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With the sharp rise in electric vehicle sales in my country, there is a predictive report that the lithium-ion power lithium-ion battery market is entering the golden period. By 2017, the size of the powered lithium-ion battery industry will increase to 400%. Under the large scale of such a leapfrog, the quality of the battery has become an unavoidable technical difficulty.

The bottleneck of the electric car is the battery, only the battery power problem is solved, and other questions can be solved. Industry insiders pointed out that the 8-year quality insurance currently promoted is actually unable to achieve. During the production process, the automotive power lithium-ion battery is different due to the difference in production process.

Over time, the monomer differences in the battery pack will gradually expand, and ultimately affect the performance of the battery, resulting in the rapid decay of battery performance, whereby the battery life of the battery is critical to improve the use of electric vehicles. use. Professor Wang Wuxi as a professor of the School of Machinery and Power Engineering, East China University of Technology, and a member of the National Automotive Standard Commission's vehicle identity committee has been in-depth research on the service life of the battery.

Bottleneck problem, we specially invited Professor Wang Wusheng to conduct professional answers for us. Reporter: Hello, Professor Wang, what kind of opportunity and reason for you start to build a group of strong technical teams, a long-depth study of battery life? Wang Wusheng: The life of the battery decides the success or failure of the new energy automotive industry - Consumers buy new energy vehicles on the one hand to environmental protection, on the other hand, in order to save fuel fees. However, the average service life of the dynamic lithium-ion battery is now only three years, and it is faced with the problem of replacement after three years.

Although consumers have purchased a new energy car saving more than about 30,000 oil per year, it is necessary to pay more than 20,000 yuan of replacement of batteries per year. According to our consumption survey, almost 99.9% of consumers are unacceptable.

This means that if we can't extend the life of the power lithium-ion battery, the entire new energy automotive industry will fall into destruction. Reporter: Your inventions can extend the life of the battery for more than ten years, is it equal to the gasoline cart? Wang Wusheng: If the production can be done more than ten years according to my invention technology. Reporter: Your inventions are different than those of Yinlong, Huawei, BYD, etc.

Whether it is Yinlong's titanate, Huawei graphene, or Lithium iron phosphate in BYD. We use BYD's lithium iron phosphate material as an example: according to their official announcement of data, their battery can reach five thousand times repeatedly charged, take 200 kilometers each time, can be accumulated to one million kilometers, this data is far away More than the life of the gasoline car, in fact, the average total trip of the household car is about 150,000 kilometers. Reporter: That why the average life of electric cars is only about three years? Wang Wan Sheng: This is the key to the problem! It is also an important issue I have to talk about today.

Reporter: What kind of new electrode material is you useful? Is it the same titanate with silver or other new electrode material? Or invented a new electrolyte formula. Wang Wusheng: I have no new electrode materials, and no new electrolyte formula. Reporter: There is no, how do you extend your life to more than ten years? Wang Wanyan: In fact, this should be a legend! I will give you a better understanding: if a place has occurred, Materialists and Architecture The students are going to examine the reasons for the collapse of the house, I hope to be more robust when building a house next time.

But the conclusions they have received are different: Materialists will develop more robust materials in the future, this is Yinlong, BYD, Huawei, but this is very difficult because developing a new material process is very long, put into investment Very big, the key is whether you can withstand the test of the next earthquake, especially the life of new materials, the price, etc. Collapsed housing, or relatively harmful houses, compared to the structure of destroyed homes, from the construction of the breakthrough, use this structure in the next design, even if the same material but the house will be more robust. More than ten years ago, many friends hoped me to study the new electrode materials, I refused! Because I didn't have so much fundament, there was no such powerful experimental conditions, and there was no such professional ability.

Reporter: So why do you go to research now, and have you made such a big result? Wang Wulin: I have said: This is a legend! I found it in the process of battery recycling: Some batteries are particularly easy to recover That is, the electrode material and the current collector are particularly easy to separate, especially some well-known brands. However, there are some batteries, especially some cottage batteries, especially difficult to separate, there is a cottage battery for seven years, it is finally separated. One day I thought of the earthquake, suddenly the inspiration: the more it is not easy to collapse in the earthquake, the more secure it, the longer service life! Similar: What is not easy to disassemble the battery is longer.

I think I have found the secret of extending battery life! Reporter: What is the secret you find? Wang Wulin: Detacon! What is de-powder? Take a mobile phone battery: Take the treasure before, we usually Use two batteries for use. When we discovered the middle of the battery, we could not use the "drum bag". Why is the "drum"? It is true because of the electrode material to be separated from the collective fluid, which is the so-called decentralization, gradually caused by intermediate accumulation of the battery, because the intermediate mechanical strength of the battery is the most.

Reporter: As long as the desorbing powder is actually equal to solving the life of the battery? Wang Wusheng: Yes. Because the dehydration is better than a 100-person production line, most operators have left the production lines, although people are still in the workshop but have not worked, the output naturally decreases. Reporter: People often say that the capacity of the power lithium-ion battery is less than 80% of the initial capacity, the life of the battery is ended.

So, how long is the life of Wang, the life of the dynamic lithium-ion battery? I got this conclusions? Wang Wulin: In fact, according to our research, the conclusion is: power lithium-ion battery It is at least ten years of service life. Why do you say, according to the investigation of the American Automotive Engineers Association, it has been found in Michigan, and now is still in the pure electric car in use. In addition, we may wish to make a hypothesis, if you have a mobile phone or computer for more than ten years, now you can still use it.

Although it is still available ten years later, it has not been actual value due to the shorteness of working hours! If you can use five-day mobile phone, you can only use four hours, but four hours even even one minute, Tell us a fact: the electrochemical reaction of the lithium-ion battery is still in progress! The electric car is the same. When the use of the charging, the use distance from the original three hundred kilometers is 40 kilometers, you will not use it. But forty kilometers are still working, but the trip is short! Who is it at work? Is the original electrode material, or the original electrolyte, or the reason why it is shortened because it except The electrode materials within the 40 kilometers are doing, and the remaining electrode materials have not worked.

Why didn't you work? Because they left the original job - Detacon! Reporter: You think as long as you solve the desorination, don't let Those electrode materials can extend the battery life of the battery? Wang Wanyan: For! Since the current lithium-ion battery continues to charge and discharge during use, causing thermal expansion and cold shrinkage, while the car is constantly moving, leading to electrode materials Separation with current fluid. The effective surface area of ​​the electrochemical reaction is increased, and the internal resistance is increased, so that the battery stored in the battery is reduced, and the effective service life is shortened. Reporter: What you mean is to solve the problem of decentralization, the current electrode material can also reach a ten-year service life? If you do not solve the problem of defective technology, even if there is Huadehel, Yinlong's titanate is not extended.

Life? Wang Wanyan: I can understand! This is better than people's life, now there is only about seventy years old, but the longest life in the world is 143 years old. But why is the average person not live? This is caused by two reasons: First, the gene is the so-called inheritance, this is an intrinsic factor; the other is your lifestyle, living environment and other external factors. Yinlong Company, Huawei, BYD, these companies are changing the genetic improvement, but only a good gene is not enough, but also have a good external environment.

If the turtle can live for a thousand years, but when you live to three years, you will kill the turtle, and the turtle can't live the life. The life of the battery can reach more than ten years, but due to decent powder, the work efficiency is lowered, and the service life is shortened. Conversely, if you don't change the gene, then a good life environment I can't make people's life to the turtle! Because the battery itself is attenuated! Reporter: We understand, Professor Wang and your team have extended motivation The study of lithium-ion battery life has made considerable progress.

Can you introduce the core technology of the life of the power lithium-ion battery life? And the core advantage of this technology: Wang Wulin: My research direction is not Go seek new electrode materials, nor to study new electrolyte formulas. As long as we do something: let the electrochemical response on the partial plates stopped by the de-powder still continue! Our core technology is to effectively prevent the electrode material and the collector effectively by surface modification treatment of the electrode material. Detaching, it is ensured that the effective area of ​​the electrochemical reaction of the electrode surface does not become smaller due to the extension of the time, thereby ensuring the storage capacity of the battery, extending the battery life.

The advantage of our core technology is that it prolongs existing lithium-ion batteries longer than that of the current gasoline cart life, and does not improve the current production equipment and production processes, more importantly, production The cost is only new: one thousandth! Reporter: What do you think is the best way? Wang Wusheng: Of course, the combination of the two, good genes live in a healthy environment - high quality electrode materials and prevent decentralization Combination of technology! Reporter: From your introduction, we have found that the power lithium-ion battery life extension technology has a milestone in the current problem of the life lithium-ion battery in the market, then in addition to the new energy automotive industry, our Dynamic lithium-ion battery life extension technology What is the industry? Wang Wusheng: Our customer objects include new energy car owners, mobile phone production companies, and laptop production companies, can say that the power lithium-ion battery life extension technology can be applied or Very extensive. Reporter: You are looking forward to the market size of dynamic lithium-ion battery life prolonged technology? Wang Wusheng: I am full of confidence in our team and power lithium-ion battery life. The market size reached more than 10 billion yuan, it is not a dream !! ▲ The picture shows Wang Wusheng's material structure is watching the material structure of the plate surface.

my country's new energy industry is developing rapidly. The current use of environmentally friendly electric vehicles are gradually accepted by the public, but electric The car core component "Power Lithium Ion Battery" is worthless, so the life of the dynamic lithium-ion battery has also become one of the most concerned issues of the majority of electric car owners. I hope that Professor Wang Wudheng can truly put into use as soon as possible, and I hope that more research talents like Wang Wudheng can pay attention to the powerful lithium-ion battery, so that we can better promote my country's new energy automotive industry to leap Healthy development.

Connecting people: Professor Wang Wulin, School of Machinery and Power Engineering, East China University; 2005 "Automobile Manufacturing and Repair", senior engineer; member of the National Auto Standard Commission; General Manager, Shanghai Qiumeng Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai 4th Creation Invention Award; Songjiang District Second Talented Talents; Shanghai Leading Reserve Talents; Shanghai Songjiang District, the most favorite "We Songjiang" winners.

Wang Wulin has achieved rich scientific and technological innovation in the long-term creation process, and has achieved hundreds of inventions and received more than forty inventive patents issued by the National Intellectual Property Office and four US patents. Among them, the "WFY-1 Automotive Collision Simulation Trolley" invented, changing the traditional way of using linear variables overlay the synthesis of nonlinear curves, using the principle of direct use of metal tubes, realizing waveform reproduction, truly achieving autonomy Development, breaking Germany, the United States monopoly in this technical field, is adopted by my country Automobile Certification Center, National Automobile Supervision and Inspection Center (Shanghai), is listed as Shanghai High-tech Achievements Transformation Project, received the fourth creative invention patent of Shanghai Third prize. The invention of "limited pretensionable seat belt breaks the US patented technology monopoly, filling the domestic gap, it uses the minimum safety belt to increase the safety of the occupant, and is adopted by my country Chery Motor Company, Jianghuai Motor Company.

, Is listed as Shanghai Patent Secondary Development Project. As a member of the National Auto Standardization Technology Commission, participated in the development of several national standards, such as the "Automotive Safety Belt Standard", "Automotive Airbag Standard" and presided over the national standard of "front of the front of the vehicle", is the first in Shanghai Self-owned national standards responsible for drafting and developing. In response to the lack of medical oxygen in a small hospital in the plateau warrior, the small hospital lack of medical oxygen, developed "family practical, small electrolytic oxygen generator", obtained the 10th National Invention Bank Award, according to the manufactured product of the invention 10th National Invention New Technology Products Gold Award.

The "Safety Returning Emergency Lock Test Table" test device has been relying on imports. Each import takes 19,000 Maq. After a comparative trial, the product completely reaches the performance of similar products abroad, and the operation is simpler, filling the domestic gap, the price is only RMB 200,000, has been used by my country Automotive Product Certification, PLA Total Equipment Department Dingyuan Test Site, 602 Helicopter Research Institute.

In addition to the extensive results in the invention, there are more than ten articles, including 6 papers with innovative philosophy and unique insights at the national level journal. In order to showcase the style of companies and characters in various industries and fields, further create technological innovation, cultivate scientific spirit and innovative culture, enhance our company's independent innovation ability and core competitiveness, and promote my country's technology Innovation work continues to develop higher levels, my country's science and technology new leader column decided to host the "my country's Science and Technology New Leaders" series activities, its purpose is to find science and technology benchmarks, lead the model value; improve innovation ability, focus on science and technology new leaders Communication products, supply entrepreneurship sharing; publish science and technology reports to build my country's world brands. .

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