cycle. Therefore, the charging of the lithium-ion battery era should be. This shows that the power is low to charge and charge 100% each time is a sad argument.

Such a lithium-ion battery charging process is such that lithium ions are embedded from the positive electrode to the negative electrode layered structure, if overcharge, the lithium ions may embed too deep, the card is not coming, this part of the lithium ion can not be used, The battery capacity is therefore decreasing; if excessive discharges, lithium ions are removed from the negative electrode, causing the negative electrode layered structure to collapse, the electrode structure is damaged, the battery capacity is also reduced (now common lithium polymer batteries on the market, this year, Xiaomi once used this as a selling point Big book special book, the important difference of lithium polymer batteries and ordinary lithium ion batteries On the material of the electrolyte, the charge and discharge process is still the migration of lithium ions in the positive and negative poles, so the substance of the lithium polymer battery is also a lithium ion battery. ). It can be seen that the battery is not charged and recharged and not to charge too much.

Some manufacturers may recommend that users perform a complete charge and discharge every other period of time. The purpose of the purpose is to calibrate mobile phone power display accuracy, and extend battery life can be a little relationship. Octrole 3: Can you extend battery life? Battery management software is a magical thing, it looks fast charging, supplemental charging and trickle charging, such high-end atmosphere, the noun, actually only read the power through the API to read the power display to the user, regardless of charging Help can reside in the background help power consumption, absolutely a model product of lithium-ion battery age.

It has to be said that these charging processes displayed by battery management have their own truth, but the charging process is completely in the hands of the power management chip, these "management applications" can not be controlled. The only thing worthy is that some battery management software can actively reduce the processor frequency after system root, or turn off certain background unnecessary processes and services to save electricity. Octrole 4: Is it dangerous to charge your mobile phone with a flat charger? There are rumors on Weibo that year, it is not feasible to charge the phone with a flat charger, because the larger output current may "break through the capacitor".

But there are still countless little friends who are not afraid to charge the phone with a flat-panel charger, because there seems to be no big problem, and sometimes charging is still faster. Here we still take the lead in giving guidelines, charging mobile phones with larger output currents are feasible, usually there will be no catastrophic consequences, and many times do to make charging speed faster; but if you are classmates It is not a special thing to go out to charge the fast mobile phone, which is often not used, or not using this large output current charger for a long time. (High OPPOFIND7 charger maximum output current is 4.

5A) The usual mobile phone charging efficiency is determined by the charging voltage and current size. It is more difficult to do the knife and difficulty in the output voltage of the charger, so the general fast charging chooses a larger maximum output current. For example, OPPOFIND7's flash member is about to increase the maximum output current of the charger to 4.

5A, which is very rare in mobile phone tablet and even the power of the pen. However, the increase of charging current is also a cost, and the Find7 supporting the charger special 7-pin charging port, and the battery contacts of 8 pinpins, and there are multiple rechargeable safety protection, these potentials are bound to new charger and battery design and manufacturing costs. So, it is not a charger that everyone can use this 4.

5A. In this case, the migration of lithium ions when charging is compared to a highway with an exit and entrance, so that all cars will pass quickly, not only consider the width of the road, but also consider the carrying and scheduling ability of the entrance export, and also prevention Traffic accident. It is better to upgrade the charging current than to drive all the car.

Most of the mobile phone charger output current is typically at a level of 1A to 1.5A, while the output current of the flat charger has reached 2A or higher. This explains why the tablet charger is charged for mobile phones, and the speed can be faster.

So why not simply let the mobile phone charger also equipped with the maximum output current of 2A? In fact, there is already a mobile phone that adopts 2A maximum output current charger. For example, there is no long-term Huawei 6, so Huawei claims that glory 6 charging speed is 30% faster than similar mobile phones. However, if this charging road does not have such a good infrastructure, if the maximum output current charger is charged with the mobile phone battery of the rated current 1A, if the power management chip does not limit the charging current, the charger is really low when the charge is low.

The current is charged for the battery. After that, the current gradually decreases until it is full, so the charging speed is faster, but the battery's fever will be more obvious - the high temperature is the enemy of the battery life, if so, this battery life Will be affected. There are also some mobile phone management chips to make the charging current limit.

It is like this highway to limit the amount of traffic, even if the entrance and highway have a higher traffic efficiency, but also to move the export slowly. If the mobile phone limits the charging current 1A, even if the charger is charged with a 2A charger, there will be no effect. Of course, it is not excluded that some vendors are in order to save costs to control the maximum output current of the charger, because the arrest speed is also acceptable.

This truth also explains that the computer USB interface is slower for mobile phones, and the use of computer USB port or mobile phone charger is almost filling, because the maximum current supplied by the computer USB2.0 is only 500mA. Conclusion: Inspiration is not credible, life is worth mentioning, the temperature about battery life is actually a lot, the table below shows the impact of storage battery on battery life under different temperatures.

If you have a battery for a long time, and it is also hoped that it will be able to send it in the future, and it is placed in the foregoing, it is not electrically non-electrical, and it is the best storage method. According to the guidelines described above, do not listen to rumors, cherish life, and use your mobile device and battery to allow lithium-ion batteries to death, and even make lithium-ion batteries longer than the instructions. If you are eager to use the lithium-ion battery as burst sexual use, it is necessary to choose the cottage charger and data lines, but not only can you have innocent.

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